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1 day ago

Not my favorite hike. It was mostly wooded and more of a nature walk than a hike (nice but not what I was expecting). The views at the peak were limited but pretty. Might hike again someday to check out the waterfall and explore a little more. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for running as the trail has lots of little rocks.

This was a great find, we took our 4 month old lab, he would rate it a 5 plus. We are 70 and did about half way great hike, wish there were more spots to enjoy a dip!

Enjoyable hike but not much variety to it or views. Did find a bunch of different kinds of mushroom on the path and saw the occasional chipmunk and toads.

loved this walk- some folks were saying it should be easy, here's the thing- if you're looking for a place to take anyone with mobility issues, it's would be a hard go, there are a few stairs, some narrow ways, etc. it's beautiful, quiet, and a great place to be on a Saturday morning.

A solid hike

This was a very easy trail to follow once I found it. GPS kept taking me to different places. The entrance I used was on Congress and Frost St and I parked in an Orthopedist Office lot. The scenery was beautiful and there are several benches along the way to observe.

trail is marked well. Great wildlife.

Today’s hike in the Sawyer Mountain Highlands was wonderful! We went to the trailhead at Limington (117), got a map, and decided to go up the Sawyer Mountain Road. We saw the sign for the Sherwood Libby Trail, but most reviews we read were for the former, so we opted for that. The trail is so interesting! There are cabins and homes right on the road, as well as numerous cemeteries and side trails. We stayed on the main trail and with a few stops for breathing and water, made it to the top with no problems. The bugs (after spraying ourselves with bug spray) were minimal, although we had to reapply later in the hike. We descended via the Sherwood Libby Trail, which proved to be a beautiful, winding meander through the woods, up and down several “hills”. There are some steep areas, but nothing too taxing. Amazing rock walls for property boundaries made us appreciate the hard work the early settlers must have endured. The whole trip took us just under 3 ½ hours (4.9 miles). Lots of stops for pictures and trail mix! Saw two owls and the usual number of squirrels. Everything was well-marked and easy to follow. We understand the Sherwood Libby Trail is new…great job! We will definitely go back.

More than I thought. Wish I would have taken another way down. Will do the next time to the Limerick lookout

Very nice hike. Limited views. Good for warming up early in the year.

Wonderful little set of trails right in Portland; impressively diverse landscapes and tons of wildlife. Feels very secluded and private, if it weren't for the distant traffic noise you wouldn't know you were in a heavily populated area. Trails are well maintained and adequately marked. The laminated trail maps found at some of the intersections are usable but the relative distances shown aren't very accurate so keep that in mind.

Beautiful spot, but lots of recent damage to trail from motorbikes. Tried side trails and found more of same. Hauled my butt out of there with my dog when I heard motorbikes nearby on the trails.

Nice trail for a walk in the woods, not much for views.

3 months ago

Tried to go last week and the trail road was like hiking up a stream. It had rained the two days beforehand, but was frustrating and the trail was not super well marked. may try again when it's been dry for longer.

3 months ago

Good hike, can be challenging. Not the best views but overall really nice.!

If you’re looking for an arm workout to accompany your hike then this trail is for you... because you’ll be swatting away some relentless flies for your entire journey! I’m pretty sure I’m not technically a vegetarian anymore because I swallowed at least 4 flies, gross.

I took the Sawyer Mountain Trail from Limington which was pretty decent! Make sure to wear sturdy hiking boots because the majority of the trail is very rocky, seemingly a former river bed. There were some pretty views from the summit but overall it was underwhelming. On the way down I was trying to go a little faster to seek refuge from the swarm of flies and unfortunately fell really hard on a slippery rock, so be sure to take your time and pack your insect repellent!

It was very beautiful. I wish the trails were marked better, but I will definitely go again.

Nice small hike but be wary - the trail is not well maintained and some of the little bridges are rotted/decaying.

Great easy hike. Did with a 3 and a 7 year old. Open areas along the water get hot and sunny while the wooded sections offer shade. Many mountain bikes and dogs. Saw a great blue heron and an egret (I think). Easy footing. Not easy/wide enough for a stroller, but easy enough for the toddler’s little feet! A few benches along the way to sit and watch the birds.

This is a great, easy trail. One of our favorite places to hike.

I live near here and hike Sawyer Mountain twice a year. Very serene with interesting rock formations. A great forest hike that is steep in some places. Get the map from the trust and look for the cascading waterfall. It's beautiful and rarely visited, though it does require some scrambling.

Perfect trail right in Portland

Nicely groomed, should probably be listed as “easy”. Thank you!

Did this yesterday with my 14 year old dog who is in great shape. Lots of side trails to add to the mileage. Beautiful changes in scenery. Not sure why this is rated as moderate. I love it!

nice trail. Much of it is on the old Sawyer Hill Rd. We came back down on the Sherwood-Libby trail. The S-L trail is not shown here. It looked and felt like it was a new trail in the process of being built. Coming down that way extended the hike to 5.4 miles.

trail running
9 months ago

5 minutes from downtown Portland and you couldn't feel more away from it all. Great for dogs!

9 months ago

Loved the Sherwood Libby trail!

10 months ago

Up the Jeep Trail down the new Sherwood Libby Trail.Total round trip 21/2 hrs 15 minutes at the top. What a different mountain we have now, a quick jeep trail up and a very nice woods experience down. This trail will become very popular as soon as the word gets out. I plan to do this trail couple more times this year.
Highest praise for the new trail...thanks very enjoyable

10 months ago

The scenery & terrain was nice. Trail could have been marked a bit better.

10 months ago

Wouldn’t call it easy. Lots of loose rocks and steady climbs though I am admittedly not in top form! Beautiful forests though and a nice partial view at the summit.

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