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This is a great, easy trail. One of our favorite places to hike.

I live near here and hike Sawyer Mountain twice a year. Very serene with interesting rock formations. A great forest hike that is steep in some places. Get the map from the trust and look for the cascading waterfall. It's beautiful and rarely visited, though it does require some scrambling.

Perfect trail right in Portland

Nicely groomed, should probably be listed as “easy”. Thank you!

Did this yesterday with my 14 year old dog who is in great shape. Lots of side trails to add to the mileage. Beautiful changes in scenery. Not sure why this is rated as moderate. I love it!

nice trail. Much of it is on the old Sawyer Hill Rd. We came back down on the Sherwood-Libby trail. The S-L trail is not shown here. It looked and felt like it was a new trail in the process of being built. Coming down that way extended the hike to 5.4 miles.

trail running
4 months ago

5 minutes from downtown Portland and you couldn't feel more away from it all. Great for dogs!

5 months ago

Loved the Sherwood Libby trail!

5 months ago

Up the Jeep Trail down the new Sherwood Libby Trail.Total round trip 21/2 hrs 15 minutes at the top. What a different mountain we have now, a quick jeep trail up and a very nice woods experience down. This trail will become very popular as soon as the word gets out. I plan to do this trail couple more times this year.
Highest praise for the new trail...thanks very enjoyable

The scenery & terrain was nice. Trail could have been marked a bit better.

5 months ago

Wouldn’t call it easy. Lots of loose rocks and steady climbs though I am admittedly not in top form! Beautiful forests though and a nice partial view at the summit.

5 months ago

Wear hiking boots! This mountain appears to be made up of mostly small- to medium-sized stones and pebbles. Many of them are loose, which makes for difficult footing. Much of the path is like a rocky riverbed without any water. The incline is steady and it's a good workout, but the views at the summit and scenic lookout are fairly limited since the forest is growing up and obscuring it. A few small old cemeteries to see, one disgruntled nearby landowner, and an old fieldstone foundation. Smaller nature trail nearby is a winding 0.7 mile loop that is well-marked but there isn't much to see.

What a great find! We landed here accidentally today, and already I want to go back. Well groomed and marked trails. Just a couple miles for the entire loop, so totally family-friendly. Perfect on a fall morning and I can't wait to check it out in winter, as well. 15 minutes outside Portland.

Very accessible, good place to take dogs year round

Did this with our 6 year old, nice little hike, not a bad view at the top

6 months ago

Loved the side paths in the heart of the woods. This was a great hike and will definitely be doing it again!

I would call this trail "easy", but still a nice little hike right in town.

6 months ago

Nice hike. Simple, well defined trails and pretty landscape.

interesting little network of trails. when you enter the trail splits, go left. the right blue trail basically goes no where. this trail obviously doesn't see much foot traffic since a lot of it is overgrown. There were a few points that I had to go off trail because of trees and other obstacles then find my way back to the main trail. nice, quiet, shallow river good for dogs

My wife and took our two dogs out today looking for something new. Wonderful trail along the river with very few up's and Down's. A very nice Sunday morning walk. Our dogs are always off leash and have a large orbit around us, felt very safe lots of swimming for them on a hot day. Was hoping for a good swimming hole for myself but didn't fined one until almost back at the car. Did not see any other hikers

7 months ago

Interesting trail! We started at the trailhead in Limington off of 117. We saw a sign warning hikers of a deer tick habitat, but never saw any (not complaining!). We did have an ongoing battle with flies, though. We passed a couple of abandoned-looking houses and found a couple of snarky trail signs alluding to an ongoing issue between landowners and a trust. Found four cemeteries from the 1800s. Summit is an anti climatic peak through some trees but the summit area is nice. Whole trail was clean. Would hike again and try a different path. Elevation is closer to 1200 feet and I'd rate the trek as moderate. Consider wearing at least mid rise hiking boots; lots of tumbling rock paths.

Short, sweet and buggy ;) great lil'hike.

Good hike, a cool waterfall.

This trail was great for the area. Never thought I would hike Portland. Started down the street from my house in Westbrook

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice short ride with mixed terrain nothing too difficult.

9 months ago

Went up on the Limington side of the trail with my black lab Layla, the trail is an old road with sections of water runoff and plenty of loose rocks. The flies were thick in sections bring your hat and bug spray this time of year. There are no views along the trail on the way up. The view from the top is average at best, the openings are growing up. Climbing to the top was 55 minutes and down 50 minutes. CAUTION, when we got home, we did a tick check Layla had 4 ticks and I had 2 ticks. I will climb this trail again in the Fall.

Decent hike thats close to my house. interesting cemetaries along the walk. The town overlook was ok. The summit was uneventful with just a small opening to see the view. might be better in a season with less foliage.

Lots of great places to have your dog swim around!

9 months ago

Fun little hike for the family!

Apparently I came here on snake wake up day......

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