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6 hours ago

Great trail, constant gain in elevation! This trail gives you no breaks. We went left at the Y and it seemed everyone we passed did as well. It was snowing and once you reached the Y it started accumulating. By the time we reached the summit it was several feet deep. Gators and micro spikes a must. You could use snow shoes, but would be till you nearly reached top. This is a very tight trail with lots of obstacles. Also, thanks to whoever installed the orange ribbons, it was a lifesaver in the snow!

1 day ago

So... I get to the parking lot and it's DUMPING rain. I'm determined to hike today, so I go for it. I'm quickly reminded that Mt Rose makes you earn every step; the switchback before the fork are never ending. About a 1/4 mile past the fork (I went left) I needed spikes. Luckily a hiker before me was wearing snowshoes and packed the trail down pretty good. I deviated from the trail at one point and sunk up to my crotch; the snow is fresh and deep. Anyhow, made it to the summit, but of course as I'm relishing in my victory, the snow and wind really kick up. I headed down and found some cover on a snowy look out, made some hot soup and took a power nap. Despite the elements, it was a great hike; I'll be back again.

There are two trail heads. The bottom one will give you more miles and it’s worth the climb.

I took my dog hiked all the way to the main lookout yesterday. Started at 11:30 AM and back to the car at 3:30. Gorgeous day shared with quite few people on the main lookout. But I was so disappointed when I got back to the car. My back trunk window was shattered and my purse was stolen out of my car. This happened during daylight! My Orange Subaru Crosstrek was parked just a few cars away from the restaurant Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. This is sucks!! So please don’t leave any valuable in your car. Take it with you!! I learned valuable lesson here. But other than that I still love hiking up to Oyster Dome.

6 days ago

Fantastic. One of my favorites we’ve done so far. It is a harder hike but not impossible. My husband dog and I made it up in less than an hour. Ran into people along the way but not too much. The drive in is rural so download everything beforehand. There’s snow up at the top there still which was great. Beyond amazing views. Fabulous all around.

Very challenging but worth it. Beautiful scenery.

Attempted upper lena today. The snow line started around the first creek crossing and we were postholing for a while and decided to turn around.

I'll be back for the trip out to the end of the boardwalk..Frozen boards made it to hazardous for this trip. Beautiful area

The highlight of our visit to Mount Rainier. This is a steady climb most of the way up but lots of pauses for photo ops and pika watching. Saw hikers of all ages able to do this trail. Great reward for the time it takes to do this trail.

good day for a walk on the boardwalk, no rain just cloudy that perfect temperature for this walk today .. there were a lot of bald eagles out, a variety of ducks, heron. the parking lot appeared full but we found parking and the boardwalk was not crowded at all .. Despite the government shutdown all the trails are open however the education / gift shop is not open.

13 days ago

Hiked the trail to just over the 4 mile mark today. Beautiful and well maintained trail, with river views, forest views and surrounding mountain peak views. Light snow early on the trail, getting progressively deeper at higher elevation (above 3,400 feet). Mini crampons highly advised since traction gets slippery. Gaiters recommend if you don't have snow shoes and snow shoes also advised above 4,500 feet. Snow depth increasing at altitude to a foot and more.

This is a wonderful hike, with great scenery and little traffic in winter. We briefly passed 1 other person on the trail and didn’t encounter anyone else all day.

I’ve done it twice. Great trail.

13 days ago

Went yesterday with my dad and our dogs. Started our hike at 8:30am. We started the hike from chuckenut on the hwy so it was the 7.9 mile hike compared to 5 miles from the samish outlook. Trail was in pretty good shape.
I’ll say if you start at the hwy and not samish outlook those extra miles are nothing buck switch backs going up. My legs are so sore today.

14 days ago

Awesome views!

nice scenery and safe to walk.

love it easy trail and amazing scenery

Love taking my kiddo here. Beautiful scenery and so much wildlife.

Very scenic trail. Lots of cool birds! It’s a nice walk.

Great views of the Tatoosh Range at the top.

quick super easy hike. tons of people out and about. overall great easy hike

This and the Enchantments are my favorite trails I've done. I hiked up with my best friend and a duffle bag (lol wut?) full of awful gear back in 2012 and didn't realize what I was getting myself into. Spent the freezing night at Camp Muir and woke up to the most amazing views of my life - you could see Mt. Jefferson, St. Helens, Adams, and Hood. The sunrise comes up right behind all them. Really want to do the trail again and summit the mountain.

1 month ago

A nice moderate hike with great views at the top! A decent elevation gain and dense forest to hike through.

I spent the night at Upper Lena Lake a couple years back and loved it! The lake is pristine and the vegetation is renewing.

1 month ago

We hiked in and spent the night. Two days wasn't enough though. You need at least three to fully experience this one. Especially if you're coming from Seattle and have to drive 3+ hours to get there. The forest is dense with vegetation, mushrooms, and towering trees. The river glistens with light that filters through the valley. The trail got a bit muddy are second day when the rains returned.

Great hike! Beautiful views at the top. I went 11-29-18 and there was virtually no snow, but you could see a lot of snow on the taller mountains. It took me 5 hr 20 min round trip with very little breaks/detours. I encourage going clockwise (left) when you reach the loop trail beginning, due to it being steeper that way and I feel it's easier going up steep terain, than down it.
A great challenging hike, but Wagonwheel Trail tougher ;)

So I rarely give 5 stars to anything. I loved this hike. Something interesting to see at pretty much every step with variety and beauty. Starts with nice forest and a beautiful river with multiple waterfalls. Then you break out to beautiful rugged views and rock fields in avalanche chutes. Meadows and old growth throughout. Wonderful views of Mt Baker along the way and the Olympics at the top. It is strenuous, and a constant climb. Per our garmins 5.6 miles each way to marmot pass. But so worth it. The day we went was beautiful and clear.

Nice walk for bird watching.

Beautiful view! Worth it! Will do it again.
The check out my hike on Mount Rose below

Great place to view wildlife... bring your binoculars to view all the different birds

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