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17 hours ago

short hike to reach the falls.

We came early in the morning which was good because this is a really popular hike. There were a lot of people and dogs coming in as we were leaving. This hike is exactly as described: Cascade has a few rocky shambles to get to the top with a breathtaking view as your reward. It’s also very cold up there with the wind, so be prepared. Porter is very muddy, especially for us because we came the day after it rained. Porter is a much less scenic summit. We actually walked passed it without realizing. There is a privy at the split leading to both summits for your convenience. (Here is where I forgot to resume my recording up to Cascade, doh!) All said and done we completed both sides of the hike in 4 hours and 45 minutes with two less experienced hikers and a lot of breaks.

It was incredible!!!

August 29, 2017 took Gill Brook trail up to Indian Head and Boathouse/road trail back. Took 4.5 hrs round trip. Good trail signage. Gill Brook trail is beautiful, small waterfalls. Killer view of Ausable Lakes at top.

Roaring Brook Trailhead to top of Falls in 0.5 mi. then Giants Washbowl Trail to Washbowl in 1.5 mi. then steep decent to Route 73 in 0.7 mi. then 1.5 mi along Route 73 past Chapel Pond back to trailhead totaling about 4.1 miles, 1300 ft ascent/ decent, about 3 hrs. Old growth trees near top of Falls. Great views.

very nice trail, pretty easy, and great signs.

1 day ago

Great for kids. Nice view of Lake George.

Second time walking this trail, got there really early in the morning on a Monday and it was dead empty, great for photos. Last time I went was closer to 10am on a weekend day and was pretty busy.

The trail up is pretty bland and boring— not too much to see. It was just gravel all the way up. The top of the fire tower was locked when we went up which was a bummer. If there were no hotel ruins to explore I would say it’s not too worth it. The overlook was nice but I’ve seen better views on top of other mountains.

Brought my 5 and 8 year old up for a hike with their day off from school. I don't know how they categorize moderate vs hard, the only thing really harder about this was its length (6.5 miles). The elevation gains were pretty reasonable through most with the steeper stuff more in the last mile. I just hold the 5 years hand during any of the steeper stuff up and down so he doesnt trip but otherwise more than manageable. The minor rock scrambling you do isnt that steep or hard if youve done some other hiking. Took us 3:15 to go up and down. Make sure you see both viewpoints (the better one is .25 after the first one).

The way many reviews describe this, I half expected a concrete slab leading to a waterfall outlook. It wasn’t that. You still need proper footwear, you still need to watch your step, there are hills and a few slippery inclines. However, it’s almost all shaded forest trail, it wasn’t very muddy despite a good rain yesterday, and though I expected lots of bugs, especially near the water, I only saw one and it wasn’t the biting or flying in your face kind. I found all 3 trails to be well marked except for the tiny section of West blue trail, where I didn’t see a single marker. There are big “trail stops here” signs too. The trail does continue past those but it’s at your own risk. I didn’t chance it.

I ended up hiking 2 miles the way I did it. My first pass, I went straight up the green trail and ignored all the side trails. This trail leads steadily uphill to the falls overlook. We had a good rain yesterday and the falls were outrageous, thundering, majestic. Watch your footing here, the viewing area is on a slope with a short flimsy fence at the bottom that would not stop you if you tripped into it.

I picked up the red trail on the way back. This loops back to the green trail. Mostly flat, it gets narrow but is still well defined. When it hit the green trail again, I backtracked to the blue trail. There is a steep shortcut between the green and blue trails but you don’t have to take it. Follow the green trail around the corner and the blue branches off to the left with the green continuing right and uphill.

The blue trail goes down to the creek and the base of the falls. There is a bench at the end of the blue trail at the bottom of the falls. This is a lovely spot worth the side trip. There is a shortcut between the lower and higher sections of the blue trail, nicely made stone steps.

Then I took the green trail back to almost the beginning where the small spur of western blue trail is. Now this is a steep slope down with some tree roots to use as “steps.” There really aren’t any trees to hold on to or anything so watch your footing. This little bit goes along the creek to an old mill if you go left and just up to the creek’s edge if you go right.

Overall, I’d still say it’s mostly easy and the waterfalls are insanely beautiful. Usually you have to work a lot harder to get to a View like that!

3 days ago

loved it!!

