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This is one of the best trails. The elevation change is nice. Moderate is accurate even with snow and ice on the trails. Hiking poles were helpful. The trail is very well marked. The views are spectacular regardless of weather. The fog rolling in & out gave a wonderful changing view.

off trail
over grown
4 days ago

Was going for the Chigger Ridge view of Buckeye Falls but didn’t make it. Took the wrong turn and it was too cold and snowy to keep going. Up at the top, when joining back to the fire service road, need to make that right going down instead of going straight and up. Fun day. Snowed a half inch while I was out.

Fun hike and is a great length for those looking for a long hike. Absolutely gorgeous and lots of plant life to examine.

A little late but we went June 2017.A great hike and really refreshing after getting to the channels on a hot day.

10 days ago

Beautiful waterfall, a bit muddy on the way but worth it once you get there!

Absolutely amazing at the top! I'd hike up this trail every week and would never get bored, as I would still marvel at the beauty of God's creation!

Breathtaking views from the knob. Worth every step of the hike.

14 days ago

New Year’s Day 2019 first day hike great hike falls worth the hike

Such a unique hike! The trail leading to the channels is very straight forward and easy to follow. It is pretty much all uphill there and downhill on the way back. The channels themself feel like something out of a fantasy novel! BE SURE TO REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM! You can easily get lost down in the channels while exploring the amazing rock formations. I recommend following the lead of Hansel and Gretel and leave a trail of nuts or candy so you know how to find your way out, but be sure to clean up after yourself! You don’t want to end up alone trying to find your way out for almost an hour. If you find yourself in the area and have a few hours check this out!

This trail, to me, rates closer to difficult than moderate. Once the climb begins it continues to the overlook. Lots of blowdowns and debris on the trail also. However, I loved the hike.
Other reviewers mentioned waterfalls, there are no waterfalls along Rattlesnake Ridge from Rock Creek campground. Not sure if they are referring to Rock Creek Falls. If so it’s a completely separate trail.
Scenery along this trail gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Awesome trail! Challenging but not super difficult.
Be careful... the trail is washed out in a few spots creating some hazardous stretches.
One of the best creeks I have ever seen. The bridges were a pleasant surprise.

One of the best hikes of my life. Loved the wild pony’s!

Hiked this in December, took the counterclockwise route as suggested. There were 10-12 stream crossings that were very challenging. A few of them can be navigated just staying on dry portions of rock, but most had rocks that were just too far apart to take a step. Solutions include bushwacking off the trail to find a better spot to cross, shimmying across fallen logs, or just take off your shoes and trudging through the ice cold water.

Aside from the initial stream crossings, the hike is not very challenging beyond Devil's Bathtub. There is a sign saying something like "Warning: next 5 miles very strenuous and rugged", but it was a relatively easy walk through the woods compared to the first part of the trail. First 2-3 miles took 3 hours, remaining 5 miles took 2.5 hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun; navigating the stream crossings added an element of challenge and decision-making.

Fun hike with beautiful views!

Make sure you bring water, it is a long hike!

I love McAfee Knob. View at the top is amazing. This is a bucket list hike for many people and for that reason I give it 5 stars however I urge everyone to go out and check out the other amazing hikes this area has to offer with hikes such as tinker cliffs, dragons tooth and sharp top.

Nice trail that is not difficult. 4 miles from bottom if you walk the road to the left at the parking area. It gets a little menotanous due to lack of views and things along the trail. Not bad if you drive to the parking area and hike the trail up from there.

One of the best hikes in SWVA. Go when the leaves are down and you'll get long range views the entire hike.

21 days ago

It's pate December and snow has melted which makes the trail 2x as hard than normal. There is A LOT of mud and slipping is almost inevitable. The creek was up getting to the waterfall so it's better to balance on the fallen tree across the creek.

I love this hike. It is moderate. The views are stunning. The Channels are like a mystical maze. Great for dogs and children if you want to bring them along.

21 days ago

Challenging adventure hike. Avoid if you don't like to get dirty and wet!

Several beautiful falls along the way! Very rocky and steep throughout but definitely worth it! There are four places you have to cross the river. The water was very high when I went and the water was up to my knees at some points.

One of the best hikes I've ever done. The hike itself is steady and fairly easy, not much to write home about. The view at the top is incredible and well worth it, even in the rain. Most photographed spot on the AT for very good reason. You can see the Blue Ridges in every direction and it was hard for me to pull myself away and hike back down.

22 days ago

Great hike anytime of the year. The trail follows the creek the majority of the time adding to the beauty of the trail. I have hiked to Laurel Falls countless times both from the Hampton and Dennis Cove trail heads. I can't say that one path is better than the other. Both have their unique beauty in the journey. The Dennis Cove approach is about half the distance. If I am short on time I usually take that route. The "Death Stairs", as some hikers call them, will give you a workout. The Hampton approach is longer but an easy hike for the experienced hiker. I would take caution if the water level is high. There is a section on the Hampton approach that narrowly follows along the creek. I have never had problems there, but it is good practice to be cautious and ready to turn around if water levels are covering the trail. Some beginners may find this trail challenging with one large climb and the narrow portion of the trail right next to the creek is a bit technical hiking over the rocks. For experienced hikers though, this is very easy. No matter what your experience level it is very enjoyable and may become one of your favorite hikes!

Excellent trail with views pretty much the whole way. Well marked. Very windy at the top but that's to be expected so bring a windbreaker of some type.

27 days ago

Beautiful and challenging trail. Worth the effort once you get to the top.

One of the best trail I have ever been to. Christmas know made it even better. Highly recommend!!

Great hike. Not difficult by any means and the trail is clearly marked. Try going early in the morning to avoid others. The photo ops at the top are stunning.

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