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8 days ago

Short but sweet! A real gem!

11 days ago

Did this hike by accident and WOW im glad i did! Moderate for a coloridian, difficult for a midwesterner like me. Absolutely stunning the way up, both the path and the view of the collegiate mountains. When you reach the top, theres a wooden pole and small plastic box to write your name in. Just a treasure of a trail.

Pretty easy hike for a 14er until you get to the saddle, then it gets a little technical. We went really slow with this one for a total of 10 hours. Started at 630 and was off the mountain still in plenty of time. If you get a nice weather day in the fall I would highly recommend, the Aspen trees were some of the most beautiful I've seen. Of the 12 14ers I have hiked, this was one is up there as far as a good hike and beautiful views. Enjoy!

My first 14er. It felt pretty moderate to me, no section of the trail felt hard. Beautiful views from the summit and good colors on the aspens down low. 9-30-18

16 days ago

One of my favorites. The views are amazing. The aspens are beautiful. While the hike just goes up and up, there’s enough variety in the terrain that it doesn’t feel grueling.

lovely and quiet hike. challenging. great drive up...lots to see en route.

20 days ago

Great views over Buena Vista.

We did this trail in early August with great weather. The trailhead is up the road about a half mile on the left and is easy to miss. There's a great variety of views a long the way, streams, valleys and a beautiful forest below the tree line. A lot of bouldering above the tree line, there's plenty of cairns but it's easy to lose the trail. Amazing but very difficult hike. It took us nearly as long to get down as it did to get up because of how steep it is. Poles highly recommended!

27 days ago

Loved this hike, Aspens were on in full force and the lake was crystal clear! You can Drive to the farther trailhead if you’re feeling confident in your car, saw a RAV4 and Crosstrek so if you have AWD and clearance I guess you can do it. We didn’t do the full hike, stayed left at the Y to go straight to the lake. So definitely didn’t get as much altitude gain or miles in as the map would say. Also brought my pole up, didn’t catch anything but saw another guy catch one and there was some surface activity

Great for kids. On the lower loop, they have pages of a book every 50 feet or so to keep the little ones going. Great views of the valley.

I would classify this as a moderate hike up to the lake. If you go all the way to the divide, it is hard. Beautiful hike all around. We backpacked in and stayed 2 nights near the lake.

1 month ago

This is a great combo of two 14ers to hit. You can make it a really nice overnight trip by hiking in to one of the campsite areas just before the split off. The second of the two is nicest and is located right next to a stream for easy access to water.

The leg to get from the summit of Belford to Oxford takes 45-60 minutes each way.

1 month ago

Some steep sections, but by the time it starts to wear on you, you're already at the lake.
Made it up to the lake in about 40 minutes with a handful of quick breaks to catch my breath.
Beautiful views, especially with the fall colors in full swing!
Saw about 8 other groups of people, including some folks camping on the lake.

Important: the trailhead is up the road a short distance, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 mi on the LEFT next to the green gate (right past it). There are small cairns but easy to miss- look for a sign that says “Attention...” This hike seemed much longer than 8-9 mi, I was with a group of 3 and we all had ~13 mi on our devices. There’s a large boulder field and good deal of scree, which makes the last 2-3 mi pretty grueling. There are also a couple of false summits, so watch for the trail continuing on. I’ve done Huron, Belford, Oxford, and Missouri and this one was the hardest for me. I call this one the beast- such a beautiful beast, though!

One of the best 14ers and trails that I’ve done. Beautiful start through the aspens - the leaves are just starting to change color. There’s a lot of hiking above tree line but you’re on the proper side of the ridge to avoid a lot of the wind until near the summit. A couple of false summits may trick you but the second is almost level with the final summit. A tiny bit of scrambling may be required but the views are well worth it.

3:30AM start on Saturday. Chilly with some frozen precipitation. Summit at 7:20. Warmed up a bit on the way down. No flashlight needed above treeline with a 2/3 moon overhead.

One of the easier class 2s in the Collegiate Peaks, just like most there is a good amount of scree to hike on toward the summit. Made it fun to trail run down after summiting at 8:30Am Aug.31.18, outstanding views of the many surrounding lakes and tallest 14ers in CO. (Massive, Harvard, Elbert) this was my 46th 14er summit as well, thought I should add that as I’ve seen in the past comments it was the hardest one they’ve done..as far as class 2s go I would rank as Moderate. Basically no exposure, and no intense boulder fields just scree piles. Similar climb as compared to Mt. Massive, personally I think Harvard and Columbia are a little more difficult due to the length of the trip. Bring wind gear!

the absolute hardest hike I have ever done. wanted to do a 14er with an incredible view and 14ers.com reiterated the amazing view from La Plata Peak. the hike itself is intense! once you pass the tree line you are basically hiking very steeply on loose dirt and jumping rock to rock. the wind the day we went was about 50-60 mph too (definitely had some thoughts about turning around but we were so close to the top). we started the hike late, around 945 AM and got back to the car around 4 PM so all in all it was 4 hours up and 2 hours down. this hike is not for the faint of heart, it was a mental and physical battle the entire way but the moment you step foot on the summit is one of the most satisfying and breathtaking moments.

1 month ago

On my way up Mount Belford I was not convinced I would take the second leg of this hike onto Mt Oxford for my 2nd 14er of the day! From the summit of Mount Belford, though, the beautiful saddle leading to Mt Oxford was too inviting to pass up! Not only that, at age 58 I was fairly certain I would not make it back up Mt Belford anytime soon and wanted to take advantage of being 1 hour more from the Oxford summit.

