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9 hours ago

It takes a while to get to starting point (you have to drive 3 miles on a really bumpy dirt road), after you park your car, the journey begins...It took us about an hour to get up to the pretty lake and you get very nice views in your way up. You’ll see a lot of doggies along the trail; it is shady at the beginning and then is very exposed to sunshine, make sure you apply sunscreen and bring enough water. Well worth doing it!!!

Great hike!

Kessler Peak was definitely a hike to remember. Probably one of the more difficult hikes I’ve done in Utah. Glad we went in the early morning because by the time we were coming down, the sun was shining quite a bit. Great views from the top!

5 days ago

7 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes to do, it has a beautiful drive up and is a good moderate hike. Usually takes less than an hour to go up (without stopping) and has some good spots for hammocks at the top. Also a good spot for camping as long as you stay off of the trail.

This hike had some pretty incredible views! The only thing that bothered me was how much exposure you get to the sun in some areas.. so I would suggest hiking this pretty early to avoid the heat. We didn’t see any wildlife.. but the views made up for that. We also managed to lose the trail in one area where there’s a sharp turn, but there’s also another trail going straight at the same point.. if you end up scrambling up sliding red rocks, you’re going the wrong way haha

Despite being overcast and some occassional sprinkles, this was a beautiful hike. It's 7.7 miles RT, not 7.1 but the hardest part is prior to the turnoff at mile 2.6 (shares red pine lake trail to that point then crosses a bridge to the right). Sprinkles and breeze kept mosquitoes to a minimum. Pfiefferhorn is spectacular to see from this vantage point though Maybird Lake itself is small and shallow. 3 people were leaving as we arrived and 4 more came up the trail after we left so a very different experience than red pine lake. It took us 2 hours to get there.

This is my new favorite! Lots of tree cover on the bottom half, sweet earthy smells along the creek, absolutely stunning views. Did this as a solo hike, and there were just enough other people on the trail that it felt safe, but not crowded. Ample parking @ 7:30am. As others have indicated, do be aware of rattlesnakes, I saw two within feet of the trail. Also got to see a few lizards, and two unidentifiable large birds with unusual flight patterns, perched atop the tallest tree at the peak. I can’t wait to do this one again!

Great hike, especially the views. Lower half has more shade, upper half has better views. Didn't see a lot of wild flowers. There were plenty of hikers with dogs. Lots of lizards. Saw a spotted towhee and a female dusky grouse. Saw one rattlesnake at the very top. Lots of little lizards. Any spot where water crossed the trail was swarming with wasps/hornets on the way up, but we just walked through and they didn't bother us. They were gone by 8pm on our way back. Definitely park at the trailhead vice the the highway. Just enter the Church Fork Picnic Area and keep going by all the picnic spots until you can't go any further.

last time we went I couldn't find the trail for this hike .Is that really hard or they have signs.I will try again this month hope o am lucky this time

Way too overgrown at the moment, it’s difficult to hike through and we had to turn back halfway. Beautiful hike so hoping to finish it another day. Bugs everywhere

I personally think this trail deserves a “hard” rating. The last mile is relentless. We started the trail at 7:30am. The first 1/4 to maybe 1/2 mile was shaded. After that... full sunshine and very very hot (and in my opinion quite steep) the rest of the way. I brought 112 ounces of water with me. I ran out before we got back to the car. The lake is beautiful though! Plenty of places to sit all the way around it. I think there were more dogs on the trail than humans. Most not on leashes. If you have options of a truck/jeep I would suggest that over a car. Narrow bumpy ride for a bit once you have to turn off the paved road. Doable in a car though, just be sure to have good tires!

The drive up includes a precarious and very bumpy dirt road, I'm very glad I brought my truck. Park only in designated areas, I got a parking warning and the person next to me got a ticket (probably because they didn't even pay the $6 use fee).
For someone such as myself still on my journey to get in shape and lose weight, the trail got difficult quickly and I easily consumed my entire water reserve (8 cups).
It was 4.8 miles out and back per my fitness tracker and took me 3 hours.
Lots of people bring dogs, there are several opportunities for dogs to hydrate.
The trail is at most times pretty narrow and unless you like bumping shoulders, it often required someone to stand aside and let the others pass.
On the way up there are some breathtaking views, and it was a good journey. The lake is rotten with flies which are an annoyance when you want to relax a bit before heading back down.
The final stretch for me was exceedingly difficult and I felt I wouldn't have pushed through if the reward weren't so close.
Overall I thought it to be a very enjoyable hike, not one I'd recommend for smaller children. Out of shape people may need to work up to this hike, I never could have done it 3 months ago when I was mostly sedentary.

