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Great hike with my daughter. Excellent views and lots of nature. On our way down, 100 meters off the trail we saw a large man like animal eating berries from a Bush. It wasn't until later that we realized we had seen big foot. Great hike.

Wonderful place! I just wish the blazes were better marked. I got lost for 30 minutes, which isn’t long in the scheme of things, but it made me anxious. Eventually, I found my way out.

17 days ago

Turned right towards Paradise lane, came up the back, a little longer and harder, first time out hope to return soon.

21 days ago

We do this trail every summer and it never fails to please. Even the hard part has started feeling easier. Definitely more overgrown this year!!

Did this going from lions head to bear mountain in December. Light snow, a bit icy and windy but definitely worth the view for a CT hike. My dog and I were able to take our time and enjoy the view. Took about 5 hours all around including stops

this trail had a great New England feel. stayed at campground with 3 kids for father's day for weekend which was perfectly rustic.
I echo others advice to start at northend and go counterclockwise to avoid step rocky descend, especially with non teens. excellent river walking stops down before park ranger cabin, westside had nice low cascading falls. the other side down further by pull off had natural pool which were swam in cause it was hot. we'll be back, even with 1.5 half drive from greater Hartford. stop at Dottie's Diner in Woodbury for doughnuts, their best in state.

trail running
25 days ago

Trail was in great shape. Beautiful views from the top.

Great hike! We did the blue trail counter clockwise. 3 of the 4 of us were in sneakers, the other in hiking boots. The sneakers were OK, we just had to go a bit slower. Beautiful views at the top where we stopped to have our packed lunch. At one point around the campground, there are some facilities if you need a bathroom, complete with toilet paper.

1 month ago

Great loop with different terrain and great views.

Good hike, although I'm confused about the 1,735 ft. elevation gain stated on AllTrails--maybe we climbed that much in total ascending/descending, but Cobble Mountain itself certainly isn't that far from the valley floor. We started up on the yellow blazed trail from the Macedonia Brook SP visitor's center and did the blue loop counterclockwise from there. The yellow blazed trail was seriously overgrown with downed trees, but we figured it was a less trafficked trail and therefore less maintained. However, some sections of the blue trail also were pretty overgrown, which we found surprising considering that Macedonia Brook SP is (1) pretty well trafficked and (2) at the epicenter of tick country! The first ~3 miles counterclockwise from the south end of the park were rather boring forest hiking; after recrossing the park's main road, the hike's second half was more interesting: ferns and the brook and the small scramble up to Cobble Mountain were highlights. We spent 2.5 hours completing the loop at a quick clip. BRING BUG SPRAY! Lots of standing water in the park = free arm workout swatting at mosquitos/flies.

Starts blue red and changes to blue yellow. Dense growth which isn’t unbearable but uncomfortable at times . Overall gradual inclines and declines. Wouldn’t rate it as difficult however it does have some challenges. Trail is also very clearly marked. Bug spray is highly recommended as there are some damp areas along the way.

on Bear Mountain Trail

1 month ago

tough for an amateur like me
but I DID IT!!!!

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I've done. Very difficult at some points but it's balanced with easy spots. Great view.

Great place to hike. Been a few years ago. I wanted to go back this summer but unfortunately it’s closed due to storm damage

2 months ago

I tried Bear Mountain Trail as an introduction to hiking in CT. I am only moderately fit and only had tennis shoes to wear. The people were so friendly, and both of my 15-20 LB dogs were able to complete the trek. The views were spectacular and there were plenty of logical spots to stop and rest/refuel as needed. We also had cell reception for the bulk of the hike. Parking was the only challenge and you have to take a dirt road to get to where we parked.

Wonderful view of the Catskills and the Taconic range at the top of Cobble Mountain. Some great scrambling continuing north on the blue trail. Hiking shoes definitely recommended. After this section it’s just some light descending, not bad at all. Full loop is roughly 6 miles.

