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Started at Unicoi Gap and headed south. Starts the incline right away. Did this during the cold front in mid November. Frost and icicles all up and down the trail. The killer was the wind. The trail run on a north side and the wind was just brutal cold. Blue Mountain shelter (which faces north was not much shelter from the weather. The water source just past the shelter was hard to find. It ended up being a frozen puddle with leaf fall. We quickly decided against staying the night and hiked back out. This was brutal with wind and cold. Camel up well if you are attempting this section in below freezing temps. And make sure your gloves and face covers are wind proof.

What an amazing adventure! We had a small group. Amicalola to Unicoi Gap during Hurricane Micheal. Loved ever hard minute of it. Can’t wait to get back out.

October 15-16. This was rated hard and I agree. We hiked half a day stayed the night just after the “Cheesecake Factory “ water source but just before Tray Mountain shelter (we knew the shelter was going to be full, and wanted some peacefulness) we had a beautiful view. Watched the sunrise the next morning from our tent. I can’t say enough about this spot. Then hiked out. It was a great hike to test and challenge yourself.

Ps. If anyone could share WHY that water source is called “the Cheesecake Factory” please do.

Great trail. Going out was somewhat of a slight incline. The rough rocky switchbacks were a challenge. Especially coming back. Ugh! Plenty of camping spots. It rained on our way beck and boy does the trail get flooded. But it is all good.

I completed the trail on Oct 3, 2018. Some challenging ascend in certain sections but overall it was a good work out with some beautiful views. After multiple hikers asked me for wasp nest , I was eventually got stung by one and it hurt and last few days but its all part of the wilderness experience.
Since it was a week day, the trail was not crowded at all. I came across maybe 10 hikers and one gentleman who was there to maintain the trail.

Great trail with beautiful views. We stared at the Unicoi Gap trailhead next to the App Trail sign and logged 11.6 miles out and back.

Great trail, very rough climb on the way back. Saw a black bear around mile 4.4 so keep a look, apparently he likes to stay around those parts. Nice campsites all over the trail (obviously, it’s the AT!) Great intermediate backpacking trail.

wind comes strong off the lake. would probably cool you off in the summer, but bites in the winter

Very nice, clear trail. Some makeshift boardwalks in the really muddy places, very flat and completely wooded. You do cross several major highways as well. I love this trail, and will definitely use it again.

Don't go without plenty of water bc there is none alone this trail.

Easy section of the palmetto trail. The trail is easy to follow and is well maintained. Bugs were minimal. We saw a few deer and enjoyed the trip. The trail surface is mostly soft sand, so be prepared. It feels like hiking on the beach. Enjoy 2018

I went on the part 1 of this passage on the palmetto trail (4 parts on this passage) camped and then walked back. Not a lot of water stagnant standing water but I brought enough with me. White tail deer, Turkeys lot of flowers big lob Lolly pine Forrest. Saw a lot of pitcher plants. Easy trail very fun and well maintained

It close and good

7 days of hard hiking, but totally Awesome. We backpacked to Albert Mountain

My husband and I went to the walk for the first time, in hopes to find the waterfall, but not only did we not find it, no one even knew it had a waterfall! I would love it if someone who knows where it is would post! I want to come back to see if We can find it??

If your just looking for some exercise, it’s not bad.

Tough yes but, totally worth it for the views and the breathtaking scenery.

Hiked this section of the AT at the beginning of last April. Due to my line of work, I am unable to take off an extended amount of time to allow me to thru-hike.. so I’m forced to section hike it. They claim that this is the toughest part of the Appalachian Trail. I’m not so sure about all of that, but it is rather tough in certain spots. A lot of elevation gain/loss in a short distance, but the rewards (views) are so worth it. 10/10.. after I have completed the whole trail, I’d love to do Georgia again. I like to day-hike portions of it. Preachers Rock and Blood Mountain to Neels Gap are awesome day hikes.

great hike for experienced backpacker/hikers. steep ascend to Blue Mountain Shelter, very crowded after 5PM on Sat 11/18. if you're going to that shelter, get an early start in case you want to set camp away from the shelter. it was tough setting my hammock and tarp in the rain after sunset.

The trail is pretty straight, this time of year there are little to no bugs and tree coverage keeps you pretty cool. I didn't realize how popular this trail was for bicyclists and only saw one other hiker to the numerous bikers. I probably won't be hiking this trail again because of how narrow it is and the fact it's primarily used for those with two wheels.

great hike. My wife and I did part of this trail on our anniversary. However, the trail markers do not follow the map found on All trails. The trail was blazed anew and follows a different route. The old trail is poorly marked and overgrown in some places.

Completed on 25NOV17 with my wife and my daughter (10 years old). Stayed one night next to the Tray Gap Shelter.

Approx 6.5 miles from Unicoi Gap to Tray Gap Shelter. You will complete around 13 miles out and back.

Hard. Recommend good hiking boots. Steep climbing and some sections very technical.

Views are beautiful!

Met few Thru hikers.

Highly recommended!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2017

I hiked this trail at the beginning of October 2017. BE AWARE THAT THE BRIDGE IS CLOSED TO ALL FOOT AND BIKE TRAFFIC!. Very disappointed that this isn't listed, as it caused us to park in town, walk to the end of the bridge and back, then drive across the lake and park on the side of the road on the north side of the lake. We only hiked the first "12" miles of the trail before turning around- almost the entire trail is on roads, both blacktop and gravel. only about 1/2 mile of this portion, from the bridge to the junction with old river road is in the woods, and this comes out in the back yard of a campground with permanent campers. kind of uncomfortable. Will not hike this trail again, but I do recommend a side trip down to the state park and Fort Watson.

Monday, October 23, 2017

nice hike but needs some bridge repair and is very noisy in some places cause of treatment plant

Loved this trail for its diversity. Lots of good mountain views as well as hiking in forest setting at lower elevations.

Gnarly simple trail lots of hill and camp sites not much water

Gnarly simple trail lots of hill and camp sites not much water

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