There was a lot of stinging nettle and large biting flies on the trail, and hiking on the road wasn’t so great. Other than that it was super nice!

Beautiful hike! Beginning of hike is pretty shaded but then becomes more exposed. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Was a little steep for our older dog but he made it. We stayed for an hour or two and waded in the lake. saw lots of people heading up with packs. A pretty small lake for how many campers were heading there as their destination. We went on Friday, very busy, can't imagine the crowds on the weekend.

15 days ago

Steep but well worth it. Didn’t see a soul the entire hike after the turn off, so would recommend a hiking buddy and good hiking shoes. There’s a lot of loose dirt and rocks towards the top near some drop-offs.

A great hike. I brought my dog and she loved the lake at the top where we had brunch before heading back down. I am definitely doing it again but want to stay at the lake for longer. I got there around 730 and didn't really see anyone on the way up but by the time we made our way back down the lot was full and I ran into a lot of hikers going up. Be prepared for the drive to the trailhead; very narrow and steep dirt road.

The dirt road leading up to the trailhead was surprisingly rocky but holy crap is this hike beautiful! The views❤️

This trail is perfect for someone seeking a moderate hike that still gives them the satisfaction of conquering a peak. It has lots of really pretty views, and you can see mount Olympus, as well as most of the salt lake valley from the top. For those who are looking to intensify their adventure, it also is very fun to run.

on Silver Lake Trail

20 days ago

Breathtaking. The hike is easy except for the last mile where it is straight incline. Can become crowded. Dog friendly. Recommend going on a weekday to avoid crowds.

I'd give this 3 1/2 stars, but given no half stars it drops to a 3 for reasons to follow.

The hike is a good workout, and I extended it a bit by starting at Rattlesnake Gulch, then connecting over with a short 2-mile stretch of Pipeline. That alone gets it 2 stars.

The flowers were really nice when I did it on Friday, June 22nd, and that gives it another star, as does hiking next to water for a fair bit.

The drawbacks were that the views from the top are good, but not great. They're expansive, but not Alpine. Additionally, once on the upper ridge and on top then noise from some industrial operation down in the valley broke up the potential for serene appreciation.

I'd do this again, but there are so many hikes in the greater SLC area I wouldn't be rushing back...

Very pretty trail, but better done in the morning. The flies would not leave me alone and I was spooked by 3 rattlesnakes and a couple of smaller, probably harmless snakes.

Nice trail. Some wet parts at beginning near waterfalls, which were quite pretty. Started at 1pm on a Sun and encountered few hikers or dirt bikes.

trail running
21 days ago

Pretty trail. Scrambled to top of ridge line between Mineral Fork and Mill B Saturday morning. Amazing view. Don’t get hit in the face by a rock! Went early, started at 5:30am. Motorized dirt bikers seem to wake up around 9:30am/10am. They Were filling up trail as we were exiting around 11. Some dirt bikers with dork status seem to have dirt for brains and pay little attention at beginning point of trail, almost drove my buddy over. Saw some mountain goats at end of trail, that was great.

Beautiful trail, but it is fairly steep. At about 1.3 miles, is a nice spot to stop for lunch. The wildflowers are in bloom and the breeze today was lovely.

22 days ago

Great 2.1 mile hike each way with great views. Awesome lake to finish at. 55 mins up, 48 mins down at a brisk walk.

Did this hike on 6/30. We started in the late afternoon. We passed a fair number of people at first that were on their way down, but there weren't too many after that. We were passes by 3 groups of mountain bikers. We had the lake to ourselves for almost an hour. This hike was very peaceful!

The moderate rating and distances seemed accurate. My wife and I were in the mood for a less strenuous hike and this was perfect for taking our time and looking at all the wild flowers, birds, and critters.

There are amazing views of the mountains near the beginning of the hike. Follows a stream part of the way and features manypine and Aspen trees. The trees provide quite a bit of shade.

The lake was nice, but not the most beautiful I have seen. There were lots of bugs near the lake, but they didn't bother us much.

22 days ago

Beautiful lake and a great hike up through aspen forest with lots of wildflowers in June. One larger creek crossing but very manageable with rocks in place to step on. Trail can be very narrow at times and certainly a lot of rocks from beginning to end. Great for kids. I think my daughter climbed on most of the larger rocks on the trail.

22 days ago

This Is my most favorite hike I've done this year. The views are gorgeous the entire way and lots of pretty wildflowers this time of year. The lake is freezing cold but so refreshing after a hot hike!

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