2 months ago

I've done Macedonia Brook State Park so many times I've lost track but it's definitely a favorite. Today I found it more overgrown then I've ever seen it which means I was picking ticks off myself and my dog, unfortunately. I usually do the blue trail up to Cobble Mountain and back but decided today to continue past Cobble Mountain. I wasn't really interested in doing the entire loop but was more interested in seeing what I had never done before. Cobble Mountain really is the highlight of Macedonia Brook State Park in my opinion. I was hiking alone with my dog and discovered a crazy decent down a rock scramble that I'd have to say was pretty sketchy. So sketchy and so sheer at one point, my dog wasn't having any of it. I had to shimmy my way down on my butt to a safe spot where I could then lift her and place her down. We paced ourselves with our wobbly legs and paws and did it. This is definitely not a hike for a novice or anyone afraid of heights (which I am) and/or rock scrambles. I'd consider it a moderate hike to Cobble and then moderate-to-hard if you continue past Cobble. We continued down the blue a bit more, then took the green to the green-orange. We played in the brook for a bit and ended up taking the gravel road back to the start of the blue trail where the car was parked. Too tired after doing that insane rock scramble down to continue exploring the trails we'd never done. Level ground to calm our weary legs. All in all, did 4 miles in 2 hours, seeing beautiful views, scrambling crazy rocks and seeing NO ONE, starting from the blue trail, going clockwise. Enjoy!

Just an awesome hike. Views that just keep giving. Some pretty rough slopes. At one point I was begging the trail to go flat but it just kept rising. Great workout.

Great hike! I took my kids (ages 11 & 9) up to the head in the fall. They were a little nervous in some spots, but it was worth the view from the top.

Did this hike today and it was HOT and HUMID but I still wouldn't consider it a hard hike. Depending on what trail you decide to take it could be anywhere from easy to moderate but even going up to the Pine Mountain View in today's heat and humidity was not difficult. This place has something for everyone and the maps are very informative and in color which helps. We did the yellow to blue to red to Ives to yellow creating our own trail. The best view is at Pine Mountain off the Ives trail. Would go back and explore more again.

Great hike. Has a couple of challenging-ish parts. There are some beautiful views. It’s a nice relaxing hike that took about 3.5-4 hours. If in the area, I’d do it again.

This park has stunningly beautiful vistas and trails. It is not for the weak of heart if do the Blue Trail - it is crazy steep but you feel like you've accomplished something when you get to the top. If you stay on the outer edges for the whole park you will find pretty and quiet paths. towards the center of the park it's very well-traveled.

3 months ago

Challenging hike. I started at the north end of the blue loop and went counterclockwise, and I think that's the best way to tackle it. Would not want to come down Cobble Mountain the opposite way. There is one very tricky section just as you start to climb up Cobble Mountain where you have to hoist yourself up some big rocks. I managed to do it hiking alone but it was a little hairy. The views from the top were worth the effort. After Cobble Mountain there are some more vistas along the way, then you head down into forest and descend down to the brook. A bit more rock scrambling there. I took a quick break for a snack at the brook then headed up the other side of the blue trail, which has some sustained, gradual climbing but no real views. Just some nice forest hiking. Eventually the blue trail descends again down toward a campsite. You can walk along the road there and cut the loop short if you want, but I did the entire blue loop back to my car, with some more ups and downs and a little more rock scrambling at the very end. Rewarding hike, but I would not do it in any kind of bad weather. Proper footwear a must.

3 months ago

The route where you see the concave curve on upper right hand side is so hard. one section had us climbing down boulders. not fun but with 2 dogs...almost impossible. We baled out and joined the gravel road route. Very pretty place but the trails aren't trails.

Great place for hiking

This is one of my favorite hikes in CT. It's only 10 minutes south of Middletown but when you're on the trails it feels like remote New England. The paths are beautiful with a photo-worthy view around every corner. All of that aside - if hiking the full 10 miles from Bear Hill to Seven Falls and back - it is legitimately rated hard.
1. Make sure you wear hiking boots for this. Many places on the trail you are traversing various grades of granite. Some mildly steep, some very steep and in three different places there are near vertical 8 - 10 foot scaling. Several of these places my dog would not have been able to get up or down - and she is a very athletic border collie.
2. Several people reference the intersecting trails. There are 4 main places and several minor where I hiked into an intersection with 3 or 4 path options. While I had this app and I was also recording my progress on map my hike, that still didn't prevent me from choosing the wrong path sensing I was headed in one direction only to look down at my apps 50 feet down a path just to realize I was heading back the way I came. I finally broke out my old school compass given the frequency that it happened.
3. The blue-yellow trails are far easier than the straight blue trails. If you have a dog or younger kids you will probably be safer staying on those trails.
4. Definitely wear and bring bug spray with you. What makes this hike so pretty in many places are the springs, creeks and bogs. But with water come a lot of bugs even early in the season when it's still cool. I wore a lot of bug spray and reapplied several times so they were not an issue.
5. This entire area is breathtaking when the mountain laurels are in bloom.

3 months ago

I have done this hike multiple times. If you want to do some light rock scrambling to the summit, bear to the right just after the trail marker for the campsite.

this is a sick hike, loved it. the tower was a bit disappointing, imo.

beautiful serene walk

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