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1 day ago

It was an amazing experience to be there and see such a beautiful place! It was a lot of fun to do the hike, it wasn’t too hard!!

We hiked it during a rainstorm, which made it a bit more difficult to maneuver, but we started early and there were less than 10 people at the bridge when we arrived. No wait for pictures, and the fog and mist in the background made the view even more spectacular!

Great hike not too hard, waited to take pics but worth it!!!

Beautiful and easy walk. LONG wait to get on the bridge. Over 45 minutes so we didn’t get on it. But the views are spectacular from the top. It is crowded, however.

1 day ago

Great hike! But many traffic near the bridge. An hour wait to take pictures on the bridge, but worth the wait!

2 days ago

Casual, heavily-trafficked trail that gets more strenuous as the trail gets steeper and narrower. There's a line at the top for the photo op if you enjoy people watching.

2 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous, moderate difficulty with lots of people. The sights are breathtaking.


5 days ago

This trail was great. It wasn’t easy, I’d say more moderate ! A lot of stair like steps to get to the top. Some people seemed to struggle in those areas. Once our group got to the top it was beautiful. We waited in line to get a picture perfect photo. Definitely going again and taking my dog!!!

Didn't like walking along a dirt road that the Jeep's and other off road vehicles also used. It was about a third of the hike. Had to stop and let them pass often. Crowds on a Monday! Had to wait in line (yes you read that right) to get pic on top of Devil's bridge. Beautiful but not a fan of all the people. Kinda knew that going in, didn't think it would be quite that much though. Still a must do if you're in Sedona.

Pretty easy hike . The last .5 miles were pretty steep rocky climb . The bridge was pretty amazing. The surrounding mountains ⛰ were spectacular

This is a fun, easy day hike with some truly great views! That said, parking can be a bit of a pain if you don't get there early and the trail can get quite crowded at times. Some of the stair-stepping sections, in particular, get backed-up with people. If you have an off-road vehicle with enough ground clearance, you can have a bit of fun driving through the area, and a bit closer to the actual trailhead.

Excellent trail, a bit busy but enjoyed the voices of the world who were visiting just like I was.

7 days ago

Just as everyone says, great views and overall not bad of a hike. Fairly busy with other people and vehicles passing by if you choose the easier dirt path. The last mile is steep but the experience is great!

Absolutely beautiful hike. I've hiked this way twice - once in the summer (end of May) & once in the fall (while the leaves were still yellow). Lockett meadow is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. Inner Basin is a cool little area which is perfect to relax & snack here. If you take the way up to Humphreys - make sure you take a nice long rest here. That hike is probably the hardest I've done up & back. I would recommend going to Weatherford trail and then stopping there or going up Humphreys the easier 6mile route!

First time my husband and I went on an official hike .. I’m 6 months pregnant and in pretty good shape .. it was a bit rough ! But totally worth the views ! The last half a mile felt like it took the longest, as well as the 1 mike walk to the actual trail from the road. So glad we did it though !

10 days ago

Literally the first trail I've ever fully hiked. I did not come prepared, and I'm a bigger fellow. I still managed to get up to the top with only a few breaks to catch my breath. The last portion felt like much longer than .5 miles. Once I'm in better shape I'd love to do it again.

Super fun lots of Rock climbing!

Sunday March 4, 2018. 3-5:30pm

If you park in the main lot you walk down a long dirt road for a majority of the hike. It is pretty, but a little boring and tiresome (but easy for all ages). Once you come to the stairs that leads you up to the bridge, you get some great vistas or the surrounding mtns. Upon initially getting to devils bridge my friend and I were underwhelmed. We had seen so many magnificent pictures and were expecting more. We moved more to the right side of the bridge area and got much better views and photo opportunities.
BEST ADVICE: go late in the day. As late as you can, we got to the bridge around 4:30 and there was still a lot of people but while walking to the bridge probably passed 30 people who were leaving, so going later will give you the best experience and best photo ops.

It’s a beautiful area

14 days ago

Perfect hike. If you start the trail across from the restrooms, you can get a more scenic start to the hike vs starting at the dirt road entrance. You eventually meet up with the road, but you cut maybe a half mile off of “the boring” portion (not off of total distance) and have a great scenic trail to start off with. As others note, the very end gets to be a bit challenging, but is fun. Amazing views and plenty of friendly other hikers who are willing to take your group picture on the arch so everyone is in the pic! Enjoy!

View is amazing!

Nice quick reward. We got there early 730 and few people were there. When we came back down and explored other trails the place was packed by 10am, parking even on the street.

16 days ago

the first mile along the dirt road is somewhat boring, flat and easy. 2nd mile begins slight upgrade. I would rate this as an easy hike, until the last few hundred feet where you climb natural cut steps up to the bridge. well worth the climb, the views are amazing.

Wonderful hike, gets steep with larger boulders but not difficult. Spectacular views well worth the hike.

17 days ago

What a fabulous hike. If you make it to trailhead in your 4 wheel vehicle, it is only .7 miles to the bridge. The path was wet due to a recent snow. Our boots were caked with red soil after the hike. The climb to the top up the natural staircase was fairly easy. I was glad I had my hiking sticks for balance. The views are phenomenal!

Nice hike, did some off roading to get there in the jeep but you can start further back. good views.

19 days ago

great views - must see

beautiful hike

We parked at the Dry Creek parking area which was about a mile from the trail head. Got there this Sunday (film festival weekend) around 0730 am and there were maybe 4 cars there. It’s chilly when the sun isn’t shining on the path yet that early! Wear some warm clothes! Hike walking at a moderately medium to fast pace and hanging out at the bridge for about 20 minutes was a total of 2 hours (there were 3 other couples at the bridge when we got there/while we were there), and everyone just took turns taking pictures for each other and chatting). The major portion of the hike (over a mile) is easy and would be a GREAT little jog for those that like trail running - just a wide dirt road with rocks mixed in that you can tell vehicles pass over frequently. The ending gets pretty steep and you have to climb up narrow rock staircases. I can see a lot of people with poor balance or bad knees, etc not being able to do the ending of the hike where you’re climbing up the rock staircases. If you’re in decent shape it’s pretty easy. Towards the end there are a few spots where you may need to balance with two hands. I would say carry a small backpack for your water bottles, camera, etc so you can use both hands (especially coming back down). The bridge is a lot wider and larger than it looks when you’re actually standing on it for those of you afraid of heights :-) Beautiful views and definitely worth the hike. Coming back down the parking lot was full by the time we got back and cars were circling for parking spots.

off road driving
22 days ago

We drove a 4x4 up to the trailhead - i would definitely suggest doing that if you can (check Groupon for deals on a Polaris RAZR), though make sure you have high clearance if using your own vehicle. The first set of rocks right at the beginning is a decent litmus test to see whether your buggy can do it or not.

Beautiful hike in the snow! It was a bit strenuous/slippery towards the end though.

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