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Best at sunset

Fun trail! Need decent hiking/water shoes! Do not go when it has rained heavily...when we got there it was the devil's hot tub and you could barely see it :( Opportunities to swim and lots of cool rocks to stop and picnic lunch on :)

18 days ago

One of my all time favorite hikes. This waterfall is absolutely amazing!!! Worth every step. If you are thinking of doing this trail. DO IT!!

This is not an easy hike. The creek crossing can be quite sketchy for those with bad balance or not athletic. But that said I took a group of 10 or so people with 3 or 4 children around 8 years old and everyone loved the hike. When we went the water levels were so high that there was not a bathtub. But the scenery was amazing and its a different type of hike because of all the creek crossings. Its challenging and fun all at the same time. Be prepared for numb cold feet.

best app for all the trails, deff the best I have had, good job!!!

I love this trail. I try to do it about once a week. I wouldn’t say it’s challenging at all but it very pretty and peaceful. The boardwalks are well maintained and it almost always has some light foot traffic so it feels very safe

A rambling review: one of my favorite places to go for a hike. I know the trails pretty well and they are well-marked. As usual, people allowing their dogs to crap in the middle of the trails and walk off-leash is annoying, but the place is still nice. Geese are numerous too (goose poop near the old airfield is everywhere), and in places hikers have to watch their footing thanks to excessive trail damage from horses and mountain bikes. Campsites are nice with clean bathrooms. Beautiful views from the various overlooks near the river. Combining several trails can get you 10 or more miles of hiking, with lots of options for shorter hikes.

Pretty easy if you just do an in and out instead of the loop. Tons of river crossings so be prepared to get wet! There is a small sign pointing to the parking area. I’d would suggest parking at the bottom (before the skull and crossbones sign). Just hike up the path instead of driving. Not worth getting stuck.

The Channels are amazing! We went on a cold rainy day, but it was totally worth it.

Awesome easy trail!

Good workout, started in the afternoon. Parking was a problem. Go early.
The channels was great. A good view is to be had Northeast of the Fire Tower.

Crabtree falls is the hidden gem of blue ridge parkway. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. It is less than three miles all together and is dog friendly. The hike is slightly more challenging when the rocky trail is wet, but still easy for a “strenuous” trail.

Lovely, kid friendly path that ends at Monticello. No dogs on the board walk, but there are a few trails that branch off.

Nice look out but definitely an easy hike.

on Fairy Stone Loop Trail

1 month ago

It’s important to mention that this is a trail someone mapped out on their own, on All Trails, it is a combination of the Beach Trail and Little Mountain Trail. Once on the trails, they’re nicely marked and distinguished. Because it seems we hike every trail backwards, by accident, it’s also important to mention that hiking this trail clockwise (heading towards the over look and then to The waterfall) is probably easier. Going counter clockwise isn’t super difficult, it’s just a steady incline for a longer period of time.
Beautiful views at the lookout.

$4 for entry but you can get annual pass for all VA state parks. Ask the visitor center for a trail map. Moderately trafficked.

2 months ago

Easy but nice walk along the water. Dam isn’t much to look at but the trail was calming with predominant lake view

Orange trail is easy 1.7 miles. Is well marked and includes an overlook of the Potomac River and passes by a Civil War cemetery. Relaxing hike with only slight elevation gains/losses.

excellent hike. Done in Dec. the weather was perfect. the channel rock formation is something that you need to see. pictures cannot give justice to the place.

Great trail. $4 to park. Some of the outer trails at the park are not well marked.

3 months ago

This is a great hike with with nice views and a beautiful waterfall. The trail is well marked and even though it is classified as moderate most would have to consider it easy. You can access it off the parkway and the trail head is obvious. I chose to do the hike counter clockwise but I think ether way is going to be about equal. The only challenging part going counter clockwise was hundred yards or so right after the falls. There are definitely plenty of rocks and roots to navigate through out the hike so proper shoes are a must. I saw no one else on the trail even though it was a gorgeous December day. I highly recommend this hike, it’s less than 3 miles to complete the loop and it can be accomplished at a fast pace. You can step right up to the falls and get some awesome photos.

short & nice submit

Was able to get out and go day hiking on our last day of vacation. Was definitely well worth it! Hiked the trail and got to Devils Bathtub, then decided to continue on to mile marker 3 (about to the Three Forks Waterfalls or something along those lines). Was absolutely beautiful with lots of river crossings and beautiful sites along the way.

3 months ago

Awesome waterfall! You can get within about 10' of the bottom of the falls, with the best access being from the left side as you approach. The trail is rather easy. The only difficult part is after crossing the creek. Lots of switchback and elevation gain. But the trial is a very cool hike; natural surface once away from the parking/camping areas and very scenic.

Beautiful view, great first hike in Shenandoah!

Amazing view with a short hike to get there!

3 months ago

This is a beautiful hike. It is a very rocky trail in places and was more strenuous than I expected but I highly recommend it.

Great hike. I went with my kids (6 and 8). Perfect distance for them. Some elevation changes and views of the river. We strayed from the white trail onto orange which had quite a bit of thorn vines. Saw a few other hikers and a few runners on a mid November day.

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