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11 days ago

Nice trek, even in winter. Some ice but plenty of rocks and roots to keep traction. The Pine Hill Trail up was great and is a work of art!! Wish I had some skis for the way down.

amazing scenic view when you make it to the top

Castle was nice and the walk around the lake was lovely. Easy, mostly flat trails and VERY muddy. Might try again on a day when the ground is a bit more dry!

Agree very rocky. Must wear sturdy shoes with good grip. A great workout though I love the varied up and down. Great hike to keep in shape for summer hikes in the Whites. Love that it’s so close. I’m 59 and not an athlete by any stretch. You can do this.

Excellent hike, did it with my friend Chadd in about six hours, with breaks as needed. Slid down the flume side. Formidable! Happy New Year 2019.

28 days ago

Great day to be outdoors hiking with the puppy! Lots of interesting trails but I didn’t find trails well marked if at all.

Great hike and views. Very rocky and steep. Coming down treacherous if you are not sure footed.

Trail was not clear at parts especially in the beginning, lots of construction, and very muddy. The loop around the lake is more worth your time, but still a decent hike once you get into the woods.

great place to get out and enjoy nature and great views

Love this hike. 360° view well worth the effort. One of my faves.

Right now there is a fair amount of snow (about 2-3 inches) and ice on the loop so waterproof footwear and yak traks are highly recommended. We did not expect the ice and snow, so we went with hiking boots which kept our feet dry but it was nerve wracking with the icy patches. The gate is locked so it is a 3/4 mile to a 1 mile walk up paved road to the trail head. We did the whole loop in 3 hours with no stopping (I think it would be closer to 2-2.5 hours without the snow and ice) and got back to the car around 4pm, as the sun was setting. A truly beautiful hike all said and done, we will definitely be back again--either with yak tracks or in warmer months!

2 months ago

This is probably the best route for hiking Indian Staircase as if avoids the VERY tough nearly vertical climb/descent between Bison Way trail and the Adena Arch. It is a fabulous hike with great views, great geology, and great history. The Indian Staircase trail is an unmarked trail that both starts and ends at the Sheltowee Trace Trail. Tips for finding the correct route: Take Bison Way then left on Sheltowee Trace Trail. After the SECOND stream crossing and a U in the trail take the well traveled unmarked trail to the right. At the top of the Staircase stay on the well trod path near the cliff edge in a giant U until you return to the Sheltowee Trace Trail. Take a left and follow it back to Bison Way.

2 months ago

The title of this trail is confusing as the trail does not actually go to or up the Indian Staircase. We started following this trail but realized it didn’t follow the correct route to the Staircase. We switched to “Indian Staircase to Adena Arch” which is the trail we really were wanting to follow. A word of caution though: that route is a difficult route with scrambles over rock faces and a few climbs up/down water drainages where you’ll be grateful for tree roots. This trail incorporates the worst of these without the actual Staircase or the amazing views from the top. After our experience today, I think the best route combines the two—going up the Staircase and then down the Sheltowee trail back to Bison Way to create a lollipop route. See the “Indian Staircase Trail” for this route. That’s what we’ll hike next time, though it misses Adena Arch.

Did this loop hike on 11/10/18 going up Winslow and down Barlow. a decent amount of early snow covering the whole loop, very wet and muddy in sections especially on the Barlow trail. would recommend micro spikes already. Gate to park closed to must walk up the access road to the trail heads. great hike, will do again!

2 months ago

A very good hike. Very wet and muddy but I found it more a moderate hike rather than hard

Nice long walk, some slow incline and decline, nice scenery. great for biking. could rate higher but for the traffic. Usually some people nearby that don't know the benefits of peace and quiet and talk talk talk. Best in evening for less people. Castle nearby has events too.

love this trail and with this app all side trails were easy to find. not a great trail for dogs however when you get to the scramble at the top of Indian staircase. Beautiful views.

Love this trail. If you’re in for the work, then this is your trail. From passing creeks to bridges. To climbing rocks and going up inclines, this trail has it all. Good scenery and plenty of trail to keep a hiker satisfied. Hope you enjoy! Be safe, be cautious, and let’s not forget; be adventurous!

This one is a more challenging hike (but I am a beginner) at points it gets very steep but the views at the end make it worth it

Great hike with amazing views, take Winslow up and Barlow down. Worth the intense incline on the way up! Rocky trail with lots of roots so footing is important.

I ❤️ this trail!

Easy hike with a small castle on the top of the hill. Plenty of parking. Lots of downed trees.

Deceptively easy at first, the ascent was steep and slippery. Probably one of the toughest climbs in the area. Views at the top are great. My recommendation would be to go up Mt Flume and down from Mt Liberty.

Nice hike close to Boston. There's a surprising variation of terrain and the trails are pretty easy to follow. The summit is a bit disappointing, as its usually crowded and loud, and the views are just so-so. I'd say this is more of a moderate to easy hike. It's a great warm up mountain for hiking season.

Hiked the flume slide trail today with my experienced hiking dog, unfortunately the rocks were soaked and we both slipped... a lot. Must say the trail is very well marked up until the rock scrambles, so be cautious of that if you chose to walk along the trail which it appeared many have done. Overall if we didn’t summit in the clouds then the hike would’ve been VERY rewarding. Just know it’s very difficult for that last.. maybe 0.8 mile section before you reach flume summit.

Liberty springs was awesome, we were able to run the whole day down without any incidents, even with soaking wet rocks. That last leg of the hike on whitehouse is painfully boring and lasts forever.

You want me to go get some chicken

Cool beans

Great little hike. I'd definitely recommend going up Winslow since it's steeper. It was rainy and cloudy when I went but still a fun little hike.

Easy trail! love the company!!

Grew up hiking these trails with my family!!!

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