The views from the saddle were gorgeous-making the steep descent more than worth it. Although the opposite side of the saddle was not as steep, with aching legs from the ascent of Mount Belford-I was weary and could feel the fatigue setting in. It took me a little more than one hour to get to the Summit but it was a great feeling to arrive. After quick picture of the geological plate and a bite to eat, I headed back. Gratefully, the accent up the saddle toward the Belford summit was short but was the most brutal part of my all-day hike-with a narrow path, steep incline, and at places, sketchy footholds. With patience and great care-no problem, though.

As I returned via the Missouri Gulch trail, I was grateful not to descend the way I came up on the Mt Belford front. Altogether, 11.2 miles and nearly 10 hours to accent and return to the trailhead. The Missouri Gulch trail brought many varied views not seen on the way up Guilford. It was a delightful return with mountain foliage, a spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The winding Clear Creek in the valley was beautiful as was the view of Mount Guilford and Oxford behind! A great day hiking in the Rocky Mountains!

Some steep sections but well worth it.

The most difficult I ever done. Started with my wife at 5.50 AM . After a pleasant way in the forest, the trail steep immediately. The real challenge is the last 1.5 mile, with talus scrambling and continues loosing the trail. Same thing going down. The view from the top was excellent. We stay about 30' on the top. The descent took more then the climb, because slippery small rocks. We reached the car at 15.00 PM. Very hard and challenging hike, but it worth. Not recommended for beginners and need some training before to go. Me too recommend to pay attention at the location of the start of the trail, especially in the dark. I think a little more info should be posted at this place.

Got park area at 5.20 AM and leaving at 5.40 with my wife.Pretty cold 30 degrees. Trail start easy, with easy crossing of two streams. The sunrise from Mosquito was stunning with forest start to live. The trail goes up alert 3 miles ,well marked with some steep sections to the saddle at the ridge. Wonderful views all around . The trail remain easy to follow on the ridge paying some attention. Two mountain goats in sight! Passed the false summit quickly we reach the top. Stunning views, even with the smoke from wildfires. Because the nice weather we stay on top for 45 minutes. Back to the car at 15.05 PM. Wonderful hike, strenuous but it worth. We did almost 14 peaks, but this is one of the best at all. We never forget

Such a beautiful hike. Did it as a day trip with a group of 13. The waterfall is absolutely beautiful. Was a great spot to sit and have a snack and rest a bit before continuing to the lake. The 3 miles from the falls to the lake was tough (decent incline and lots of rocks to maneuver over) but so worth the trip. Great place to have lunch before heading back down. I would go back to camp but I would probably drive in from the other side (I'm not in shape enough to pack in on that last 3 miles). So many photo opportunities along the way and you can hear the water flowing for much of the trail. I haven't hiked much this year (nothing beyond 5 miles) so this was a challenge for me but I made it. Bring hiking poles if you have them. We went on a Friday, started at 8:00am and were back to the trail head about 2:00pm. It wasn't busy going in but past a lot of back packers in the way out.

1 month ago

The lake is a perfect reward. The hike up is tough with a 40lbs back pack. Make sure to take your time, it’s a great trail for a day hike but the extra weight for backpacking makes the second half of the hike pretty intense because of the climb. Other wise I’d definitely do it again. I didn’t want to leave our campsite next to the lake. Caught 4 fish so make sure to bring fishing gear too!

You have to really work for this one. Seventeenth fourteener of the summer and by far the most difficult one I’ve done. Several sections were very steep and me and my friend got off trail near the beginning which put us back about an hour. Some sections of the trail are not marked that well, especially once you enter the boulder field. On my way down, we lost our trail and ended up going down a lot of loose and sketchy scree for a bit before we found the trail again. Views were spectacular but I will never do this one again.

If anyone has any info or advice for my post below please contact me at keastonh@gmail.com Thanks!

***HELP! I left my camera int he trialhead parking lot..My friend and I climbed Mt Massive on Thursday and returned to the car Friday around 11pm..I vividly remember setting it on the tire of my van prior to leaving. The camera is a canon g7x, it could be ran over but I'm hoping the sd card is still intact...I am happy to pay a finders fee to anyone generous to send it to me if they have it..Thanks.

Got to the trailhead just before 7pm Thurs night with my buddy and hiked up to treeline. Used headlamps until we found a good spot to camp, and hit the hay by 10pm. We got up later than we had planned around 5:45am, and made our way to the summit. This was my 10th 14er, and the mileage was no joke. The hike from this route seemingly goes on forever after you get above treeline. Enjoy the walk thru the woods early on, because the hike doesn't really start till 11,800. Stay to the left as you ascend the ridge to avoid going too low, and making for a more difficult climb. Amazing views from the summit. Made it back down to camp around noon, and then made the endless descent thru the woods to the car. All in all I imagine this route was more scenic than others, but much, much, longer. We were glad we camped the night before, as this would have been a lot of mileage for a top to bottom trip.

Due to the road closure we went up Avalanche, down Denny Creek, then slogged it back to Avalanche on the road. The weather could not have been better! Great views and a challenging climb.

I’ve seen a lot of reports touting Denny Creek, but I wasn’t impressed. If I was to do Yale again, I’d stick with Avalanche. It’s slightly longer but I found it far more enjoyable.

two hikes in one! lovely waterfall as a half way point to a picture perfect mountain lake. we spent almost exactly 6hrs round trip including a pause away the waterfall, a few water stops, and break for lunch at the lake. the ascent was about 3.5 hrs, and the second half seemed steeper. lots of camp spots, but we were here for a day hike only, so we out and backed it, but would be a wonderful choice for a backpacking trip.

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