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Nice place boardwalk

Top notch

very clean and nice hiking trails

trail running
2 months ago

Excellent little park which is well-maintained. There are several marked trails as well as side trails which keep things interesting for multiple visits. The main Red trail is roughly 75% under shade trees and 25% in the open. The Blue trails are bypasses from the Red trail which keep one under shade and away from the lakeshore; definitely recommended as I’ve encountered a variety of snakes while running closer to the lake. All in all a great park!

off road driving
2 months ago

Nice trail, well groom ask for a map in the welcome entrance to see all the off road trails. Number 10 was close when we went for Memorial Weekend.
The majority of the trails are easy to moderate. I recommend to go with a buddy some of the puddles can be kind of deep.

off road driving
3 months ago

Good time the kids love it!!!

Came here on a Wed. There were 2 other cars in the lot but we didn't see any other people while hiking. Let me first say that the red trail + dogs = gator bait, does it not? Floridians would know to stay alert but visitors from other states may not realize. Even though it's very dry this week and the lake level is not at all high, it still made me nervous not being able to see past the tall weeds on the lake side of the trail. Luckily, there are multiple places where you can walk away from the lake through the woods to meet up with either the blue or green trails. These provide a lovely hike through the woods and makes for a nice relaxing day. There are places where these trails run along a fence parallel with the road but there are places where the trails cross and you can meander in and out of the woods as you prefer without getting lost. The trails are marked often and are of medium width. Not quite wide enough for a 4 wheel vehicle but you're also not pushing tree branches out of your way to get through either. Overall a nice experience. I would go back as this trail is close to home.

3 months ago

Hiked A tract and enjoyed the hilly terrain.
We saw a large rattle snake lying across the trail but it had no interest in us and quickly left. I saw the hikers' peace sign made of pinecones; fellow hikers and I added a pinecone of our own. I would like to go back and hike the other trails at Croom.

Live near by about 1,5 miles,
The only thing that I hate is that I did not know about this place until after I brought my house in Lutz.
If I id I would had brought a house within a block or two from it.
It is crowed during the weekend, do not go there.
it is nice during the week. usually one or two other cars..
I grew up on a farm, move to the city so I missed the woods
When I need to get away from the family.. I go there with a ice cooler with some sodas and something
to eat and just sit in the woods

The reviews looked good. people mentioned it's a great place to take dogs so we thought we'd check it out. Turns out, dogs are not allowed on the trails, although I can't imagine why. Well, I'm a rebel at heart so we took a chance. We did the Flatwoods trail and it turned out to be about 1.6 miles. The trails are marked well and if you download the map from the Brooker Creek website, it's very easy to follow the markers on the trail you want to take. I'd like to go back and do the full four miles when it's not so late in the day. It's a pretty good hiking experience overall. The trails are wide and for the most part, you travel under the trees with light shining through but there were a lot more areas in direct sunlight than I had anticipated. if we go back, I will definitely put on sunscreen. it's worth mentioning that as we were coming back out to the parking lot, someone was heading toward the trails with a dog as well so based on that along with the previous reviews, I'm guessing the no dogs rule is overlooked for those who clean up after their pets? One can only speculate but I do wonder if there is a fine if caught.

Gorgeous trail - quiet and well marked. One of my favs.

4 months ago

Great trail with well marked trails. Did the B loop which is about 9 miles starting at the Tucker Hill Trailhead. $2 to access park. I would rate this easy to moderate. The trail has a few roots and some dampness here and there but overall a pretty easy hike with some elevation (150 ft.) which is a lot for Florida. Very little traffic and the ability to customize your hike as you go. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Huge disappointment! Deeply saddened we didn’t find a perfectly preserved washed, rinsed, and dried prehistoric shark’s tooth right on the trail! Seriously though, AllTrails has the map of this badly botched. It’s a fine park, nice hike, dog liked it a lot. Saw NOT ONE bug.

Great easy trail with something new to see every day. Many side trails not listed on map that bring you easily back to the main path.

I hike here a lot. Bring the dogs whenever I can (always pick up after them).The park is a Godsend in that it provides a nice chunk of real Florida in the middle of civilization. The only action that regularly needs to be taken, besides of course regular trail clearing, is the cutting back of exotics and ornamentals that continuously creep in from the adjacent homes which abut the preserves north boundary. That section of the trail can often be obstructed, especially in summer, due to weeds/ brush, etc. I’ve never seen deer here, although there’s enough acreage for a few I would think. Lots of active Gopher Tortoise burrows throughout the preserve. Good birding site and the gorgeous lake really highlights this tract. Upland pine and mixed hardwoods are very nice. A nice place to get away to.

The park name is John Chesnut, without the extra t. (Chesnut, not Chestnut)

5 months ago

Nice little trail! It's a weekday so I pretty much had the whole park to myself.

Beautiful sanctuary!

About 50 percent are under water in Feb ( dry month ) and one trail is in total disrepair. Zero trail maintenance since opening. If you're looking for 1.5 mile hike, maybe you can accomplish. To bad this place has not been maintained

6 months ago

This is my favorite place to hike in Florida. There are 3 trails here, and you can extend the hike amongst the 3 to 15 or 24 miles.

The right or "A" trail is the easiest. It is about 7 miles.

The "B" trail is closer to 8, and "C" is about 9.

I find the C the most challenging, but I am disappointed in the last mile or so. It seems to go on forever with no really good views or such.

I have never seen any ticks nor horses on this trail.
Bikers and Hikers have their own separate trails with the exception of a few intersections here and there.

Around early April each year, there is an Extended Marathon trail run. I think it is 75 miles? You can still hike when that is going on. Typically, this is the only time you run across more than 1 or two other folks the whole hike.

My favorite trail and this area! There's plenty of offshoots from the main trail to explore. Lots of people walk their dogs here - my dog loves it too!

I’ve hiked this trail maybe 30 times. It’s close to home and is very easy and short with minimal people. Lots of water views but I have to say that 80% of the time you get swarmed with the WORST bugs I’ve ever encountered hiking in Florida.

at first I was unimpressed, but I love it more everytime I go!

7 months ago

Love this place!

This is a gorgeous park for a picnic, or a gathering, or to just hang out and read a book, but it's not really suited to hiking. Also, if you have a dog you will be limited to a very short part of one trail. Dogs are not allowed on any of the boardwalks that make up most of the trail system. That being said, there is a very nice, well-maintained dog park. I only gave this three stars due to it not being a place to hike. As an urban county park, it's five stars easily ;)


easy but nice views of the lake

8 months ago

Typical Florida scrub trail. Not too much was happening when I went through. Try early morning to see any birds or etc. The trail is very wide and can be watery during rainy seasons.

10 months ago

This is the most dog friendly trail we've been on in Florida. There's even a nice water bowl right by the Igloos. We didn't see any wildlife but that's really OK. Great casual hike and also a spot for camping. Can't wait to come back.

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