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This isn’t a trail for first timers. The last mile and a half is on an incline. Bring lots and lots of water with electrolytes! To get to the pools under the bridge requires skimming across a small 1 foot ledge of rock. Was absolutely drained and cramping on the way back because I didn’t take enough water. You should take a minimum of 3.5L. I’d do it again but after a year of training...lol

It makes you feel like you are away from everything.

Good hike with a interesting destination. We stayed overnight at the campsites just past the bridge. The trail is a bit difficult to keep track of in some areas, especially as you get closer to the river. Lots of side trails that lead to nowhere (presumably from all of the gold miners in the area). The trail itself not too strenuous. Much of the trail is in direct sun (depending on the time the canyon walls give some shade).Some portions are covered in Yucca.

The campsite at the end of the trail was great. Plenty of trees for hammocks, the river has a ton of good watering holes for swimming and you are pretty secluded from all the day hikers checking out the bridge. The trail shortly after the bridge to the campsites is a little precarious with a sheer drop on one side and about only a foot of width at its narrowest. I wouldn't attempt it at night.

On a negative note this is probably the most littered trail I have ever hiked. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are going to hike this trail pack out your trash. I lot count of the bottles and beverage cans I saw along the trail. Even worse was all of the TP lining many points on the trail (if you gotta go, go a 200 ft away from trails, no one wants to step in some else's dirty toilet paper).

love this trail

2 days ago

Good little hike with a nice pic spot at the top I gave it a 3.5 cuz of the photo op.‍♂️


This hike is rated hard for the right reasons.
Its a challenging Hike, you will walk up many miles, they are many switchbacks, and will test your hiking skills. The good news is, once you make it to the top, its all Worth it. Here are my recommendations. Take 3 litters of water. take a few snacks, and go on your own paste. There is lots of shade which makes the hike much pleasant and beautiful. I took a hiking stick and it helped allot. This trail is perfect to train your body, mind for mt baldy or other challenging hikes around the San Gabriel or San Bernardino mountains.
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I love this hike. I been here many times just because its such a beautiful hike.
First off, The parking is great with lots of space. Bathrooms are a bit dirty. Bring your own toilet paper!. the hike to the mine over the white gate beginning point is moderate. 2 miles of beautiful scenery and nature. At points a bit slippery so hold on to your kids and dogs. Once you make it to the Mine, the views are amazing for pictures and sunsets. when you enter the mine. bring flashlights

Love this hike, features beautiful scenery throughout. Lots of shades & creeks along the trails from beginning till the end. It averages about 6-7 hours, but worth every minute.

Not really sure why I am writing this review since I've done this hike several times, but here we go, this hike is only as hard as you make it seem, crossing some water and getting wet ads up to how hard it could get, you don't need to get wet in order to cross the water, just be creative and you'll be fine, also, the later you go in the day, the harder it gets due to the sun hitting you directly at the stretch of the hike before getting to the bridge itself, so the earlier you start the better since there is some shade, on your way back it feels sort of like a different hike, which is nice, there is no way of getting lost, follow the stream and you'll be fine.

Good hiking shoes and always recommend since this a rocky hike, several parts of this trail has lots of rocks, the more you hitting for obvious reasons, you will eventually start to feel it and get tired (see where I'm getting with the it's only as hard as you make it seem), bring plenty of water, sunscreen and sun glasses.

It's a fun hike, you feel pretty good once you get to the bridge which you can dip in the water down below. just be careful while getting down there as its rocky and steep, and you will also feel really good on your way back.

My recent group I went with, we started at 7 am and we were done by 12ish, easy 10-11 mile hike, give it a try.

Great views and good place to take a splash

Gorgeous hike. It was a bit chilly at the parking lot starting out but as soon as we began climbing the trail it got warmer. There’s also a good amount of shade until you get near the top. It was pretty chilly up top, had to put all the layers back on. The wooden sign is missing but the flag and monument is still there. We began the hike at 630 and made it back a little before noon. It was starting to get pretty warm when we got back to the lot.

Tough brutal hike, great workout, well worth the effort when you reach the peak.

A great and beautiful hike with tons of wilderness and plant life! A must do hike!

Currently my favorite trail, however it becomes very busy during the week ends. I would suggest to arrive super early or car pool.

this was the best hike we've been on yet plenty of water plenty of pools deep enough to get in lots of solitude and hardly any people and plenty of shade too

This is a fun hike. Although a started at Doty Trust park I still consider this hike as completed. I like this hike from the Doty Trust park starting point because there are two steep points. The beginning at Doty Trust and then the descent from the second peak which is pretty long. all and all, a great hike!

Took this trail downward coming from Chantry. Did a solid 24 mile hike. Reviewing this section because I wanted to give a shout out to the chap we bummed water from because we were at dangerous levels of dehydration. Lesson one, this whole area is very dry and has no water to speak of. Exiting from this location coming from Red Box, make sure you have tons of water during the summer.

11 days ago

for kids this hike is amazing, big colorful pumpkin rocks, beautiful views , be prepare to get dirty since there is lots of dirt and dust ! is a moderate hike if you are in good athletic shape and your kids do hiking often if not you still have a lot of fun at this trail ! dont forget to bring water and snacks !

Great hike, gives you a good workout and beautiful views. I took my kids and our dog and they had no problem getting to the mine. My kids loved exploring in the mine it was fun... just take flash lights and you'll be ok. I would of given this trail 5 stars, but there is way too much graffiti and trash everywhere.

