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can't rate this appropriately. we have been planning this hike for over a month. went on their site and nothing mentioned that it was closed. very frustrating and disappointed. we will however come back and conquer this goal.

2 days ago

Most outstanding views seen here. Began hiking at 2AM for sunrise & hit it right on the dot. SO worth the early hours!!!

A tuff hike, make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for it.

3 days ago

A fantastic hike. It can get windy and cold at the top, so bring some layers.

3 days ago

Hiked Humphreys Peak on 7/14/18. Im an avid hiker, 1/2 marathon runner, weight trainer, so I anticipated a 6-7 hour round trip hike based on reviews. So we started the hike around 630a. We anticipated rain, so we looked to start early, and I’m glad we did. Took about 2h45m to reach the top at a steady pace - including a few brief stops for water/snacks. The hike is “moderate” difficulty level, that is until you reach the 4 mile mark, with about a mile to go. Then, the hike then turns into a “difficult” level, as the last thousand or so feet are a burner if you move at a steady pace. Spent about 25 minutes at the top, as it was windy and quite chilly. Headed down, and the rain began, becoming more steady. Time down was around 1h30min - however we ran/jogged a good 80% of the trail down to beat the rain. Total time with all stops was 4h49min. Absolutely beautiful hike. Challenging/fun. Altitude played a minor roll around 11000 ft, most noticeably in the last 1000ft/1 mile. Water intake: Drank about 70 oz of water throughout. Nutrition: I recommend a margarita pizza from “pizzicleta” the night before & a med/light high carb breakfast. Very doable for most experience levels. Definitely recommend starting early during monsoon season. Can wait to do this again in the fall!

Summited 10am July 14, 2018.

Started at sunrise. I drank 3.5 L of water, and used my fleece, beanie, mittens, and rain jacket as elevation increased. Very challenging and rewarding experience. My iPhone clocked 13.7 miles from parking lot to summit and back. The 1.5 miles from saddle to summit is completely exhausting.

I read on hiking sites to summit, or turn around by 10 am during monsoon season. Sleet and thunder started just after I summited at 10am. Very dangerous and scary to be above tree line in these conditions. Everyone scrambled as fast as possible to get below tree line. Once below tree line I was shocked people were still ascending!

I was disappointed at the unprepared hikers risking their own safety and the safety of first responders. Do not underestimate the dangers of a 12,000+ foot mountain! Come prepared and respect the power of Mother Nature. Its easy to understand why it’s such a sacred site for so many Native American tribes.

5 days ago

Did this hike today 7/14/18. Started at 6:30 am and arrived at the top at 9:30 am. Spent 18 minutes there and made it back in 2 hours. Weather was overcast and about 58°. Ground was wet from the recent rain fall which allowed the forest service to open the forest on 7/11/18. There was low clouds the entire day and could not see anything at the top. A rain cell was moving in so I got off the top just in time for a good rain to begin. It rained the entire rest of the hike back. I brought 2.5 liters H2O and drank 1.5 liters. I brought way to much food also. It was a difficult hike but the weather helped reduce my need for water and food. Start early to avoid thunderstorms. I also think poles are a good choice for the unstable footing at the top but I’m 59 years old and need them.

Not for the faint hearted... the mountain teaches me something every time ... the view at the top is like no other in Arizona

