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6 hours ago

Beautiful views in the beginning, plain hike for the rest of the trail. In my opinion , the trail rated as "moderate" only due to elevation. Some areas didn't seem to be accessible by dogs. Overall nice cardio !

Really fun rock scramble and awesome views! All in all excellent short trail when you’re short on time!

Beautiful hike with breathtaking view points. It was a beautiful day and therefore the trail was very crowded; it was almost a social gathering. One can do the full 8 miles trail, but we loop out after circa 5 miles. After the first 2 segments, most hikers loop out and the trail is quite empty.

Great trail with awesome views!
Challenging in the beginning going to the right of the loop, but nothing too crazy.
Lots of parents with kids, so you can do it!
Infinitely less crowded than Brackneck (at least the day I went), which is a plus

Awesome f*cking trail!

I don't understand why people think it's uninteresting.
Probably because they didn't do the whole loop.
Super worth it, long enough, several views and a waterfall.
My suggestion: start from the waterfall side, so that you get the best views at the end of the hike.
Careful when the yellow trail crosses the blue trail. You won't stay in the blue for long and you actually will go for a bit on an unmarked trail!
As long as you use the app you will be ok.
I was by myself and had the best time!

Awesome hike. Gets pretty steep towards the beginning and then gradual descent to cold springs. We stopped at cold springs for well deserved meal

Not as difficult as other reviews made it out to be. Lots of Rock climbing that is diverse enough for you to choose easier vs harder. Great views worth the climb

12 days ago

Miserable up: uninteresting, plodding, and loose gravel and stone (slip, slide, soar/sore). The ruins are interesting but getting a photo may take a minute because other hikers decided to picnic on them. Would have rather hiked Breakneck a few more times.

Views. All the views. It starts with a scramble — if you’re used to Mt. Tammany, this will be an easier than the difficulty forecasting a “hard” trail. After the ascent, it’s more of a ridge walk out with lots of good views. I made the poor decision to take the bypass down and walk Beacon Hill as a separate trail because rain was creeping in — do not do this if you’re tempted (Beacon Hill’s trail is to the powerhouse ruins and initial views is boring and more like a steep gravel fire road than an interesting venture). Just keep walking the trail and you’ll have a much better path. If it rains, you get wet. Safe travels.

For the firetower: follow the red blazes until you see white blazes on your right and take that to the tower. Also, no scrambles, at least not from the trail head to the tower.

my first real hike, was more than I expected but was a great CHALLENGE !! coming from Louisiana it was a great experience and had a great time

Love this hike. Difficult for the first mile and a third. But rewarding. Best view of the Hudson looking towards the city is on the right side of the trail just before the top. The hike down is 3 1/2 miles. Very cool. Enjoy!

Very difficult at the beginning. Got nice views on top of the mountains. A very good trail.

amazing scramble in the beginning and beautiful views at the top! plan on using 4 points of contact during the scramble in the beginning. Loved this and will definitely do it again!

Visited on a Sunday in late August.

White to red to yellow. Avoided “easier ascent.”

There was (predictably) high traffic, and we somehow avoided the super scary section we climbed the first time.

Finished in 2:45.

24 days ago

Hiked the red trail only to the fire tower and back. Nice steady heart-massaging climb with the big vista reward at the top. Hudson Highlands is one of the beauty spots of the world. Downside is it's a bit crowded, too much litter and graffiti, and the loose stone path can be tough on the way down.

24 days ago

Average hike. I have hiked a lot in the New England area and they have fantastic hikes there. This was a good hike till the top of the fire tower. After that, it levels (almost flat) and there isn’t much to offer. Also, I saw a 3-4 feet snake right on the trail which was pretty scary.

A fun challenge with great views. Going in the fall and seeing the changing colors of the leaves is an amazing experience!

Some good views from on the way up the white trail going counter clockwise. Otherwise pretty lush, but kinda meh.

Went out early. First half was tough but rewarding. Second half easy. Good lookouts with forest views and water streams.

26 days ago

Varied terrain gives good workout. Hiked the Cornish Trail to Undercliff Trial, and descended via Washburn. Beutiful views at the top. Just right amount of sun and shade.

Note that the track shown doesn’t match the description given. The track descends via the Notch Trail & the Brook Trail, whereas the description is about descending via the Wilkinson Trail, which is about 2 miles longer

This is mine and my mountain goat hiking partner Jo-Ann’s favorite hiking spot to climb! Yes it is sad to see the defacing of our beautiful landscape (graffiti and garbage) but it has spectacular views at the summit especially in the fall. We are avid fitness freaks and so we love the challenge of climbing the steep rocks on the difficult side! Experience helps along with proper foot gear and hydration....happy climbing!!

Challenging trail, especially in the beginning. but it's worth it. The view is amazing. In this trail you will climb rocks, scramble, walk past creeks, you name it! you can make the trail loop longer by taking different forks.

Nice accessible hiking alone trail. Well marked, heart pumping climb up going anti clockwise. Expansive views. Would be perfect for off leash doggo to explore. Skip across the road after to the red trail for a sweet beach spot for lunch.

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