Amazing, one of my favorite hikes, except the portion where you’re walking on the side of a golf course for a short bit. Plenty of wild life, deer everywhere several crossing the trail in front of me. Most of the time you’re walking along a creek bed, very serene and peaceful the half way point is in direct sun so bring plenty of water and sun screen. Definitely an easy hike, just long, didn’t feel like it though. Good, even, well maintained trail great for running but you’ll want to walk through this one its beautiful. FYI this trail is shared by hikers, bikes and horses so be mindful and courteous to all.

Loved this trail! Nobody in our group had to use trekking poles. This is a rocky trail! I wish someone would have posted that! This is a dog friendly trail. There are nice spots with shade to rest. Lots of bees at the mine! Nobody got stung but they were annoying. Many places for photo opportunities. Please take your trash with you leave no trace! Great hike for children’s 8 and up. Keep your dogs on a leash. Have fun!

13 days ago

As others said, bring lots of water. I carried 3 liters and ran out. Trail is hard to find on the way up - stay to the east side of river. Wore trail runners on the way up and was fine but recommend hiking boots if you have ankle issues. You’ll want stability since there is a lot of rock and loose sand. Wore my chacos on the way back since it was 90+ degrees and the water felt good on my feet. Be prepared to get wet at least to ankles (yes, even in summer when it hasn’t rained in 4 months.)

Some spots have lots of beautiful cool shade and other spots are barren desert with intense heat. Don’t go when it’s too hot or chance of rain.

Don’t forget your adventure pass. Also, DO NOT LEAVE anything in your car. The parking lot was full of glass from several smashed windows. Such a shame.

Being out there in the mountains is "Heaven on Earth" as far as I'm concerned. The scenery is absolutely majestic, and awe inspiring. The only thing that's ever taken my breath away is mountains and women. So you need to get out there, and "wash your spirit clean."

Completed my second Summit of Mt Baldy today. First summit was 2 weeks ago, up and down via Devil's Backbone. 2nd time I went up via Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl, and down Devil's Backbone to Manker flats campground.

I felt routes we're on par in terms of difficulty.

Met some nice people along the way. "Hikers generally are a good bunch". However, there are some hikers along the trail who will not stop talking (non-stop)which drives me nuts when your on a single line trail. Then there are those who are blasting music out of their phones for all to hear. This too drives me nuts (Get some damn earphones!). I go out to hike the mountain to get away from the noise, and the city life. It blows my mind some people...my apologies for the misanthropy, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around why these people are out on a trail.

It's awesome there is a restaurant ' Top Of the Notch' in the vicinity of Devil's Back Bone to stop, rest,bathrooms and eat if you need to. And if you get exhausted you can take the ski lift down (No I didn't cheat - but I did think about it).

Parking was not too bad. Left at 6am got there at 7:30am and there was plenty of spots. Left Manker at 8am towards Ski Hut Trail, and made it back to the car a little after 2PM. Hiking at that elevation with no shade between 1PM - 6PM your going to get some sun on you..something to keep in mind before hand. In the summer make sure you have protective head gear, and wear sun tan lotion.

My first Summit of Baldy the sun kicked my butt more than the actual hike itself, because of extenuating circumstances (my friends brought his kid), the hike ended up taking 12 hours so we were still hiking during the hottest part of the day (They took the ski Lift).

There are a few spots where YOU HAVE to watch your footing (But you should always be watching your footing..right!?). Nothing major in the summer,but you need to be vigilant at a couple of spots because a slip, and your going to end up with more than just a few bumps and bruises. In the Winter I wouldn't do it, not without mountaineering experience (which I don't have). Summer, no problem, just go slow, and watch your step on a few narrow spots.

Apparently, the Ski Hut Trail (Baldy Bowl) and the Devil's Backbone are the new 'short' cuts to Mount San Antonio. The original Baldy Hike is from Bear Canyon but much harder (and less crowded). I may have to give this a try soon, along with the 3 T's.

Not recommended to bring a dog without boots on a hot day. Though there is shade and water, a lot of trail is exposed and hot.
Definity continue passed the bridge, there is a larger river section that people were splashing around in. Wish I’d arrived sooner and could have bungeed, maybe next time.
Parking was limited and the sides of the road where paralleling are tight. We should have got there earlier, think we arrived around 930.

the only reason for 4 stars is signage is not great coming down the the bowl . other than that, it's a kick ass challenge for anyone especially an old man at 62 like me. Did it yesterday, and unlike a lot of people that leave reviews on how fast they can do a trail, I took my time and did it in 12 hours. went up through the skilift trail, then all the was to summit, the down through the bowl. Great hike, part of the six pack challenge, not sure at my age I'd do it again but 3 down and 3 to go. Special thanks to Lisa, who was an angel and gave me extra water from her supply.
if you think the world is short of great people these days, go on a hike , you'll meet plenty. it will restore your faith in mankind. Go Clemson, hope you see this!

Love it all tho had to use my phone as Trails are not clearly marked

We visited today at around 7:30 am and finding parking was a hassle! Overall getting to the waterfall wasn’t overly difficult however save the energy for the way back, its much more difficult. Overall this is a beautiful trail and is very tranquil. Definitely would recommend it.

Hot today!! A bit crowded and parking was difficult.
Great hike though.

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