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Closed due to government shutdown...

Beautiful hike. The views at the pasture are amazing and well worth it. Definitely a work out but between all the different elements of beautiful rock with algae formations, creeks/ fairy oasis waterfalls, and the abundance of trees makes you want to keep on going until you get to the top

Great hike, and workout.

Easy hike with beautiful views! I Recommend hiking this early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise without crowds:)

Hard but worth every step‼️Absolutely beautiful❤️

the river had washed out the trail so we were only able to hike up the silvermine road to the look out and back. going up the slivermine road is probably the reason this trail is marked "difficult." if you start on the AT and hike along the silvermine road on your decent it's much easier. beautiful views, narrow at times, crowded on weekends/holidays. the town of hot springs has a lot of charm and kind people.

can someone tell me if it is paved up to this trailhead or not

Awesome trail run. Nice scenic views.

Was a little hard at first due to the previous day frozen rain but totally worth the "dangers". Breathtaking view at the top. Make sure to check out the tallest point for another amazing view
No crows at all in Jan. Accessible even when the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed

3 days ago

Not strenuous at all, but a nice wide, relatively flat walk along the riverside with smaller falls appearing first and then a beautiful high set of falls at the end of mile. Take your mom.

Really not terribly difficult, the stair portions are the hardest since they are quite the incline (calves and quads will feel it). The rest of the trail is moderate incline the whole way. The view at the top is pretty good but as of recently the last part of the trail has been closed, which is where the good view is.

One of my favorite trails. Very good workout, great views and you're alongside the creek half of the time! Just note that it is a LOT harder going one way than the other, as on one side of Stone Mountain the ascent is very steep with a lot of stairs and on the other it is more gradual. Once you reach the split, if you go left it takes you by the waterfall first but then you've got the stairs up the side of Stone Mountain. Going right is the easier ascent up Stone Mountain and the waterfall will be at the end.

It was a bit rainy when we went but that just made the waterfall look even more spectacular. Great view of Rainbow Falls, didn't go all the way to Turtleback because we had the dogs with us and they weren't really behaving well that day but would love to go back!

Great hike with a scenic reward!!!

A fun hike. A bit muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids did better than myself who slipped a few times. There's a small river to go through...seemed a lot didn't realize this. Wear proper hiking shoes or an extra set.

Waterfall was really nice and tucked away. A bit crowded for a few moments. Overall a cool hike.

Absolutely loved this hike!! Great views!

6 days ago

Great trail with excellent views. We caught a cold front just passing that left plenty of snow and ice, and a blue bird sky! Ample 360’views - day and night.

Camped along northern edge of Bald just within tree line so out of wind. Trail to Little Huckleberry Bald runs through that camp. That route seems rarely used, given overgrown trail/trace. There are flags marking the way. Worth the effort to visit lower Bald along this route.

Was surprised by the amount of light pollution from nearby cities impacting star gazing. However, still darn good nighttime viewing.

Look forward to revisiting!

Worth the visit. Very well kept and friendly folks around. Waterfalls are amazing. Would definitely come back for another run.

This trail definitely requires your full attention and a clear head but once you reach green knob, it is so worth it! You can eat dinner and watch sunset and wake up to sunrise from your sleeping bag with a full color spread across the sky.

I lost the trail less than ten minutes in. I definitely recommend bringing a paper map of the middle prong wilderness with you because as much as all trails saved me, it is always better to use the real thing. I was stressed that my phone would die which luckily it didn’t but in the future I will definitely use a paper map.

The trail starts by running parallel to road 215 with multiple water sources along the way. After about 15 minutes, it should switch back and begin climbing up the mountain going west. The trail switches back a few times with 3-4 stream crossings. You’ll reach a dense pine forest and it is easy to lose the trail here and it is really easy to miss the right turn up the green knob trail. When I hiked this, there was faint red/pink paint on the tree where you need to turn. VERY easy to miss! The trail is flat for a few minutes and then there is a steep incline. Once you get towards the top of this first mountain, there are 4 side trails that are pretty pronounced and the one you need to take goes a little to the left but mostly stays straight and goes through the forest. The trail from this point never gets wider than 6 inches. You’ll go up and over 4-5 mountains before you reach green knob. There are multiple side trails for campsites. If you accidentally take one, just back track and get back on your main trail. It meanders a lot but for the most part it feels fairly obvious if you are used to orienteering.

It was fun to hike this trail! I want to go back and test my orienteering skills.

Good luck! It’s worth it =)

Spectacular views with just enough challenging sections! Great for either a day hike or an overnighter.

This hike was a really fun one, good workout with the elevation gain. I wasn't bothered by the big parking lot at the top--some people can't hike it, let 'em live. I'm just glad I'm able to hike up to the top, and if you can as well, then I recommend this one!!

This is my favorite at Crowder's. Tons of exposed rock. I like going down the stairs instead if up.

Loved this hike. We started with HQ, which was a much quieter trail with a steady incline. The falls were much more crowded but beautiful. It was a great workout - lots of steep stairs. Watch out for slippery steps and mud, especially if you go after it’s been raining. The whole loop took us under 3 hrs.

Stumbled onto this hike because the one we wanted to do was closed. Beautiful falls and river. Long steady climb almost the entire way. Last .25 mile was straight up, not as steep as Brasstown Bald but close. Overlook at the Pulpit was awesome. Don't forget to stop along the way and see the views on both sides of the ridge. Poles very helpful. Pretty wet and muddy in areas due to higher than normal rainfall in Dec. Parts of the trail are quite narrow. Not much level or flat hiking. Will do this again and bring our hiking pals.

Lots and I mean lots of steps but the view at the top is beautiful and definitely worth it. We loved the tower!

Beautiful view!

This trail, to me, rates closer to difficult than moderate. Once the climb begins it continues to the overlook. Lots of blowdowns and debris on the trail also. However, I loved the hike.
Other reviewers mentioned waterfalls, there are no waterfalls along Rattlesnake Ridge from Rock Creek campground. Not sure if they are referring to Rock Creek Falls. If so it’s a completely separate trail.
Scenery along this trail gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Lovely nature hike around the mountain. Climb is fairly steep. Overlook has a drive to the top which many people take instead of earning it. Pretty nice view. Limited parking around trailhead.

This hike is a steady climb (with steeper sections) to Tip Top on Buffalo Mtn with some of the best views of Johnson City and Unaka Mountain. The trail can get narrow in some places with drop-offs so not recommended for beginners or small children unfamiliar with the trail.

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