awesome workout with incredible views

5 days ago

I came into this hike not knowing much about it. I'm hiking Mt Whitney for the first time in a few weeks (bucket list) and I needed some altitude training, having lived in Phoenix for a while now. I definitely underestimated how long it would take- my guess was 5 hours, it took 7.5 (breaks included). Between the effects of the elevation and the rocky, sometimes hard to navigate trail, it slowed me down quite a bit. But what a pleasant surprise- the forest is beautiful and hiking along the ridge above the treeline is a fun, unique experience with fantastic views! (Remember: 3 false peaks!) I sucked down 3.5L of water incredibly fast and had to hike the last 3 miles back without any- it wouldn't surprise me if it was a bit longer than 9.2 miles. I didn't have signs of altitude sickness- and I think that drinking a lot of water and eating helped me. I left Phoenix at 2:15 AM, and ate a big, carby breakfast at the local Flagstaff all night drive through, and was on the trail by 5 AM. Like I said, I didn't know a lot about this trail, but I knew that thunderstorms tended to happen in the afternoon, especially on a mountain this big. Getting there early turned out to be a really good move, as it absolutely opened up with stinging hail on the hike back down, just below the tree line. A later start would have put me at risk for a lightning strike up top. As my elevation dropped, it switched to rain but it never stopped. Definitely wear a good pair of hiking boots as there are a lot of opportunities to slip and fall- and I did fall once on the way back. But overall, wow! What a fantastic surprise! I was just looking for some altitude training, but the truth is Humphrey's peak offers a beautiful, challenging hike on it's own and I'll definitely be back soon.

Super hard, but is well worth it!!!

Awesome view to finish with!

Very nice views and trail was easy to follow; even in the rain.

This trail is an amazing workout. You start out in pinon/juniper and then steadily climb up to ponderosa pines, firs, and lots of aspen trees at the top! It’s a tough hike but one of my favorites.

7 days ago


Had a great time! Got there at 6am. Perfect time.

I’m a big guy sadly took me 5 hours to get to the top and 3 hours to get down. I went while it was raining but the view is amazing but coming down just dragged

This is a pretty hard hike as it’s a very steep uphill that requires some bouldering. They have added the railing to assist but it’s still a challenge. Amazing views and a great workout though. Definitely go early in the day!

One of my favorites!
2 things you need to know.
1- it's rough driving to get there, but the road from Roosevelt lake is much smoother and shorter than the one closer to Phoenix. you need clearance, 4 wd isn't necessary but helpful
2- the last run is very steep and dangerous, careless hikers above you may drop rocks and people die from falls. but it's very very doable. just be aware.

additionally, I know I would get grief for this, but I hike off trail to get down. on your decent, before you get to the steep drop, I turn down toward the parking lot. it's loose dirt in some areas and I would guess if there's leaves on the trees you might lose your bearings. but it was an excellent decision for us as we were running out of sunlight, we beat others down while had left the summit 30 minutes before us.

Pretty hard hike in my opinion. Lots of climbing up rocks and using all limbs. Some slippery rock there too. Make sure to go early as it gets very hot.

First hike in Phoenix area. Short but strenuous. Started 500am, so heat not an issue.
Nice view of the city.
It’s a good workout. Would do it again for exercise.

Fabulous! Even in the rain!

Great and challenging hike. I wouldn’t do it in the peak (no pun intended) of summer because it gets hot on this trail and there’s no shade even in the colder months. Bring lots of water! It’s hard but doable. Rock scrambles towards the summit. I wore handgrip gloves and it helped significantly!

What a beautiful trail. Met a an amazing woman who is a regular on the trail and was climbing it for her 75th birthday! took about 2 hours to the top and back.

Closed as of 7/1/18.

Great alternative to Humphreys which was closed at this particular time. Well marked trail. Can do this with sturdy tennis shoes. Very cool manned fire lookout station at the top and helo pad. Great view! Started early. Very sunny on way back down. Great hike!

Beautiful hike! Very difficult though, would suggest closed toe shoes I ventured in Chacos sandals and with the climb down I scraped my feet up a little. Also I would suggest the earlier in the day the better because there is little shade and if you are not used to AZ the sun is brutal! Some of the trail is a climb and they have metal railing to help you but with the heat it’s almost better to move along without it because it is very hot to hold on to. Views there spectacular but know your limitations! This is marked hard for a reason.

26 days ago

Good trail with scenic view and plenty of shade

1 month ago

Still closed as of 06/19/18
I live across the street and see people getting turned away.

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