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20 days ago

Fun loop with the pup. Felt like a fall hike today.

Beautiful view and nice hike in the snow! Green trail markers could not be located, but could still find the way to the top. Beautiful view of Mt. Washington.

3 months ago

We hiked both the Ann Stokes and Daniels Mountain loops. Several spots with great views, amazing rock formations, and fun castle ruins. There were a few places that could have been marked clearer, but definitely worth doing.

3 months ago

First trail my family and I attempted after our recent move to New Hampshire. I’ve done some hunting and hiking in Colorado and Alaska, but my family has not. That being said- they did phenomenal. We made it up and back in a few hours. My children are 4 and 5, so it took a while longer than it may take most. The views were amazing. If you’re going in the fall or winter, dress appropriately, the temperature drops substantially at the peak, and it was SUPER windy when we went. Great hike though. Trails were easy to follow and the trail markers are clearly visible. All in all, great hike.

Well after the rain stopped...
great hike mainly because of the stunning leaf peeping. It was the perfect timing to see the autumn leaves. However, it was super muddy and slippery at times but great colors and good chilly temperatures to keep you nice and cool.

I have hiked this a few times now. And although there are some tricky spots that are steep overall it’s a good hike. It’s short but has an awesome reward with the view at the top. Good for beginners, kids and dogs. Would recommend going during a weekday to avoid crowding.

3 months ago

Good hike through very quiet trail. Confusing trails at times. All trails helped us stay on track.

Beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Hiked with five kids, 10,7,6,4,3. Was a bit steep in places, but not too difficult if you're a regular hiker. We hiked back down after dark, which I wouldn't recommend, trail is highly eroded.

Started at the Jesus Valley trailhead. Took Snowmobile (red), then Main (blue) all the way up to Straightback Mountain. This trail well earns it's name. As soon as we started on the trail it was a mile straight up. The first 2 miles took us 2 hrs. At the top of Straightback we took Main (blue) over to Brook (yellow), then back to Snowmobile (red) to get back down to the trailhead. It was super foggy the day we went but I'm sure the views would have been pretty nice from the top. I will go back but I would not take the blue trail up again.

First time hiking it .....easy to follow and we had a blast!!! The views are amazing ❤️

Beautiful views, but weekend crowds made it feel like we were hiking in a stream of people. The summit is spacious, so it is possible to tuck away into a more private spot to enjoy the epic scenery. Orange trail down is less crowded and steep, very fun to hop your way down the giant rocks and crevices.

Amazing views, a good length, and one instance of confusing trail markers made this 4/5 for me. There are maps available under the “Shelter” at the parking lot at the beginning of the West Ridge Trail. Also a few picnic tables there.

We hiked this trail at the end of September 2018, and the trail up to the rock face was soggy or muddy most of the way. Definitely hike in waterproof hiking boots/shoes. The water also made some of the rock face near the top rather slippery.

Our intent was to take the West Ridge Trail up and back. It is marked with orange paint. There is a fork in the West Ridge Trail about 1/4 mile before the peak, and the West Ridge Trail continues to be marked by orange paint on the rock face. It was confusing because there was an orange arrow pointing down the other fork, so we erroneously followed that fork (didn’t notice the orange paint on the rock face on our way up... see picture I uploaded). That fork ended up leading to where the South Peak and Rimrock trail breaks off, so our ascent to the peak was slightly steeper coming from that side vs. the West Ridge side.

I have not been hiking much recently, and was carrying a 35 pound toddler on my back for the duration of this hike. I also do not have good hiking shoes anymore. My knees are definitely feeling it this evening. Would recommend using a walking stick / hiking poles.

Also would not hike this unless it’s a clear day. The view is too pretty to waste on a cloudy / rainy day. We were a couple weeks early for peak fall colors, but was still worth it.

3 months ago

I combined the Ann Stokes loop with the 1.8 mile Daniel Mtn. loop for a more challenging (but still moderate) two-peak, 4.1 mile hike. Humid, foggy day in late September gave the forest an ethereal feel. Few bugs. Will definitely do again with friends.

Love this hike! It’s one of my favorites. Parking is great and the trails are great. Views at the top are stunning and well worth the climb. However, I personally do not recommend this hike in the winter. It is doable, but even with spikes the icy rocks made it very difficult to climb up and even more difficult and quite dangerous to get back down. Views in winter were awesome though!!

I love it! Great place...

4 months ago

Someone had posted to set your GPS to 41 Egypt Rd West Chesterfield, NH. Whoever you are, thank you. This lead us right to a small parking lot next to the trail head. The castle ruins are just over the bridge from the parking lot. Everything is well marked with signage and very difficult to miss. My wife and I went up Mt Daniels while she was recovering from a cold. Not a difficult hike at all and took us about 2 hours. I would just make sure you have hiking boots on as the trail can be very muddy.

Small Place but really nice. It was actually a little bigger than I expected. You can stop at the top and look or you can hike a bit further down and there are a couple bridges to crossover the further down you go.

We took the South trail going up and then did a slightly longer loop taking Clark Trail, then back west on the Hurricane Trail (uphill again) before heading down on the West Trail. Best part aside from the amazing views, was the mossy forest along Hurricane Trail. If you have the opportunity, take the extra .5 miles to head Southeast on Clark Trail, then West on Hurricane before heading down on West. Or, take the South trail going up and down.

Short little hike by the falls. Nothing extravagant but a nice little pit stop!

great short walk, well marked and super kid friendly.

The orange trail (Boulder loop up was a great hike up the mountain. It’s definitely steep in areas but nothing too bad. We then too the blue/yellow down. It was a nice hike too about 3 hours up and down.

Definitely a little steep in spots with plenty of rocks to climb over and around. Certainly challenging but not too difficult. Amazing views make it a worthwhile hike.

5 months ago

A lot of this trail is made from runoff streams, which made it particularly soggy and buggy today after all the rain that we've gotten lately! There are some areas that are strictly rock ledges, so be sure to have appropriate footwear. The overlook is beautiful yet small - and the mix of terrain made for an enjoyable hike, although not one of my favorites.

5 months ago

good hike. ruins were cool and easy to get to. hike was a bit challenging for those of us that are not in the best shape. I would go back to explore more.

I very nice hike and the view was worth every minute of it. I suggest you go early in the day as there tends to be A LOT of people mid day.

Great hike. Challenging trail that is poorly marked and there is no official trailhead. The views are worth it!

5 months ago

Nice early morning hike to the top and some great views.

Fairly short and relatively easy, though a little steep in parts. The view is amazing and very worth it.

Great hike with my 7 year old. Just enough challenge and beautiful views from the top.

fantastic loop and terrain diversity, will be back for sure

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