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Great trail. We live less than a mile from trailhead and have done this loop more times than I can count.

Went here today for quick day hike. I only hiked about 1/3 of way in had to turn around for time sake. Very beautiful and easy on the part I was on. Bring a water filter plenty of places to fill up

Nice views, tough climb on loose rocks in spots

5 days ago

My wife and I took our four boys (12,9,6,5) today, and it was a great experience. A lot of people along the way, but not enough to feel crowded. Clean trail. The climb aspect of it wasn’t too difficult at all, but a little rocky at some points. Usually we have tears, whining, and scrapped knees, but it was pleasant, and not too difficult for anyone.

5 days ago

We loved hiking along Saguaro Lake. We did 3 1/2 miles total or so in 1 1/2 hours with lots of stops for pictures and visiting with other hikers and a snack. We turned back before the end because many people saw a rattlesnake and I was afraid I'd scream. I've never seen one. Next time we'll bring chairs for after to dip our feet in the lake. We got our pass at a gas station before we got here. There's a list online of who carries them. We forgot the hiking stick and see many people had them. Trail had lots of hikers on a Monday morning but I like having hikers to help each other like at the beginning you get to a fence, and someone said go through, it's to keep horses out.

6 days ago

Hard! Okay so originally we were gonna do the Boulder Canyon hike, which is 4.8 miles. But we couldn't find that. We could only find Boulder Canyon TRAIL, which is much longer. So we hiked this one, and since we didn't know we were going on such a long hike, we actually only went about 2.5 miles in. It goes up and down, up and down, so it's hard the whole time! Fun but challenging. I love how you can see Canyon Lake from the top!

This was a fantastic family hike! I did it with my 3&6 year old along with a friend and her 2&4 year olds. We went about half way and back and enjoyed a dip in the lack afterwards! The trail offers exciting corners of lake feels, lake views almost the whole way, small rock challenges, and tree canopy spots. We loved it!

Great hike with a spectacular view. Must check it out if in Mesa.

I loved this trail! I took Tortuga, Elephant Mountain, and Spur Cross Trails. Made it all the way to the top! Great views up there and a worthy challenge! I will come back again that's for sure!

Poorly marked. Easily lost.

Amazing views

12 days ago

This trail rewards you! Absolutely a must do
Trail is narrow. Have to watch for areas of large sharp rocks and thorny vegetation. You will get a very good cardio workout. One of the prettiest trails around
Went out at noon on a Monday. Lots of traffic in first mile but eventually was alone

Great hike, beautiful scenery and well marked trailheads. Bring plenty of water, as it is a challenge with steep inclines and a lot of switchbacks. Well worth the 5 hours

We finished the Cave Creek and Skunk Trail combo Jan 14/18. For someone in less than perfect shape for a moderate alpine-desert hiking trip, plan for about 8 hrs for the trek, taking the trailhead and going clockwise- that’s important!!. The trail is rocky and very steep in places, and we had trouble finding the trail markings at time , and is actually about 14 mi. Get going early so that you are done by sundown . The weather gets warm around mid day and can get quite chilly as the sun goes down so dress in layers. We download the map to AllTrails and that was a brilliant idea because there is no cell service for the entire trek. Take at least 4+ Bottles of water for each person plus some high energy snacks enough for 8 hours. BTW: Some people did it in less time than us too.

By comparison, We previously went on the hike at Lake Louise Canada to the Plain of the 6 glaciers, and this was much harder!!

The views are nice and the trail is moderate to easy. The trailhead is not at the point that is marked in the map and the length is closer to 9 miles than 6.5.. Also the trail is poorly marked at many points. We enjoyed it in general and the small beaches were a delight.

Residential parking and the trail is almost completely unmarked, but the views from both peaks are great. I saw 1 other person during the 2.5 hours it took to complete the 7 miles, and for me that’s always a huge plus. Great hike overall!

I hiked this trail a week and a half ago with three of my female hiking buddies. The road driving in to the trailhead was about 6 miles of dirt road and pretty windey road for part of the way. The trail is a beautiful trail and we literally saw only 3 other hikers on the trail. All of which were men. If you are looking for beauty and solitude this trail is it. I recommend when you get to the sign that says Cave Creek & Skunkard to take the Skunkard Trail to the left and loop up the mountains then back down the Cave Creek Trail. This is truly a hidden gem.

One of the most beautiful hikes I've done, esp in spring. It was closer to 14mi, though.

Great hike with gorgeous views. Trail is pretty narrow in some areas which can result in a back up of people. Make sure to stop at the Saguaro marina to get your day pass. The sign at the parking lot tells you to go all the way to Fort McDowell Casino.

20 days ago

Nice Trail. It has a variety of scenery with saguaro lake. Dog friendly. Purchase a Tonto Day pass BEFORE you get there. They don't sell them on site.

21 days ago

coon creek, not camp. walk up the wash, staying left when there is a choice, EXCEPT when u c the American flag. stay right, near it. There is another trail that comes in from the left wash, by another flag. soon u should c water, gorgeous and amazing.

23 days ago

This trail was awesome with great views of the lake as well as the surrounding mountains. There are many photo opportunities for those who are into it. My wife and I really enjoyed this trail!

24 days ago

Not an easy outing navigating the rocky inclines and hordes of other hikers.

24 days ago

This is becoming one of my favorite hikes in the area. The trail has many picturesque points. It is on the easy side of moderate and great for the young hikers as the trails grade is easy with the exception of one wash crossing late in the trail. The first quarter is hard on the feet as the trail has a lot of jagged rock so be prepared to wear appropriate shows. The trail is narrow in many spots. It has a lot of diversity in vegetation which adds to the enjoyment. At the trailhead immediately after the signage the trail appears to split. Take the left fork as the right is only a false path. At the end the trail splits again with 2 forks about 1/4 mile long. One goes out to a point for great lake and mtn views. The other crosses over a ridge down the water's edge. Both are dead ends. A little over half way there is a trail that leads down to the water and a small shoreline campsite. Great spot for lunch or a snack break.

24 days ago

Great trail. Enjoy

25 days ago

One of the more scenic hikes I've done in the Phoenix area. Started around noon on a cool Tuesday (temp in upper 50s). The first half of the 'out' portion was crowded, meaning I encountered about a dozen people. The hike across the desert to Burro Cove was worth it, and I only saw three other people on this portion. Returned to the trail head to find wild horses in the parking area.

If you arrive without a pass in hand, you can purchase one at an auto-pay station near the Marina a couple of miles down the road. You don't need to drive 11 miles back to the gas station on Fort McDowell Road as the sign suggests.

My favorite hike in Az. The America the beautiful annual pass is accepted here.

I’ve done the R2R five times and can’t imagine getting tired of it. If you’re thinking of it as a bucket list item, it’s worthy. Don’t skip Ribbon Falls.

Nice day, great hike

27 days ago

-pretty scenic...
-not too difficult;
-a little crowded on a Sunday, but weather was perfect so a lot of people were out.
-would definitely hike this trail again.

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