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There are two trail heads. The bottom one will give you more miles and it’s worth the climb.

I took my dog hiked all the way to the main lookout yesterday. Started at 11:30 AM and back to the car at 3:30. Gorgeous day shared with quite few people on the main lookout. But I was so disappointed when I got back to the car. My back trunk window was shattered and my purse was stolen out of my car. This happened during daylight! My Orange Subaru Crosstrek was parked just a few cars away from the restaurant Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. This is sucks!! So please don’t leave any valuable in your car. Take it with you!! I learned valuable lesson here. But other than that I still love hiking up to Oyster Dome.

Just the right length. Beautiful trees.

I loved this hike! Up here visiting a friend and went while she was in class. Paths are very obvious, making solo hiking less daunting. Fairly steep incline up to the Echo checkpoint. There is a really nice lookout point about a half mile from the lake, you can see everything, BEAUTIFUL!!

Completed this 1/1/2019 – a nice simple hike through some quiet forest near Sudden Valley. The trails are well-marked and maintained beautifully. The view at the top wasn't that expansive, but it was enough to feel rewarding. A few waterfalls sprinkled throughout. Great shorter hike for the winter months!

15 days ago

Went yesterday with my dad and our dogs. Started our hike at 8:30am. We started the hike from chuckenut on the hwy so it was the 7.9 mile hike compared to 5 miles from the samish outlook. Trail was in pretty good shape.
I’ll say if you start at the hwy and not samish outlook those extra miles are nothing buck switch backs going up. My legs are so sore today.

16 days ago

I used to love riding the resident raft on this lake back in the day!

Hiked this many times!

16 days ago

Awesome views!

Love this place!

23 days ago

Had a bit of difficulty on the trail around the larger of the twin lakes. Had to scout for the trail a few times, and a bit of it was pretty hairy where part of the trail has fallen away. Overall though a wonderful hike with beautiful views of lakes, forests and every kind of moss you could imagine. We encountered families with small children, trail runners and many people with dogs hiking around the popular Mountain Lake Loop.

Who else saw the bear today!? We could hear another group whistling, clapping etc. for about 3 min ahead of us! He/she scooted up the gully across from us PDQ but was visible for about 10 seconds or so before it disappeared into the under growth. Great hike and outstanding scenery! Trail in great condition and anyone could make the trek

Beautiful fall hike with deers and chip monks. Outstanding vegetation and moss. :)

quick super easy hike. tons of people out and about. overall great easy hike

1 month ago

A nice moderate hike with great views at the top! A decent elevation gain and dense forest to hike through.

1 month ago

This was my first time on this trail. I went counter clockwise around the lake loop - I think that’s best because the trail down to the lake via that route is pretty steep and rough, I think it would be challenging going up that way. Then again it would be quite a treat to see the views after coming up that way!

I’m glad I had full ankle high boots on for the lake loop portion - trail shoes would have been fine for the rest

Beautiful and pretty steep hike up. You can camp, but no fires so I'd recommend if you want to that you do it in the warmer months.

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2 months ago


2 months ago

Nice and long. Pretty steep and an amazing view on top. Just not that much to look at besides trees and a couple of streams on your way up

Took my dog to the main lookout today. Gorgeous views and sunset. Started the trail from Chuckanut Dr at 1:44 PM and back to the car at 5:20PM. I started little too late. It got so dark the last mile before the car. But I used my phone flashlight almost to the car before totally out of battery. 8 miles roundtrip with 1900 ft elevation gain. My little pup American Bully was such a trooper

Awesome trail for hiking! Beautiful fall foliage. If you reverse the loop, it makes a doable trail run too. Love this trail!

Be prepared to climb up hill a lot! The view on top was amazing. If you’ve never been here bring a camera or phone to capture the moment. It has some distance to it as well so be realistic with your abilities before trying this hike. I loved every minute of it and would recommend this hike to anyone reading.

3 months ago

Great hike. Easy overall with a great view! Super good for dogs!

I love hitting this trail with my dogs. Gorgeous Autumn color painted the forests. Blue waters mirror the sky. It’s heaven for me

Beautiful Fall hike up to a tree-framed view of the tip of Mount Baker and just a hint of Lake Whatcom below. Oodles of mushroom varieties to be seen along the way (in October). Take a left at the loop if you want to get the elevation gain early and have a shallower descent coming home.

Just hiked this on Friday September 28th. The water at Lemah creek was still a bit high so had to cross barefoot. The trail is pretty incredible!

I thought I had reviewed already! great training hike going through some great changes! may become part of the Galbraith trail network! Lots of work being done on this trail!

this trail is in my neighborhood and l do it on a regular basis. Now is undergoing a great change. It looks like is going to be also part of a mountain bike trail! we're very close to the Galbraith trail network. So excited!

Great workout, prepare to climb, climb, climb! I love this one for the ease of accessibility and crowds. I would definitely feel safe hiking this one alone and it’s also a great hike to bring out of town visitors on as it’s challenging and yet still doable, and has great payoff with beautiful views.

I opted to do this as an out and back as I didn't want to hike the road. It was extremely foggy and wet and thought it better to stay on the trail. It was amazing even though the views were fogged in. The trail was well maintained and the forest is old growth which is beautiful. The tower, spectacular! This is a hike I will happily do again weather permitting seeing the great views.

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