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I walked around the lake and added the fire tower section and registered just over 2 miles. If you do the fire tower there is one section that is uphill. Tower was open when I went and even though the day wasn't clear the view was worth the climb to the top.

Well maintained and friendly park staff.

Amazing view of the waterfall and the hike there was amazing too. Loved how you could go up and down the water fall as you pleased. Was a bit muddy but all in all was an amazing adventure.

9 days ago

Lovely. Paved, shaded and level. This would be perfect for a nice run or have the kids out with their bikes. Trail is lined by gentle moving water with historic bridges. Absolutely beautiful. There’s a shallow cave towards the end. Really enjoyed this one.

9 days ago

A bit steep at the beginning and slippery with all the mud. Beautiful winding path. Some spots are level enough to actually run. The falls were beautiful with all the rushing water.

This is a good rugged hike, the first incline is a good workout. The best time to go is after a rain, it is muddy but the falls are awesome.

Large parking lot that sometimes fills up. Very popular for good reason, great hike!!! Unless you go early (sunrise) or late ( sunset) there is a crowd. One of the best hikes in Shawnee and a “ must do”

10 days ago

Had an awesome time and got the family out of the house in the winter and was only a 30 minute drive from our house! It rained a lot the day before so the falls were flowing!

13 days ago

Indiana continues to surprise me! Great easy hike with lots of little ups and downs and arounds and windy-ness. Felt quick and very pleasant. Definitely 5.1 not 5.8 miles. “Rugged” is a good word to describe, and my boyfriend kept gushing about how great of a mountain biking trail it would have been, & well up-kept.


Nice trail. Not difficult. If you want to see the waterfall in full force, be sure to go a day or so after a hard rain, otherwise the waterfall will be dry or almost dry. Waterproof shoes recommended.

Nice December hike but I’m glad I was using All Trails. It got us back on the trail a few times. The trail markings aren’t too good. There’s a lot of deadfall on the trails due to a recent ice storm but manageable. We plan on coming back to hike other trails. There’s much more to explore there.

1 month ago

This is an awesome trail overall. Hardly hiked, so in the summer there will be spider webs. There's a lot of wildlife on this trail, so if you're quiet, you will see a fair amount of deer, does, etc. I spotted a beaver, fox, and two doe on this trail. The trail changes quiet a bit.

1 month ago

I've backpacked this trail 4 times. Here is all you need to know.

1. Get a map, but don't depend on it. The maps they have for this trail are not great. The "rendezvous point" is not marked on trail with a sign of any type.
2. Water sources are scarce. Stash water and make sure you mark your water.
3. Backpacking this trail in the summer is hellacious. Ticks are insanely bad. I've pulled over 60 off of my body on this trail before.
4. There are only 2 real shelters on this trail. Both are pretty cool. One is historic with a chimney, the other overlooks the Ohio. The Ohio shelter is very, very cool.
5. Parking at Disabled Hunter is a good spot to park. You can hit the trail just down the road opposite the direction of the the park entrance.
6. Show up when the office is staffed or the front gate is staffed and ASK ABOUT ANY REROUTES OR TIMBER THINNING. This is a HUGE pain in the ass to deal with if you get blindsided by it.
7. All creek beds are dry.
8. Go in the Fall when the leaves first turn and the disease carrying psychos are gone. The trail is completely worth backpacking then.

This trail has so much potential. It could be so much greater than it is. Props to those who upkeep the shelters. Take your trash out with you, ya dingus's!!

decent, but wish I had visited after more rain and falls were heavier.

It’s surpassing to see that there was an incline in this trail based on the metrics but it’s there. This trail is an old road so it is paved to a degree although Mother Nature is working on taking back the area. When we went through the leaves were still falling and the pavement was a bit slippery in places. Overall, a scenic walk with some historical signs to read along the way.

Nice trail. During this time of the year the trail can be difficult to follow due to leaves being on the trail. Overall I would say the trail isn’t difficult.

nice trail. follow creek to falls. trail was covered with leaves and hard to follow at times but just follow creek to falls.

The falls are absolutely beautiful!

Fall is a great time to come and see this awesome place! The different color trees make it more beautiful. Lots of places for photos. It is a easy trail I have been here 3 times and it always has a lot of people. If you bring children ... don’t let them out of your sight.

Hiked the trail today after 2+ “ of rain yesterday! The falls were fantastic!! We stayed probably 45 minutes taking pics and just enjoying the fall!! Great easy hike to go. Loved it!!

Always a great view and fun climbing

Nice fall hike. New signage throughout trail and logged areas have thickened up nicely since last year.

This trail is actually 16 miles. It says so on the park map and after the hike my phone said that i hiked 16 miles also. I highly recommend hiking this counter clockwise do to the hills. Great workout. I finished in about 5 hours.

Part of the trail is out so you have to walk on the street for a bit. Most of the trail is well maintained. Only thing that makes it moderate is a couple hills. Beautiful view of the falls at the end of the tral. Well worth the hike.

beautiful hike, loved the waterfalls.we did meet a lot of college students along the way but all were very nice and respectable acting just enjoying nature like the rest of us.

2 months ago

We took part of our scout troop on a hike from the youth tent area. the worst part is having to walk the road a ways from the campground to catch a trail. The trails are all in good shape and easy to follow. We took parts of trails 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and didn't find any to be terribly difficult. one step climb up a hill and a whole bunch of stairs near Donaldson Cave were the worst parts.

Lots to do at SMSP. Take your time and enjoy it all.

I was slightly disappointed in the trail. That could be because I am not entirely sure what qualifies as a 'moderate' trail in difficulty. The trail was rocky, meaning small to medium rocks everywhere making it rough to walk. Part of the trail is closed so there is no loop. You get to the falls and must turn around.

My favorite place in Shawnee national forest. Fantastic views with unlimited photo opportunities. A nice short loop, but plan on budgeting a few hours for rock climbing. Very dangerous in places. Common sense must be used. Very peaceful.

Went early this October morning. Saw lots of deer and pretty views. Good hike.

3 months ago

challenging hike with lots of spider webs. some good views of the lake.

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