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Great hike with beautiful views, clean air, and the lake at the end is beautiful!

Nice hike, could see that it makes more sense to go counter clockwise and take the chavez trail to Beaver Brook instead of the other way. I took Beaver Brook first, gradual decline about 1.8 miles to get to the creek. Nice rocky incline on the way out via chavez trail. saw about a dozen people on a Monday with a slight chance of rain. Trail was clear, great for my dog!

Perfect trail for dogs. Easy hike with nice forrest views. Spots of snow and sometimes muddy trail - not enough to bother me though.

Really cool rocks and rock formations. Nice trail. Vultures nesting and looking great on dead trees. On a sunny weekend afternoon there were lots of people around the southern parts and the connecting trails, and too much litter and dog poop on those busier parts of the trail for it to be fully awesome.

Beautiful day and a great hike! Thought it would be super crowded from all the cars but actually had quite a bit of solitude and some friendly passing visitors. The trail can definitely be confusing, everyone else we talked with was checking in on the direction of trails or had made a wrong turn. Other than that, it was a wonderful trail!

Absolutley one of my favorite trails to frequent, beautiful place fore lunch amount the rocks in the river.

My first time hiking this trail. It was beautiful and challenging. I'm a beginner hiker so I found some spots difficult to navigate. Plus the trail wasn't marked well in some spots. Overall it was a great walk with beautiful scenery. I'll definitely hike it again soon.

9 days ago

Once you get above treeline the views are beautiful; however, to get there you'll have to go through snow and ice. Pretty hike through the evergreens beside a creek. It's a gradual incline, but an incline the entire way up nonetheless. Above treeline is when the trail gets really hard to follow, so I wouldn't do this unless you already know the trail. I lost my way a couple times and decided to go back down before completely losing my way. Views are completely worth it, though! I did everything in trail running shoes and regret it. Definitely should bring yaktraks.

The directions to the trailhead are perfect; however, for the last 2.1 miles it is on an unpaved, very pothole-filled road.

A great relaxing walk in the woods with enough incline to get the heart pumping. This trail has some diverse scenery: meadows, streams, woods, cliffs. Mostly dry with some mud.

Awesome trail! Great views go to Windy peaks worth the hike. Very dry

My wife and I where looking for a nice trail to hike on and decided to tackle this Maxwell Falls Trail. We really loved it. This is an easy hike through the forest for anyone looking to get out and have a bit of fun.

Good hike, not too long or too short and a great view of Denver and Red Rocks

Great hike close to Denver. You go downhill for the first half but the creek at the bottom was beautiful. Trail was clean and in good condition.

Went on a Sunday afternoon at about 11:30 AM. Parking was limited, trail was in good shape (kind of muddy), trek took about 2.5 hours. Was just challenging enough to make you feel like you really earned your beer(s) after.

was a good little hike, that uphill was killer but the views we're really lovely.

Good trail with a nice forest setting, but waaaayyyy too many noisy mountain bikers to share the trail with.

10 days ago

We didn't make it to the end today unfortunately so I'll have to come back someday and see what lies ahead but I enjoyed the part of this trail I did hike (about 2miles in)! It was pretty icy today 4/15, we went without traction but it would have been really helpful. The parking lot is a pretty decent size and they have bathrooms (that appear to be open in winter!) The trail is decently steep for the beginning, lots of uphill and you're mostly in the trees so not a whole lot to look at right away but there is a nice picnic area and also a stream at the beginning! The road in wasn't terrible either, a regular car could probably make it but I would recommend taking it slow!

Went on a Sunday mid afternoon in April and wasn’t too busy. Took the loop clockwise to do the longer part downhill and the shorter/steeper part uphill and wasn’t bad at all. Mostly trekking through the peaceful forest until you get to a series of bridges over the stream at the bottom next to rocky slopes going up around you. Cool stuff but hear it gets crazy busy at times. Nice facilities at the trailhead. Right off 70 and next to bison herd spot. Pickle rick!!!!

