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Beautiful trails but not marked at all, I definitely would've been lost without the all trails app. Ended up doing 5.3 miles with my pup since we got a bit turned around but it was a beautiful day and lovely scenery/waterfalls, will definitely be back :)

Enjoyed Beautiful Fall Hike
Nice trails and well maintained
Neat stone crops, waterfalls and forest setting
Hiked 3.4 miles w dog and enjoyed lunch sitting by the creek
Life is Good ;-)

We had a great time but my son had some problems on all the rocks and steps. Plus, there are no trail markers.

Very beautiful trails with fall lookouts
Parking $5 if you park at Corry street and absolutely no trail markers
Will be lost if trying to be Adventurous
AllTrails should help to stay on trail

This area I beautiful but there are zero trail markers. The paper map is useless so make sure you have the All Trails app which helps a little. Our intention was to walk a couple of hours but got frustrated after trying to find the start of longer trails.

Beautiful paved trail with numerous bridge crossings. In our (wife & I) short journey of biking, it's one of the best.

pretty nice trail, the walking trail is only 5 miles the mountain bike trail is 8.5 miles! just a heads up about the distance, the trails are marked but they were hard to understand since the map at the trail head did not show the mountain bike trail. the blue trail is for walking and red/ orange trail is for mountain bikes. the trail itself was nice they have recently put in several new bridges, the old ones looked very unsafe. we came across a few dozen trail runners and probably a dozen bikers on our trip. the lake was pretty busy being labor day weekend. there is a shooting range on site and it is a hunting area during hunting season so dogs may not be a good idea. I will be going back

3 months ago

Awesome scenery and challenging trails. I would mark 5 stars, but it is so poorly marked that trying to figure out which way to go is next to impossible.

I had to use the all trails app to find my way out

George and really enjoyed the trail, loved the canopy of trees keeping it shady. Just wish google hadn't taken me to the parking lot at the start of the trail instead of the shady looking isolated park (but that's Googles fault).

The trail runs along a creek and is flat, mostly shaded, well maintained, not too much traffic, with good parking, portapotties and a picnic shelter on the Frankfort side.

I really like this park. There are several sets of trails and loops that all connect. Trails are very clear. Terrain is flat. Horses take these trails so watch your step! My favorite is the fact I can take my dog.

A few parts weren't marked well but we found it using this app

All the reviews say poorly marked, but I would say they are simply not marked, at all. It was no big deal for us because we used this app and the GPS tracker to make sure we were headed down the correct trail, but we would’ve surely been lost without it. The trails were mostly beautiful, and we saw four different waterfalls on this hike. The trail on the far eastern side is kind of in a field and very overgrown, but aside from that we had no issues. I really enjoyed the little makeshift bridges and having to cross the stream on rocks, as a challenge. When you’re on the trail next to the Oak Triangle Trail (on the northwest side, next to the larger creek), keep a lookout for a little path that takes you to the water’s edge, as someone has taken the time to set up several impressive rock balances! A fun day, indeed.

4 months ago

Trail isn’t continuous or well marked.

4 months ago

This was a beautiful shaded trail for a Sunday afternoon summer hike. When we used the link for directions on the app it took us to the Boy Scout camp on Swimming Pool Road and there was no trail. We went back and followed the signs to the state park and went past the mountain bike trail to the next parking lot and stumbled upon the trail. Of the hikes we have done in this area, this has been our favorite. There were some hikers, but not as many as other spots in the area. We will definitely be back.

Beautiful trail but it is poorly marked. It was a little grown over in parts. All in all it’s very good. Will come again and again.

We have been on this trail countless amounts of times. Our kids love it as much as we do!

I road this trail around 2004, it is very nice ,a great trail mostly,
wide open country riding. one of my favorite.

Nice canopy rail trail. Low grade for similar experience in both directions. Plenty of points to park and get on the trail. Nice picnic spot and rest rooms at Kenyon University crossing.

nature trips
6 months ago

The trails themselves aren't challenging, but I've found them to be great for photography. A quiet walk along the marsh behind the pond has yielded some awesome frog and snake photos, as well as tons of birds (redwing blackbirds love the marsh). I was able to catch some tadpole close ups and dragonflies along one of the smaller marshy ponds by the parking area. So is the trail itself an attraction? Just depends what you're looking for. Side note...yes, ticks are thick here. I walked out clean, but my friend found (literally) 14 on her when she got home.

NO PETS!!!!! The trail description says dogs on leash allowed but at the head of the entrance there are signs posted everywhere saying “no pets” on this trail. I’m sure it was nice but as we hike with our hounds we didn’t get to see it. Was a little frustrated because this was one of the larger trails in the park that we wanted to see

This place is absolutely beautiful and very well taken care of in my opinion. The trails were not hard to walk at all, and the terrain was not bad. There was a few climbs based on the trail, but was well worth it and gave a solid small workout without a lot of challenge. We walked to Pine Tree Forrest and it was absolutely beautiful. The forest area was not as popular as the other areas. Toward the entrance there was a lot of visitors but it everybody that we came into contact with was very friendly and respectful and always happy to offer advice on where to go and what to see. Like the others, I agree that the trails can be confusing due to very limited markings. You may notice a colored arrow here and there. MAKE SURE TO TAKE A MAP! There was a few places that we would have missed had we not had our maps. The spring and small waterfalls were beautiful. If this place had markers it would be perfect. Thats the only thing that I would change. If you keep your map with you and use common sense then you will be fine. I recommend you going earlier the day and take your time. We paid $5 for parking and we was happy to pay to see that it went to the reserve. Afterwards we walked through the small college town and I everybody was very friendly. It has a hipster- new age religion, dark arts kinda town. People were still courteous, just like everywhere else we had gone. In the town of Yellow Spring there are dark art book stores and tarot readings, art, a few coffee shops, that kinda thing so we didn't hang around the town, instead we checked out nearby areas and was happy with that. But nonetheless, it was a fun visit to the whole general area. The park is an A+++ Park, the staff was amazing and it was super clean.

Descent trail, new scenery for us. Would not want to do this trail on a hot day - lots of meadow walking. Trails marked okay, but sometimes hard to follow.

super boring and not well marked

7 months ago

Pretty boring trail. more of a horse trail (mowed grass path through a field) then anything else. it was fine, but nothing exciting.

Rail to trails. Flat, blacktop, scenic and historical stops.

Loved this hike. Brought my vizsla who loved it too- until the gun shots started( skeet shooting is guessing ). He grew accustomed to them after a while, but If you have a skittish pup I’d be hesitant.

Great network of trails. Trails were unmarked making it difficult to stay on one loop for the entire hike. Still plenty to see no matter which trail you end up on. Negatives: Very crowded. Not enough parking.

8 months ago

This trail was pretty easy. Well marked in most places, but it got a little confusing when I came out in the campground. This time of year, there were some parts that were a little tricky to navigate—lots of mud, streams crossing the path, etc. but overall a nice little jaunt through the woods!

I been a many many trails in Ohio, born in Lorain Ohio,
lived in Iowa 7 years, nice long trails there, new jeresy for 5 years, bad state to bike or walk,
the younger kids have gang's that pester any body that crosses there trails, getting back to Ohio. I love my home state, and riding or walking hundreds of miles, there's no place like home,

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