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A very sustained incline! amazing for those who want to push themselves in the capacity of a day hike. Such a rewarding view from the peak. Made from trailhead to peak in exactly 2 hours 30 minutes with few breaks. Brunswick lake is worth cutting down to while you're in the area, cold water but not so much that you can't stay in and swim for a while.

Great workout as its mostly uphill. Helps to bring walking stick for the up and downhill. Amazing view at the top. But lots of flies and mosquitoes. Recommend bug spray or wear long sleeves to cover.

It’s a bit of a scramble at the end to reach the peak but the incredible view is worth getting your hands dirty

Hard trail but the view is amazing!

4 days ago

Awesome trail! Well marked and super fun. We went up from the top of alpine way instead. Took us two and a half hours to get up (9km). Pretty easy sailing until the end which was really hard to get over the rocks. About an hour and a half to get to our car.

5 days ago

Hiked on 8/11 despite the fog and chance of rain. We traveled from California and couldn’t reschedule our trip, so decided to go for it and expected no views. The trail itself is very well maintained and well marked with great signs! Scenery was beautiful despite the overcast weather. Terrain is varied so no chance of boredom. We decided to do a loop from the parking lot up through Taylor Meadows, up to Panorama Ridge, then down to Lake Garibaldi and back to the switchbacks (since we couldn’t see the lake from the ridge). This was about 30km/20 miles. The climb was steady and not too difficult, and the rock scramble to the summit was exhilarating. Bummer the summit was socked in by fog but still felt accomplished by making it to the top!! We stopped many times for breaks, photos, and lunch so it took us 10 hours. I would definitely do it again if I return to Canada.

Pure Hell wasn't far from the truth. Although I wasn't feeling the best we all powered through it. Amazing waterfalls all along the way and the lake was stunning, a few of us even went for a swim. I thought the first half was hard enough.. and then you start the second half

6 days ago

Great trail! The lake view is worth the hike. The trail is well marked, just follow the orange markers.

You climb the first two kilometers then it is mainly flat for about three kilometers. After that the climbing start, except for the short distance through the meadow, all the way to the lake. The climb through the boulder field to the lake is not bad.

Bring bug and bear repellent. There are a lot of bugs and, although we did not see a bear, another group did.

Nike, challenging day hike. Very foggy up top so will be doing this again on a clear day. Took our group just a bit under 5 hours to get from parking lot to summit with a few water and picture breaks. Puppy made it to emergency shelter with ease but I backpacked her up to the peak and down. Crossing snowfield was not necessary as we could easily go around what was left of it. Pretty easy up to Alder Flats and getting steeper after that. I drank almost 5 liters of water and it wasn’t that hot so bring lots of water.

Yes I recorded about 8.2 (round trip) miles from the parking lot .

7 days ago

great 1/2 day hike, 8.2 km one way, took us 3.5 hours to hike up, smoke from wild fires obscured the view so we will definitely do it again when there is a good view,

ran the last 10km very easy

9 days ago

Incredible hike, we stayed at Garabaldi lake campground so we hiked the nine kilometres prior to the ridge hike. The ridge hike itself from the campground was 7km one way and it was rewarded with incredible views. the majority of the hike is pretty straight forward but the last part of the hike is a steep scramble. 100% worth it !!

11 days ago

Beautiful hike and views! The lake is amazing, not an easy hike but very worth it!

11 days ago

I went for sunset and it was amazing. It took 3:25 from the rubble creek parking lot.
My only problem was that my bug spray only worked for the mosquitoes and not for the massive biting flies that were everywhere.

Did the grind then this trail. Had difficulty finding the ridge trail after the summit but the summit was beautiful. Great view! On the trail, bugs we're only bad if you stopped. None at the summit.

13 days ago

Went around 2pm last Tuesday. Couple cars parked but not busy in the trail. Brought my 11yo bro and dog. Bring extra water! Was a really warm day that day and most people stopped and turned after the lookout point. Lots of black flies! Really steep at the top with loose rocks. Enjoyed the hike though! You can go past Elk to Thurston, but it was too hot of a day and we ran out of water so we didn’t.