Did this trail yesterday. There were o lay about 5-6 cars when I pulled in, saw only about 6-7 people the entire time. I was the last one to leave so had the trail to myself for a good 2-3 hours. Beautiful forest and creek, so quiet and relaxing. It’s a gradual uphill but not to bad for the first mile and a half (I’ve got a lot of muscle problems and asthma so if I can do it then most people can too). The trail is mostly clear and dry with some slick ice patches lingering. I talked to people coming down and they said at the 1.5-2mi mark, or where the switchbacks start, is ice and you need crampons to get up there, so I turned around when the ice got too thick. There is parking but no bathrooms, saw almost no trash (One soda cup and some really old rusted beer cans) so the trail is taken care off. Will definitely be going back after the rest of the trail thaws!

Took my sons dogs on this great hike . No snow . No people . Lovely & close enough to Denver

Great quick hike. Not difficult at all, would be a great one for out of town visitors.

Beautiful trail saturated in the deep forest, eventually joining a stream, with a few of great places to do some light bouldering to get a nice vantage of the stream and one of its many bridges crossing it.

I went between 4–6:30pm and there were very few people around. Saw a few great doggos being very good puppers—the mini Australian Shepherd was bashful.

Highly recommend if you're looking for a moderate-difficult afternoon stroll (coming from an unfit skinny guy

It's still really icy in places - we definitely needed yaktrax and/or poles to manuever some places. The falls were frozen, but parts of the stream we're thawed enough for our pup to play in. It wasn't horribly difficult, so our leisurely Sunday hike was great!

great trail! Please keep dogs on lease at all times

This was a fun, different hike than others we’ve done. It was nice to have a different perspective, walking along the creek and along the gulch. A few exposures but nothing that’s overly dangerous. Great to be among the trees and babbling brook. Will do again and bring a hammock so we can take in the peacefulness next time.

16 days ago

Today, 4/08/18, I needed something to do. After doing some homework. Bierstadt it was. Being from Minnesota, hiking ...lets just say the mountains are a different beast. After reading numerous reviews here: my 4 year old had his first summit to the dogs and 100's...and 100's of people to contend with..well, didnt sound too challenging. But, I did read a few well written reviews to go prepared.
Not nearly for what I was about to face.
left late...really late from F.Collins (2:30pm) arrived at what was apparently the Silver Dollar parking lot as the road to the Guanella pass summit was still closed for the season...my homework skills need honing. talked to a guy there that was going to do some skiing and he thought the trailhead to Bierstadt would be a couple of miles. lucky I brought my winter gear including Sorrels, ski mask and micro spikes. headed up the hill at about 4pm. didnt need the spikes but postholed more than a few times but not bad. An hour later I was at the trailhead. Id say the wind was 40+ and the temp around 0. I knew a front was coming in but looking off to the west it seemed to be coming a good couple of hours early. I was alone and the only soul I had seen was a couple skiing down right as I set off...I really wished I had that idea..I need to think this over, if only I could get in the outhouse - frozen halfway shut and buried in snow. I get it open and have a seat. I decide to at least go a bit before turning back. I see what appears to be the start of the trail by the marker and another marker some 30 yards out. Off I go...postholing it every step. Wow..where are the snowshoes... (even those didnt seem to help one reviewer and his friends) Anyways, I realize Im out of my league here and want to see another day so after 20 or so yards of this I turn back down the mountain thinking of those skiers. Once back to my car the Blizzard hits with full force and Im out of there. I have to say..the whole experience - including the solitude and the views walking back down were soooo worth it!!!

Multiple trails to hike at trail head - beautiful and easy hike!

Beautiful and not very busy. Good workout!

Beautiful hike along Beaver Brook. Some decent elevation gain and a few rocky places, but nothing too challenging and really no ice/snow/mud on the trail when we went. We were glad to have the AllTrails maps and a spare phone battery, as we got off course a couple of times and could easily have added miles to our hike by mistake. For us, this ended up about a 6-mile, 3-hour hike that was both enjoyable and a good workout. Lots of people with their dogs; will bring ours next time!

Really easy to get to from Denver and roughly a 30 minute drive! It is easy to find with a fair amount of parking.

This is a nice trail with a little rock exposure that makes it interesting. The trail is 2.5 miles down 700 ft in elevation then 2.5 miles up. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

We had a bit of snow last night and wore spikes, but not necessary. In the summer this is a great trail for running.

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