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This trail is as described- strenuous! It kicked my butt!
It’s straight up - be sure to wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes with good ankle support.
I brought my dog and made sure to take breaks and give him lots of water.
I was worried about all the trash mentioned so I brought bags and gloves thinking I could help by picking up along the way ... but I found no trash?
The trail was clean.
This is certainly a cardio workout.

I’ve been walking this hills for almost 11 years. It’s a nice climb but over the past couple of years this trail has become very crowded. Toilet paper all over the trail. Follow the plastic bags of dog poop to the top for amazing views of the ocean. I would love to tell you it’s a great hike but it’s become a high traffic and very littered route. Too bad I too, I could spend hours walking around up there.

Great views from the top. Excellent workout.

on Eagle Rock via the PCT

5 days ago

Did this trail today, a beautiful clear Sunday. What an awesome hike! Arrived around 11am and there were about 20-30 cars already parked along the sides of the road. It definitely wasn't crowded though. We've been wanting to hike on the PCT "someday" and this is a great hike to accomplish that on. Well marked & maintained trail. Beautiful scenery that changes from a tree-canopied creekside path for the first mile and half or so, to rolling grass fields until you arrive at Eagle Rock. On the hike back we saw a couple groups of people on horseback. It seemed to go much quicker on the way back. Roughly 3hrs round trip including about 20min taking pix at Eagle Rock. We stopped at Lake Henshaw (like 10min away on the road back) to eat and it hit the spot! Great service and generous portions. Definitely recommended!

Great hike . Good elevation gain for a short hike . Amazing views .

Relatively quick, but kicked my butt! Nice views from up top-- and pretty sure there's a geocache at the top. A couple people were waiting in line to "find" and sign in it. I would recommend going on an off day or pretty early, as there isn't a TON of parking. It wasn't so crowded that you have to hike behind some slower people for awkward lengths or anything, but there were definitely a bunch of people on the trail, and you don't really get all that far from the road so it's not exactly secluded by any means. Still a great option overall for a shorter, local, free hike that gets the job done.

13 days ago

We picked a perfect day to hike this trail, a day after it rained. Perfect trail for a semi cloudy cool day. Beautiful parking and nice clean restroom at the beginning of trail.
The trail was nice and clear. No trash seen, easily marked. At the beginning trail is easy, going down at the beginning, and when you get to the climbing portion it is a steep climb. We were able to get to the peaks without any issues, but boy was it a great workout to get there.
I could see that in the seasons of the heat this would be difficult. Be careful if you go hiking in the heat.

I will definitely like to return to this hiking spot.

This is a butt kicker! Cardio, cardio, cardio...

My family and I loved this trail. Will most definitely do it again.

Great hike today out to Eagle Rock. It was cool and drizzly, especially in the open areas. Directions on this app were spot on. Took about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful changes in scenery and topography. Pretty easy hike.

Enjoyable. Maybe 2 hours or less to finish.

great hike relatively flat great scenery

27 days ago

Great hike on the easy side of moderate. Great scenery along the whole route and the rock is a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures. Great for kids.
Only word of caution above the usual for SOCAL (heat, plenty of water, snakes) is watch climbing on the granite. It's a very effective skin remover

This was a great hike and was pretty easy overall. I think the key is to go when it is cool out. Had it been summer this would have been a very painful hike. Lots of landscapes and ending at eagle rock is awesome!

I did the BLT > PCT loop, which I highly recommend starting with the BLT. I went towards the Noble Canyon trail, but took a left at the junction instead of continuing to Noble Canyon/Pine Valley. There were several mountain bikers as well. You'll know you're on the right trail when it says "To PCT".

About an hour in, you get to see the Laguna Meadows which was beautiful. I stopped at the Lake to eat my lunch. Getting back onto the trail, I got to a point where there was a fence with an opening in front of me and a mini wooden 5 foot long bridge on my right. I took the right, which lead to the PCT. I believe if you go straight, it leads to the campground.

Note: always follow the signs that says BLT TO PCT. If there isn't a PCT on the sign, don't go that way if you want to do the loop.

There were a couple other times where there was a junction and no sign, so I took out my map (which I uploaded to this page) and my iPhone compass, and easily found the right path.

The BLT is mostly meadows while the PCT is more mountains. The PCT was amazing, and when you reach the first junction on the PCT, you'll see a mountain to your right which you can quickly climb and see the amazing view. I would highly suggest this, it takes about 45 minutes there and back including pictures.

Getting pack onto the PCT, I stopped by Forester Point, which is an awesome spot to take a break and have a snack. Then I got back onto the PCT and finished. I got back around 5 (started at 11:30), and the sun was setting so I didn't get a chance to go up Garnet Peak. If you have another 2 miles in you, I heard it's pretty nice up there.

