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2 days ago

Love this short yet Steep hike. Beautiful views.

on Pyles Peak Trail

2 days ago

A pretty good workout hike

2 days ago

A good hike but crowded

1st time hiking Kwaay Paay. Intense quick hike. Very steep. I surely had fun. Loved the stairs. I'll definitely do this more often. I usually hike Cowles mtn... love it, but it's always crowded unlike Kwaay. Saw only 7 people during my afternoon hike.

way to crowded! trail is ugly

great quick intense hike. part of the trails are narrow so be aware if you have your pup with you.

Great short climb hike up, 1.2 miles, and fun trail run down. Did this hike after hiking Cowles Mtn. Not too many people during week midday.

Love this hike. It's definitely a workout with a constant uphill path to the top, but the views are worth it. It's not too long either. The only negative is that it can get a bit crowded.

Bring lots of water. In summer, go early before it gets too hot.

9 days ago

Beautiful wooded trail! Walked it with my miniature pinscher mix. While it is a relatively easy walk through most of it, there are some sections where it would be very difficult for anyone with mobility issues. Also, a lot of mud this time of year (January) and one part had a small bridge with a couple inches of water going over it. No big deal but be prepared for some mess.
Views are absolutely beautiful! Mix of the lake, marshes, and small streams.

Good hike for beginners.

Great family friendly trail.. Beautiful.

Used to hike with my mother best times of my life

Awesome trail. Very Pretty. Lots of nature . HARD . It gives you cramps in your legs. VERY HARD at the end before you got up at the top. But LOVED it !!!!!

Finished this trail today - start at Golfcrest road, at the start of the Cowles mountain trail, and then came down along the Cowles service road. Would rate the upward hike as easy-mod. Great views along the way up. The summit is worth spending some time at. Pictures may be better when it is sunnier, today it was quite cloudy so good hiking conditions, not the best photo opp. The service road trail is for biking as well. Wider, less uneven, but a little slippery going down. My knees felt the pressure towards the end of having to avoid slips. Once we got down, we walked along the paved road back to our car parked at Golfcrest, took about 20 mins for that. Overall, 2 hours of solid hiking, definitely worth a hike. Recommend going early and using 4 sets of eyes to look for parking spots!

10 days ago

The trail is not well maintained. Several of the bridges are in disrepair, and the trail is not marked, which is bad considering that trails crisscross each other frequently.

trail running
11 days ago

Beautiful trails. Not traveled much, a low key location. There are four trails A, B, C and D. If you run the outer loop of all the trails you can get just over 5 miles. The inner part of the trails are all well marked. Each intersection is marked with arrows of which trail you desire to stay on and a "P" for directions back to the parking lot. There are four posted boats with locations and maps. A few benches and some history to learn. An awesome trail to hike and for runners, great single track trail with some great elevation for the area.

trail running
14 days ago

Love the trails but the dog owners think it's apparently okay to leave lots of slack and let their dogs take over the majority of the path while jumping up on runners. It is very frustrating, demotivating and rude.

This was such a fun trail! I got lost a couple of times, but that just added to the fun and I’m directionally challenged, so maybe the average person wouldn’t get lost. Had a wonderful run!

Great to do in the rain. Good views of downtown and the surrounding mission trails at the top.

on Cowles Mountain Trail

15 days ago

This trail is known in the area to be a fun social trail to do with family and friends. On a very clear day you can see the full San Diego Coast line. I find my wife and I usually can move up the trail quickly and then carefully run down. There is a backside trail that is similar with less foot traffic (note it is not the truck trail). This is a popular trail so you have to slow down. If you are looking for a hard core work out and some solidarity then go away from the city.

I walk my dogs here all the time, and also play at the dog park. They have a ton of fun every time we come here! Also it's pretty nicely kept up.
However, recently I had a WIldlife Benefit to attend at the shelter (I'm a conservationist) and one of our raptor ladies had their mothers car broken into. Apparently this is a regular occurrence here, so be careful. She was followed to the park. I personally have not had this experience, and I am here a lot more often than she is. I will be watching out from now on.

Short not challenging

Heavily trafficked, beautiful views

trail running
18 days ago

If you’re looking for a great workout, this is actually a nice hiking trail where you can run/jog on and off. Nice view on top, just try not to get side-tracked on the way to the other trail unknowingly.

This trail is what it is, and it is mostly wooded access roads. For me, Fendley Trail was a nice endurance trail, easy to moderate. I picked a day where the weather was all over the map, and I think that made it nicer and less traveled.

18 days ago

A nice steep short hike!

Great hike, heavy traffic and a bit slippery on the way down. Amazing views all the way up!

20 days ago

Beware, this one is heavily trafficked! LOTS of people and LOTS of dogs. It is a great trail, still, with a great view. Definitely a must-do.

Lots of steps to get up this peak. Coming down is certainly hard on the knees - no switchbacks. Unfortunately it was too smoggy to enjoy the view. Picked up a little trash, not much tho!

Amazing views

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