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Trail closed due to hurricane damage

Really nice spot. Took 11, 9, and 3 yr olds and they all had a good time. Difficulty is what you make it. Somewhat steep track down a hill to the falls, the rocks on the stream can be tricky if you decide to play around on them, but nothing has to be too crazy if you don’t want it to be and you can still enjoy a great view and environment.

tricky for me but the waterfall is worth it

trail running
3 months ago

First time on the trail and I was shocked. The elevation change was a complete surprise for Florida. Still new to trail running this was def the toughest, despite being relatively short. Great spot to train for the Sky Valley 25k. Made me realize how tough and slow that will be

Change of scenery from what Florida usually has to offer. The river views are impressive.

This state park is beautifully kept and has a wonderful waterfall feature on the trail. The only downside is the trail is not marked very well and there a lot of side trails and bike trails that crisscross

very nice, cute little trail. if you have a family with kids, it's a nice outing. beautiful area and nice biking trails nearby. I wouldn't recommend bike's on this trail however. does cost $5 to get in state park.

3 months ago

Definitely a challenge, really nice trail , almost feels like your not in Florida .

3 months ago

I did a loop. And I started out at the right.Want to be careful when you cross the field, because you have to really look for the orange markers on the trees. Lovely trail. Lots of shade. Lots the spiderwebs like others have said. The river in cypress knees are lovely. Saw two deer. Bring it there are mosquitoes. So several things I’ve only seen in Florida trail books and magazines. A cave by the river, railroad tracks, and raise road you don’t walk under it it’s on the other side of the river. And an abandoned cabin. Now I know where they are!

Love love love this little state park! Great hiking, really great trails!

Gentle trail accessible to even the youngest children. Variety of environments in a short walk: small tree area, dunes, lake, and big pine area all with the sounds of the ocean in the distance. Watch out for mosquitoes and poison ivy.

(7-13-2018) A short walk, really neat to see the remains of the old bridge. Mosquitos got a bit aggravating closer to the bridge but hey it’s Florida. The trail is pretty much all shaded which is nice this time of year. The trail is also well maintained and easy to follow and clear to see the old road bed. Going to take the kids back in the Fall/Winter.

Great trail! My 7 year old hiked all the way to the waterfall and back. We found lots of cool mushrooms, dragonflies, animal holes, rocks, and leaves. A dragonfly took a ride on my finger, and my daughter found a dead little bumblebee she created a Viking funeral for with a leaf in the creek. We swam and relaxed before hiking back. This trail is a hidden gem.

on Flatwoods Trail

5 months ago

This was fun on a bike even though the trails were a bit sandy!

nature trips
6 months ago

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done

Fun trail lots to see.

A good challenge! A little narrow in some spots! Definitely some climbing/scrambling! Great view of the river from the bluffs!

6 months ago

Very nice trails. Well blazed and taken care of. Only negative I can think to mention was the condition of "snot logs" crossing one of the creeks on the connector trail that connect both loops. Crossing logs were badly decayed and partially sunken in the creek. Otherwise, with what seems to be constant elevation changes, this trail system, which is very unique for Florida, would be a good primer for the AT.

Trail is challenging in certain areas. certainly not for children. There are a number of steep inclines. Over all it's a good challenge.

6 months ago

Very easy trail, you do have to cross water at the end of the trail. Watch out for snakes.

This trail was amazing! Was skeptical about how “hard” it would be but it was seriously pretty tough. Biggest downside; lots of yellow flies and a few snakes. Very narrow trail at times. The beginning was weirdly sandy. Also, definitely need lots of water, I lost a good bit of sweat.

We took an extra challenge to make it down to the water, which was beautiful! However, VERY difficult. The erosion along the bluff makes it hard to get any good traction/ footing, but if you have plenty of time and don’t mind getting dirty/ sweaty trying to climb down and then back up, it’s worth it.

Starts off a broad sandy trail with burned foliage all around. Not sure if intentional or recent wild fire, but it smells good. Less than half a mile in and you're in the trees, staying there for about a mile before some more open spaces, then back in the trees around the River Loop. The bugs were annoying but not too out of hand so long as you keep moving. Lots of squirrels, birds, deer, and a few other things crashing around in the trees.

Made it to the River Loop head after about 1.6 miles. Bearing to the right takes you to a nice bluff, if you don't see the obvious sign. Nice views from a good perch of the Apalachicola. You can continue from the bluff to the River Loop or turn around.

I followed the loop, which is definitely the road less traveled. Trees are marked, but not as well, and the trail is not nearly as worn in as the main section. The loop also has some of the most elevation change per distance of the whole trail. If you're losing light and need to get back, I would skip the loop.

Coming back after the loop in the waning light, I came across a copperhead in the trail. Big one too, at about 5 feet long. Watch your step in the twilight.

Well marked trail, perfect distance for a business trip, nice mix of canopy and open views, big river bluff views, and some very un-Floridian elevation changes make this a regional 5 star almost by default.

Will definitely do again! :D

Bring plenty of bug spray and water. One of the best hikes in Florida with a great view from the bluff!! Bring a walking stick as some areas are more challenging going up and down.

We took our two dogs out here for the first time last summer. This park is stunning!!! Our girls found the small waterfall and run off and dove straight in. Definitely going to come back out here and rent a cabin

This was a great family adventure! We took our 3 year old, 1 year old, and dog and did the short hiking loop near the waterfall. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids even challenged themselves to climb the hill on the way back (with us spotting them the whole way.) We can’t wait to go back and camp for a night.

Nice trail along the inner marsh with white sand dunes and pine trees. Please stay off the sand dunes and respect the signs that point out the trail. It forms a short loop easily done in 20 minutes. Great for the family. Some shade once you hit the pine trees, and open sun when you're in the dune area. Be sure to wear footwear you don't mind getting sand in!

7 months ago

Recently completed the Torreya Challenge trail as a two night backpacking trip with a boy scout training crew. The mileage is closer to 14 with side hikes to the camps etc. Parked in the central parking lot and hiked out to the the backpacking campsites at the far east of the second challenge loop. 4-backpacking sites that can easily hold 4 tents. The park prefers to only have 4-people in each site. Each site has a fire ring and benches and a firewood stack. 2nd night we hiked to the Rock Bluff campsite on the far west overlooking the Apalachicola river. Probably one of the prettiest campsites on local backpacking treks. Again 4 sites with the same set up. There is also a porta potty on the main trail about 100-yards from the sites. Beautiful limestone outcroppings to site to watch the sunset in the west. Beware of the Torreya's infamous Copperheads. Also another group did have a black bear in their camp site. Both trails are rolling with lots of streams and of course the river for water. There is also access to two spigots on the trail (Gregory House and at the entrance of the park). From May to October this trail can be very humid with lots of mosquitoes.

One of my favorite trails in the area. So beautiful and peaceful.

great prep for the Appalachian trail

9 months ago

Not your typical Florida hike. Being from S Florida I am used to flat,sandy,scrub hiking. Torreya was great. Reminded me of out west with the hills and streams. I found it very
strenuous. Total elev. changes of 1600 feet.
Nicely marked trail. Cute little bridges.
Lots of up and down. Didn't see any wildlife and only 2 other hikers. Started at the picnic area.
Definitely recommend this hike if you want a challenge and enjoy the beauty of forest hiking.

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