This took my 5 hours because I took a rather long lunch break at the Laguna Lake and hung out at Forester Point for a bit. The trails are very well kept and not much climbing whatsoever (unless if you are climbing up the mountain on the PCT to take pictures)

Overall, I highly recommend this for an easy 10 mile day hike. Easy as in your quads, butt, hamstrings, won't be on fire since it's a gradual incline. If you want, there are a good amount of camping spots on the PCT portion of the loop.

Great workout, very steep with little flat areas. My favorite part was the lack of people, the various and thriving vegetation, the beautiful view, and little treasures left at the top.

The entrance is a little ways beyond the visitors sign, and it's a small opening in between a fence.

Went this morning and loved it! Lots of steep hills to work the glutes. Took 2 little girls with me age 6 and 9...they loved it and made it without killing themselves with all the rocks. The stairs were our favorite. We will do this again very soon.

great hike! Viejas is one of my favorites and its only 30 mins from my house. first time taking this route. shorter than alternate. pretty rocky and narrow at times. began at 6 am and only ran in to 2 other people on their way down already. someone replaced the small American flag with a nice beautiful new one. the views are incredible at the top there's a rock wall and geo marker with vodkas on it. thank you to whoever did that! easy to follow trail up. its always pretty windy at top so if you're going early in the morning or later in the day layer up. on the way down the trail you'll come to a cleared area with rocks sometimes in different patterns, go right down that hill not straight. I did that then realized I was going the wrong way. oh and the coffee can needs a new notebook ill bring one next time in case someone doesn't.

1 month ago

This is the most physically demanding hike that I have ever done. Now, this means that a) I have not/do not hike all that much and b) I have R.A. & primary lymphedema in both legs so am already dealing w/ some physical things that most people are not. This also means that fully capable individuals have no room to complain here because if I did it, you can too! This hike goes straight up and is rocky and has no shade. However, after turning around and looking out toward the ocean for the first time about 30 minutes into the hike, I was sold. The views while going up as well as from the summit are stunning! Because the terrain did require a lot of attention, I really did not mind that there wasn’t all that much to look at while on the trail since it is pretty right much dirt, rocks, and low dry shrubs. Typical for this area though and did think how scary it would be if a fire came through this area since I felt like I truly wouldn’t be able to navigate out of there at any faster speed than my slow and steady march. Great feeling of accomplishment w/ this venture and literally took about five breaks going up but was fine w/ doing so because of the great vantage points-it’s pretty neat to look down at a plane flying below you! Definitely recommend shoes w/ a decent toe guard and rock plate; there are only about three stretches less than ten feet in length that are relatively rock free; this is far from a relaxing stroll for me at least and I would steer clear any day w/ a high UV Index or if it gets hotter than 75 degrees. In late November there was a nice breeze and the sun wasn’t as searing as other times of the year even though we have had no winter at all so far late 2017/early 2018. Hoping for a cool Spring so trying to squeeze as much inland hiking in while I still can!

Good workout, there is a disappointing amount of animal feces on the trail.

The path was well travelled and easy to follow. I did hike past the side trail to the falls because I wasn't paying attention. The granite rock around the falls is beautiful. It is a nice place to rest or eat a snack around the creek and there are plenty of good views along the hike.

Definitely go right towards the fire station to get to the trail. Just FYI...

It’s a really flat and forgiving route with a lot of nice scenery. My buddies and I had a good time. Y’all should check it out!

Loved it!! But I would say it’s an easy hike rather than moderate.

Pretty exhausting climb. Climbs @ a rate of 1000 ft per mile, steep grade (a total of 1500 ft from trailhead to summit over 1.4 miles). Today, the views were hazy but on clear days you are rewarded with 360 deg views. Rocky outcrop, watch out for loose stones and your knees on the way down. Ideal time to start would be 7:00-7:30am.

Close to home. Great workout!

Did this today with my mom it was a nice hike found the falls no problem

Really Enjoyed this hike!! My arse was kicked! Loose rocks; no shade; elevation; and steep beginning are paid off with views; accomplishment; muscle building and endurance. Don’t quit! Take the long route and be nice to everyone you see!! Be safe! Don’t over do it if you’re not feeling it.

Great trail but too hot this day. Didn’t get to Rodriquez peak but will next time. Definitely will do again when it’s not so hot. Going up counterclockwise is easier.

This trail is part of the PCT trail so, about the 2 mile mark you need to turn left to go down to the creek. It can easily be missed. The creek was flowing nicely. Very cool area and nice hike to it. Recommend

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