13 days ago

Great hike with variety and fantastic views! Our pace was slower then normal so our timing is reflected in this. 2 hr 45 min in the trees to the campsite and this was the most incline with well placed switch backs. The creek had running water and the campsite included an outhouse and bear cache! Nice little set up. We dropped our bags and continued on. Opens up to meadows and some views! Eventually you will see a stream on the right, it was a cooking hot day so we stopped to enjoy the freezing chill! Carried on, and the path turns to rocks for the remaining ascent. False summit with great views after 1.5 hours and then walk along the rocky ridge another 30 minutes to the summit to enjoy the incredible views! Soak it in but make sure you take bug spray - they were pretty bad at the camp site, along the hike and at the summit. Not unbearable for me, but everyone has different tolerance levels. No wind when we were up there, but I’ve heard it can be windy... which would help with the bugs. ;) After the campsite you are out in the sun for the remainder, so keep that in mind if it’s a hot day. One person in our group really felt the heat, slower her down and needing lots of water. We did refill at both the stream and creek - filtering the water before drinking it. We did notice pink in the snow higher up. Keep in mind the creek could dry up so don’t depend on the water, make sure you bring extra - we happened to know there was water as a friend had just been up. We stayed overnight in the camping area, enjoyed a relaxing morning before continuing our descent, ready for a swim in lighting lakes! I’d love to go back in the fall to see the larches!

Awesome went in early July. But there was still a lot of snow

A challenging hike but so rewarding. Beautiful old-growth forest and lots of pools for a refreshing dip. We had the lake to ourselves and there was no traffic on the trail.

14 days ago

The trail up to panorama ridge only has 2 small snow patches which can be traversed through in hiking shoes. There are also 2 small muddy patches along the way. No special equipment needed to get to summit.

Hiking sticks will help with stability as the final couple of hundred of meters are a little steeper. Went through taylor meadows to the ridge from rubble creek parking lot.

Beautiful at the top with 360 degree views. Correctly categorized as hard. This hike is definitely longer than the description says, for what it’s worth, my Garmin watch says 14k from the parking lot.

17 days ago

done this trail 1/2 dozen times. pays to be in shape. it's a slog of not. the elevation gain is pretty steady after Alder Flats. make it an overnight at the top because you simply cant beat the views. I've done it I as fast as 8 hours return and as a two night trip. would recommend this to anyone wanting a challenge. love this park!

19 days ago

Amazing trail! An unforgettable experience.

An absolut must if you are in the area. You can just camp in the lake to make it easier and take a couple of miles out of your trail.

Steep trail. Great workout and amazing views at the top. Tons of bugs especially horse flies half way through the hike. The hike itself wasn’t too exciting. Trail was easy to follow. Same views of the forest until you get to the very top.

21 days ago

Great little trail! Got there early to avoid as many people and the heat. Great steady incline and then fairly steep to the top. Didn’t make it to Thurston but definitely will next time.

I love this trail, very good work out and the most amazing and rewarding view when you get to the top. Huge thank you to whoever marked this trail! I like to hike it 2-3 times a week I enjoy it so much!

on Eaton Lake

24 days ago

whopping 961m elevation gain in such a short time was intense at times but totally manageable.

flies were a bit crazy but they weren't biting just landing on us, was driving me nuts having them in my hair and around my ears so threw on my buff and problem solved.

lake was...gorgeous, deep, and chilly. exactly what you need after hiking in 32 degree weather.

lounged about on the first rocks you hit when you get there. initially we attempted to find somewhere a little more secluded around the right side of the lake but there's no real trail and bushwacking was needed which isn't really good for the plants or for our legs covered only by shorts. that being said there was maybe four people there at two different times so it felt private enough

took about three hours up and two down but we definitely took our time and didn't rush

trail running
25 days ago

July 25th. A buddy and I went and took us 3.5 hours up and 2.25 hours down. Amazing scenery once you hit the top peak. Bring lots of water. Bugs were a pest such as mosquitos, flies and horseflies ( I think ) it was all worth it!

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