Great hike, my two teenage kids and I completed the entire trip in just over 4.5 hours. We went at a fairly steady pace with occasional breaks, the longest being at the peaks. The section of the trail between Cascade and Porter was the muddiest, but passable because there hadn’t been a lot of rain prior. Amazing views, especially from Cascade, well worth the hike!

Beautiful View. Easy Hike! Make sure to park at Laurel House Road. Be very careful and stay on trails.

Hiked this trail with my husband and two dogs this weekend. This was the first trail we’ve ever taken them on and the path is really even gravel. I think what makes this trail other than the views is the extremely friendly volunteers at the top.

quite boring, same from top to bottom your walking in a washed out dirt road with gravel & stones I rate it eases but bad on your knees won't be back

Saturday was a great day for a climb. Being older with knee and joint issues we were still able to do in 6 hours. The view from Cascade was well worth the pain.

The most amazing view I have seen in the Adirondacks! My girlfriend and I did this hike on Saturday. It was definitely a little strange walking through the country club, but it is a pretty place and nice to look at. The road up to the trailhead is nice too, just keep an eye out for cars/buses coming and going. We finished the hike in about 5.5 hours with a long ~45 minutes at the top. It was hot as hell so we took the road back once down to the boat dock area. My girlfriend is not a regular hiker so it took us a little more time than more experienced folks. Somehow we had the overlook all to ourselves for about 10 minutes. It is definitely a popular hike, but once you get up there it makes sense why! Highly recommend!

Fantastic view on top - nice easy walk next to a river.

Nice trail. Great views!!! Some Rocky areas were harder/slippery and some trees have fall on the trail. Good variety of views and landscapes

great hike. not too hard at all. nothing exciting on the trail, just a gravel trail that goes up. once you get to the top the views are beautiful from both the tower and the rock ledge. nothing too crazy but the views are definitely amazing

Great hike. Did on 9/16/2018 with 7 kids age 5-11. 1:40 to the top and 2:30 down the lake side and around through the ponds.

Perfect day hike, almost completely up hill to the summit of Cascade Mountain. The hike up to the Summit of Porter Mountain was a little muddy, but was well worth it. The view from Cascade Mountain is more scenic, but too windy for a lunch break. My suggestion would be to summit Porter Mountain first, and enjoy a lunch break there before continuing on to summit Cascade Mountain.

awesome light hike with a very rewarding view at the fire tower and the overlook just past the fire tower. not to mention the hotel ruins which are very very cool! Bathrooms are at the top as well

nature trips
7 days ago

Peaceful, easy trail. Amazing water & woodland viewing.

Absolutely beautiful. Definitely more touristy then I thought but surprisingly didn’t effect my experience. We took a ton of great pictures

8 days ago

5 stars because of the magnificence of the view for a relatively short trek. I would say moderate to easy depending on your fitness, you are rewarded with an amazing view from the narrows to the south basin. Enjoy!

Great for a lunch trip - My goal was to go to summit without stopping, did it in just under 90 minutes and I would say it was a moderate pace for first 2 miles then slow (steep) for the last mile. Gorgeous views and multiple vantage points of the lake to explore at the top.

Great hike went with a few friends and my pup everyone loved it! Took a dip at the waterfall! Easy trail

on Goodnow Mountain Trail

8 days ago

Lovely hike; very diverse forest; trail conditions on 9/13/18 were wet but completely manageable. A fair amount of overgrowth over the trail in some spots but still passable. A little jungle-like! As far as difficulty, I’d rate it as moderate for the average hiker; easy for die-hards; and moderate to difficult for newbies because of roots and rocks and foot placement. There are a number of boardwalks on the trail which lends a friendlier, easier feel to the hike, and offers a nice reprieve from tricky foot work just when you need it, it seems! This is an interpretive trail but I failed to notice many of the markers. There is a surprising descent-then-ascent near the summit prior to reaching the tower. The tower itself is smaller than others I’ve climbed and incredibly sturdy and safe to climb. The cab is very small. I’d say three adults would be crowded! But as I had the cab and summit to myself, it was perfect. A 360 degree view of the ADKs. Incredible and absolutely one of the best I’ve seen so far.

I was visited by a pine marten in the little patch of conifers at the base! He climbed the trunk and stared right at me for about fifteen seconds. I have NEVER seen one in person and to see one this close (maybe 12 feet away), is somewhat of a wildlife marvel, I believe!

Family friendly for sure. Large parking lot. Enjoy!

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