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Went in June, however much that shapes the experience, and had a difficult time with water. For anyone going, just know the last stream you'll run across is 2 miles before the schoolhouse and the school house is the final camping spot. We made the mistake of traveling on from the school house, thinking there might be water further along and another campsite and were forced to turn back. Cool hike though.

Visited in the spring, the wildflowers were really beautiful. Easy terrain, but beware of snakes! It was early in the morning and I hadn’t drank coffee that morning and nearly stepped on a 6 foot long unidentifiable snake laying across the trail. Nothing too out of the ordinary, it was actually pretty cool to see some wildlife. Would definitely go back.

12 days ago

Great trail and views. FYI - If you go to More Mesa Beach the local rule is nude beach to right and clothes to the left.

19 days ago

Easy and interesting. Drove along Camino Cielo afterwards. Perfect for an after work outing

1 month ago

Awesome, easy, beautiful trail!

Trail has been devastated by fires and floods. Slowly growing back. We had to take a different track because of washouts. Ended up just hiking up to the hot springs water was flowing into a small pool. More warm than hot. Actually Interesting to see the power of Mother Nature to destroy and rejuvenate.

Short trail through an interesting marsh to the beach. I parked on Carpinteria ave. and picked up the trail on Sandyland Cove. There were big no trespassing signs but there were also lots of people/dogs heading that direction so it seems to be okay.

This was a great starter for small children. The ruins make it feel like an adventure and the views are fantastic.

Not much of a hike but a very cool view.

Crowded but worth it. Saw a good amount of wild life aside from the seals like a large gopher snake. Don't be that guy who walks on the beach close to the seals. It's very bad for the seals, those people are the worst.

Not really a hike but great views.

2 months ago

Short walk to great views.

Beautiful views, perfect spot to watch the sunset!

fun and easy "hike", it's really walking down a dirt road to the castle. The views of the horizon from the castle are amazing. I would def do it again, but be warned it is easy and super short.

I did this hike very last minute and was totally surprised it was open. It’s right in the midst of the Montecito Debris Flow and shows the devastation that hit the area. I was almost in tears as I did the loop. There’s still plenty of poison oak though. After completing the hike, consider volunteering or supporting the SB Bucket Brigade.

Cool old structure, not really a trail more just a dirt road. With ease of access the Castles is filled with instagram models and littered with plastic Starbucks cups and straws.

3 months ago

Great running spot with awesome bluffs. Stick to the main trails right now, don't venture onto smaller overgrown ones. My dog and I spent about 10-15 mins on a smaller trail and she ended up getting 70+ ticks! It's prime season right now, not usually this badat all.


Beautiful views but it’s not a hike

4 months ago

Easy beach walk,look out there is gooey oil being Carpinteria it's part of experience.It is a beautiful part of California Coast.

4 months ago

I traveled east on Hurricane Deck and connected with Manzana Trail near the schoolhouse and headed east. The flat terrain and ample water crossing was nice after a long hike up Potrero to the Deck. If you’re looking for a hard elevation trek this isn’t what you’re looking for. Be prepared to cross water 25+ times if you plan on going to the school house from the Sun Valley trailhead.

4 months ago

Very beautiful view! Easy to walk to.

If you go to UCSB or work there, this is a great trail. If you love bird watching, you'll dig the lagoon. This mixed use trail is pieced together with sections of single track, bike path, hardpack, and maintained crushed granite walkways. There are interpretive signs around the lagoon educating about birds, plant life, restoration, whale migration, and more. If you are from out of town looking for a place to explore, I wouldn't recommend this hike over some others, with one exception: the Lagoon Island Labyrinth. This labyrinth is the largest I've personally seen (out of several), and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Overall, a nice morning walk, with plenty of parking at Goleta State Beach.

Great views, steep in parts but a good daily exercise experience!

6 months ago

This trail can be done in a comfortable pace. Not strenuous. The scenic view of the ocean is EXPECTACULAR. We saw people riding their bikes, walking with their dogs, and some horse poop. The entrance is surrounded by poison ivy. I will not bring a kid here. I wore long sleeve shirt, pants, hat, closed shoes and it helped feel a little safer when entering the trail. This was for about 10mins of walking. It was a great walk and great views. PS this walk was on Dec 2017. I am unsure if fires, mudslide, rain have affected the area after that date.

7 months ago

Didn’t feel especially safe. The trail is very overgrown and had a number of bees and poison oak. It’s also very secluded, and has a lot of little inlets filled with beer bottles. I wasn’t super comfortable finishing on my own. I made it to the first clearing and it was a gorgeous view, but definitely recommend taking a friend and wearing long pants!

8 months ago

Such an amazing view at the end of the hike!

Is not much of a hike. However, the views are beautiful, worth it.

Nice views. Good family time

Went on this gorgeous hike at sunset. The views were beautiful. However, on the hike up, we came across some locals and asked if we were heading the right way to the hot springs. To which they chuckled and told us “I’m laughing because they don’t really exist anymore.” He gave us directions and we saw literally a completely dry circle surrounded by rocks. Even in November. Beautiful hike. But no hot springs. The city seems to be taking water from the spring now :/

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