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4 days ago

Gorgeous with the fall colors! A perfect hike if you want to be able to talk and hike. The trail is wide enough to walk side by side most of the way.

Amazing views. Tough terrain with a few washouts and rerouting of path. Started in girdwood and finished in eagle river over 2 nights. No bears or moose seen. River crossing was knee height around 330pm.

This peak took us almost 4hrs to reach the top, taking our time in some places due to the loose ground and a few steep areas that are probably out of most people’s comfort zone, but if you don’t mind heights, the view is unbelievable!

Was there a week ago. Absolutely worth the trek. Breathtaking hike.

Amazing views, and tons of water along the hike for pups to drink. The slow climb up to the lake makes the hike kind of easy. We would rate it “moderate” only because of the distance.

More of a nature walk but well worth the view at the end! Beautiful September weather!!

On a clear day you might catch a view of Denali and Foraker if you're lucky! the ridge line views are just beautiful. it took us two and a half hours there and back.

Amazing fall colors, warm, no wind and beauty at every corner!

Beautiful views !

Definitely a decent hike. A friend and I hiked about 5 miles in our first evening there and decided to set up camp at the bottom of the glacier after seeing a monster grizzly hanging around the hillside. I swear the second day it felt like we had hiked 20+ miles. Although it was a long second day, the weather, the views, the river crossings, were all an experience that was well worth the hike.

10 days ago

Incredibly tough trail with incredibly beautiful and inspiring views. Lucky enough to have had beautiful weather. My friend made it all the way to the peak and said it was amazing up there. The last 100 to 150 yards or so were too steep and too sketchy for my comfort. Climbed up really high and took a little siesta on a flat over look right before the 45 degree climb to the peak started. This trail really challenged me and molded me as a person. I recommend it to all who want to push their limits. We sent the night out there, hiked in to the bowl area and made camp. It was amazing, by far the best trip of the summer for me.

great easy hike

12 days ago

Great views on clear day. Can have lunch at restaurant at the top (Alyeska Ski Resort) then take the tram (free!) back down

13 days ago

Walked through a green tunnel of brush for half an hour then got to the rocky stream bed. Had to cross over the glacially cold stream to go look at the snow caves, which were pretty neat! Sept 9, 2018.

Nice hike! Love the rushing water!

14 days ago

Great hike. A bit over grown in spots. The camp sites at the end are nice. We were able to see a pod of beluga whales while we ate dinner.

14 days ago

It's a steep incline until you get out of the trees. Once you think you're coming to the top, think again. lots of false summits but the final views are worth it.

Awesome hike, 65 degres today, The views were breathtaking. Definitely coming back to explore more. Bring lots of water as the inclines are a killer and its humid.

Great hike! I loved it, not to challenging! Definitely recommend! Also can pick wild raspberries!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. Would love to come back with more time and hike through to Eagle Pass, but this segment of the trail was a great taste. Views at the top of the pass are off the charts. Agree with hikers who note the different between taking the right vs the left at the split - the right trail is longer but switch backs provide an easier climb. Left trail steeper and probably would be difficult in inclement weather given some narrow passages and slippery rocks. We took the right up and the left down, worked out fine.

18 days ago

Easy trail with beautiful views. We walked a bit past where the trail ends, but it was raining so we didn't go all the way to the Glacier.

We hiked to Raven glacier. It was 8 miles round trip. Take the detour to the mine and amazing waterfall. I ranked the hike as a 4 because it was very wet. Requires hiking through waterfalls and wet mossy areas. Also, fog covered the glacier so we only saw the base. For pics and more info visit my blog https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/04/a-day-hike-to-crow-pass/

18 days ago

The mine was cool. The hike was very quick and easy. The lake was pretty. For pics and more info visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/05/a-day-at-independence-mine-state-historical-park/

This was my first backpacking trip in Alaska. Damp and cold, but loved it! Be cautious at the river crossing: typically lower in the morning with less glacial melt, but with constant rain it was hip-deep on me!

19 days ago

This trail was very difficult! Pretty much the entire hike is an incline; however the view at the top is amazing!

Super super challenging, hardest hike I’ve done to date but so worth it at the top!!

20 days ago

Hiking to rabbit lake is easy but very rocky roads. I would suggest a good hiking shoes and wind jacket. At the end it gets pretty windy. I loved the view ! Amazing! next time I'll go I'll camp there.

Trail was extremely overgrown, we weren't well enough prepared, ended up getting lost in the woods for a couple hours trying to find a new trail. once we were higher up the trail was more defined but eroded pretty badly. Couldn't beat the views and wildlife though!

21 days ago

Beautiful, peaceful views of Gold Cord Lake at the top. We got up to the top in about twenty minutes, and took about that long to get back down again.

21 days ago

Great trail. Easy for those who hike often. I can see where it may be considered easy/moderate for some due to the slight incline of the trail. Beautiful views of the lake and Independence Mine once you reach the top.

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