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23 hours ago

This was a fun beautiful hike. We kept going and saw a lot of fantastic waterfalls and views.

1 day ago

This was a good hike. We did this with our two boys (10&8), and our pup. It wasn’t to long but long enough for an evening hike.

Not a very rewarding hike to say the least. The amount of incline and distance you have to travel was not worth the views of either lakes.

The view up top is amazing!

on Galatea Creek To Lillian Lake

4 days ago

A steady incline going up. Overall amazing views.

absolutely amazing! despite it being +35 today we were able to enjoy the trail and the sights. Very well marked and heavily trafficked trail so you'll be sure to see a good chunk of people which can be great motivation. I would say that the trail from the parking lot to Lillian lake is moderate and the section from Lillian lake to Galatea lake is hard due to the large amount of loose rock. But it's worth is as the serenity of Galatea lake is amazing. It took us a total of 4 hours (2h each way) plus an hour break at the lake. would definitely do this one again!

If Vision Quest down the road is rated as 'Hard', this would be considered extreme for new climbers. The trail was either washed out or non existent, but the goat/sheep trails were spectacular! It was a steep incline the whole way up with 70% or more scrambling....and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Such a blast with extremely beautiful views to top it off. Don't turn back, it's worth it!!!

excellent hike! the initial downhill descent was deceiving, but it gradually climbed from there. Great hike through the trees, the path was nice and wide. I did not donthe final climb to thr viewpoint, only to the too of the first. I found it to be difficult but once at the top, the views were great! did this hike round trip (including stopping for lunch at the top) in 5 hours. My fitbit calculated this hike to be 15km (without going thr extra distance to the viewpoint)

5 days ago

This was a good hike. Well marked trail, beautiful views of the mountains at the top. When you get to the last little trail don’t stop! It looks deceiving but go for it! It’s worth it. It wasn’t too hard but you will get tried on your hike back up to the parking lot.

on Chester Lake Trail

5 days ago

We went on Aug 7th. Calgary was over 30c but we felt pretty cool when we got out from the car 11:30am. It was constant incline in the beginning but not too steep and soon enough there is a meadow full of flowers and great scenery with mountains as others mentioned. We were slow on inclines and took quite few picture and water breaks so we got to the lake a bit less than 1 hour and a half. We also went on to the Elephant Rocks and 2 lakes. Took a long lunch break with food lovers and my son played around the rocks so we arrived the parking lot after 4 pm. We didn’t see bears but the other group saw 2 cubs and a mom at the meadow before the lake and lots of bear digs around the lake so definitely good to have bear spray and more people in the group. It was the best hiking with around 10k + 300-400m elevation gain trail!

Pretty steady climbing the entire way. Underwhelmed by Lillian lake personally, the extra climb (it’s hard) to Galatea Lake makes it all worth it.

6 days ago

Good for families with small children

Loved this hike! Get on the trail and power it up! Definitely some character building moments but those make for the best summits! Mountains 360. Highly recommend this hike for those considering a solo hike

Decent hike with some scrambling and a little bit of climbing. Proper footwear is a must, poles and gloves to protect your hands are a good idea. The trail isn’t well marked but you can basically take any way up that suits your level. Try to stay to the left towards the top to make it to the peak. After you park on the lake side of the highway in the large parking lot, you cross the road and can see the trailhead easily.

Had such a nice time on this hike. It’s super easy but there’s a few hidden gems off the path. I felt like I was in an enchanted forest the entire time.

Easy hike I assume if you are not carrying 40 lbs. of toddler. Best scenery in Kananaskis going up with great lake scenery at top.

9 days ago

Great. My 2 and a half year old made it pretty well to the top by herself. Easy walk, nice falls. Very family friendly.

Great little hike!! Easy to follow for the most part.... lost it a couple times on the way back but found it easily enough.... would definitely do it again!!

A tough hike for me but I did it!

Wowzers! This one was a challenge for me! I’m getting back into being active soo this one was tough tough tough.. I managed to make it to the switchbacks but turned back before climbing further! Going is not so bad but coming back is brutal. A lot of downhill on loose rock path. Definitely got a workout coming down and of course as you come back and get closer to parking, you have to go up the really big hill that you came down starting. Keep that in mind when hiking. Save some strength for the end! I managed to get through all the while dealing with foot pain (prior injury) however.. the hike is beautiful! Will definitely going to be coming back and concur the mountain up to the fire lookout!!

Easy hike... Nice views...

10 days ago

Hiked to Troll Falls early on Sunday July 29. Beautiful scenery along the power lines (we missed the start of the trail but our AllTrails app kept us going in roughly the correct direction). Easy hike through the trees to the waterfall, which was more impressive than I had imagined it would be. Because we started early, there was no one around until we started to head back to the car. The hike took about 45 mins including stopping for photos and to enjoy the beauty of the falls.

Good quick hike, I did it solo on a Friday after work and it took me about two hours. Had the place entirely to myself. Nice walk through the trees to start and then it’s a good incline with switchbacks to the top.

great hike, lots of ups, downs and flat spots so you can pound it out pretty easily. rewarding views.

What a beautiful hike. Worth the reward once at the fire lookout at the very top. A bit of a rocky hike. Took us 4.5 hours.

Pretty easy hike at first gets harder at end but great for beginners. The look out is nice and nice views.

10 days ago

Nice easy trail with some fun creek drainage bouldering toward the top. Left trailhead at 9:45am and our group was the 2nd group up. Great little scramble to the enormous and cool cave at top. By the time we finished lunch and we’re headed down, the trail was packed with hikers. (Stopped counting after 70). Good views, but take a flashlight for the cave.

11 days ago

Not closed now! Yeh! We tried last year and found it closed due to bears, so went across the road and did Burstall. Today it was open and has been for a few days now and what a beautiful trail, in trees for some and a couple open meadows and scenic mountains and flowers all around. Not too strenuous, but still gives your heart a workout. Good for families with a bit older children (school aged maybe), but a mother with her newborn were also doing the trail today. We first did the right hand trail, (snowdrift) or some such name and it loops you back to the parking lot (1&1/2hr). Not really our plan, but a nice walk and we saw a grouse and her 5 chicks along the trail. Do take the signed chester lake trail on your left when facing the trails. We and another small group were just not paying attention, talking and ended up doing this few km detour, but if you want the extra mileage.....
People were fishing at Chester lake and catching and releasing as they were quite small, but they were catching every few minutes. They were cutthroat and brook trout I think. The fish were jumping a lot within the lake. It was a cooler day today and we were there later in the afternoon so maybe that's why? Also saw across lake, we think an osprey? Arrived at lake 4pm and had started from parking lot (second time round) at 3pm. Were there alone for about half hour before numerous more showed up. The area does show bear activity, lots of turned over soil just before the lake I assume is from bears. The parks must have bears tagged or something and know where they are roaming and they must have moved out for the time being. A light rain on our way back, but not enough to make trail slippery. I would love to see this in the winter. I think we may have to get some snowshoes!

11 days ago

Great family hike, went above the main falls, kids had a great time navigating the terrain and exploring.

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