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beautiful views. Rocky.
difficult in winter.

3 days ago

Trail is definitely rough, but views are worth the steep inclines and declines. Trails are very well marked which is a great plus. Almost impossible to get lost out there, especially if you have a paper map of the whole park with trails marked.

Nice hike, kinda crowded.

The Winslow Trail is pretty steep and rocky, but it’s fairly short, and you start getting views about two-thirds of the way up. There is a fabulous panorama at the summit, with views of the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, and countless other points near and far. The Barlow Trail is a longer and easier, it is certainly better for the descent route. I’ve heard that the trails can get fairly crowded, but it was fine when we went (on a Sunday in late September). A great hike.

11 days ago

One of my favorite trails in red river. Has all you want, climbing, waterfalls, and you see some arches

Great times with friends out on the trail. Didn’t quite finish but conquered 2/3 of the trail. It’s been an annual trip every summer.

29 days ago

The view was worth the hike

Great trail amazing views a good balance of everything one looks for when hiking

1 month ago

Great trail definitely lives up to it’s name but definitely worth all that work you’ll put in to see it

Pretty icy going up, spikes are mandatory. A few people turned back.

Great 10 miles with some awesome views along the ridge.

2 months ago

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but gentle foot prints

3 months ago

Hiked this trail in the wintertime following a snowfall and was not disappointed. Tough to believe you can find a serene landscape like this tucked inside the I-95 corridor! Great views and well-marked trails, with a few rocky/scrambling areas and several challenging inclines and descents. Good footwear is a must. Will hike the longer variation next!

3 months ago

Trail was well marked. Took two of my sons, ages 13 and 12, and they did great!

3 months ago

Kids friendly. Wear good shoes

Love this trail!!!

Great day to try out my new micro spikes . Worth every dime. Nice views from summit, cold windy day but nice workout . Gate is closed at bottom of road, so extra mile walk to trailhead for a warm up. Saw bear tracks in frozen snow up top

V icy so bring crampons/microspikes other than that an awesome peak. on a clear day you can see many 4Kers in the distances

Magnificent trail

4 months ago

Great hike. Some serious switchbacks but great scenery. Took the pooch along and she handled it well for her first excursion. Going back in the spring.

4 months ago

Yeah, this one was challenging. Flume Slide was very moderate up until the last mile which felt like it went straight up. The rock scrambling was intense, and in parts quite dangerous. Even the peak over to Liberty was challenging but maybe because my butt was just kicked so hard, lol. As others have stated, I DO NOT recommend descending the Flume Slide trail. Go up Flume Slide and Down Liberty Spring, which is actually a very great trail.

Went up Winslow and down Barlow. Well marked trails. Great views at the top. All in all it was an easy hike. Some steep areas thru Winslow but there were alternate paths so its family friendly

Not what I was looking for but the lake is nice. I crashed some photo shoot.

Yikes! This one is challenging. Went up the Flume Slide trail and what started as a nice little stroll ended with rock climbing. The last mile is extremely hard. It was wet the day I went and very slippery. The view from the top is fantastic but this one is for experienced hikers only!

5 months ago

Great hike with some good views. Lots of elevation changes but not too difficult to do with a pack. There are plenty of places to set up camp along the trail as well.

Love this loop. We took our 3.5 year old up Winslow and down Barlow. He is a VERY active kid and was able to make it up Winslow all on his own! He was spent after spending some time on the summit so we ended up having to backpack him about half of the way down Barlow. I would say Barlow is more kid friendly than Winslow. Winslow is certainly a trail that is easy if you can maintain your pace. LOTS of larger rocks but also a fair amount of easier ways around them is you need less of a challenge.

In my opinion Winslow is too steep to descend on for my liking but Barlow also has a lot of open edges and large open faced rocks closer to the summit, so it depends on you preference on how to take it

Great views. Slippery rocks in a number of spots.

We hike Mt Kearsarge in Sept 2016 and went up Winslow and down Barlow. And it was tough but great!! This time we hiked up Barlow and down Barlow also. Even though it was not as steep as Winslow it was still a workout and still exciting. A little bit of everything. Flat, roots, rocks, boulders. If you have issues with heights and wide open edges there is one part that can be a bit unnerving for folks like me - scared of heights and wide open edges. However I did it and it was not that hard. On all the rocks and boulders there always was an alternate way up and around if you are unsure of your footing on the rocks. A fantastic hike. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Wonderful, easy, high-reward hike on a glorious fall day. Spectacular views in all directions. Up Winslow and down Barlow as suggested below ... thanks!

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