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Amazing hike, weather is getting warmer. Just be a little careful now , ensure proper gear is on hand.

Trail is in good shape. Some people in boots have made the first bit rough but clears up soon. Beautiful views & no one else on the trail!

Definitely make sure to bring headlamps for each member of your group.

lots of snow during the second half but not an issue. take crampons just in case.

Awesome hike with great reward at the end. I believe this is also called inges mine??? Very hot to do in summer. No shade on trail.

2 months ago

Nihahi was my third hike and it was a tough one but boy was the view worth It! I recall it taking us 2.5 hrs give or take. mind you it was a really hot day. I definitely want to do it again only this time go more prepared as we ran out of water going up

This is a great warm up hike to shake things out for the season. I’ve done it a few times and have enjoyed it every time.

First time out, windy. The trail was in good shape, wasn’t prepared totally. Needed spikes on the footwear. We try next time to try to make it to Lillian Lakes and the waterfall

Good hike, very well marked trail.

Once you get to the trail, it's great. The long boring walk along the service road to get there was unbearable. The cave is a sight to behold. The light scramble to get up there was fun, not very technical, very accessible.

Definitely would recommend taking your bike tor the service road. We did this hike on Saturday and the hike was nice. Would also recommend poles when getting to the top close to the caves. Nice hike !

This trail was very nice. Taking our bikes made the trip a lot more enjoyable. The hike to the caves was not as perilous as some have suggested. It was a enjoyable and unique hike that does not take up your whole day.

Incredible hike that travels along Galatea creek the entire way to Lilian Lake.

A friend and I completed this trail yesterday and it was great. As many people have previously stated, the walk along the service road is long but with good conversation it went by quickly - or bring bikes for the road. As you approach the end of the road where a large shell site is located, look for the orange diamond trail marker on the right side of the road. By this point you can definitely see the cave in front of you, as well as the neighboring caves. We kept to a trail/direction that diagonally worked up the slope, with a brief straight up climb towards the cave opening. It begins to get steeper as the trail comes out of the trees but it is manageable, just take your time and look a head of you to plan your route towards the cave. We were the only people on this section of trail but be cautious of rocks rolling down from people above you or you releasing rocks towards people below you.

After exploring the cave and having lunch, we headed down towards the creek bed and met up with the trail that parallels along the creek to the shell site, and from there followed the road back to the car park. Definitely remember to bring head lamps/flashlights so you can explore the cave and the multiple caverns within the main cave. You may also want to bring trekking poles to assist with the portion of the hike from the end of the service road to the caves, and back down through the loose scree. Definitely worth the short but steep hike towards the cave from the service road, the views within and along the outside of the cave are awesome!

Just attempted this (Oct 21st) with a couple of friends and if it wasn’t for the snow and sudden drop in temperature, I think I would have given this a 5-star rating. When we reached Lillian Lake, we attempted to go upto the Galatea Lakes, but the snow was too much and too steep. Also, Lillian lake was all covered in snow. Would recommend to hike this in the summer.

5 months ago

A great trail that really doesnt have an end. You can hike down this ridgeline quite far.

4 stars because this trail can be busy but the views are still excellent. Once you get to the ridge, it also doesnt really matter how far you go.

All trails needs to be updated.... the loop trail includes a trail that has been decommissioned.

I’d almost say this trail is difficult because once you get up into the scramble it’s slippery and there are lots of false trails. But getting to the top is worth it to see the cave - bring good shoes and extra layers and a flashlight so you can explore deeper into the cave (jackets recommended as the cave is quite chilly)!

5 months ago

Absolutely stunning views! The trail isn’t too hard to get up, and while it is steep the elevation gain is spread out and I found it manageable. The views from the top of the ridge let you see all the way down the valley and it was definitely worth it!

5 months ago

from the parking lot it's 6 km to get to the trailhead. it's on a flat long hot boring gravel Service Road that takes forever to walk down. I would highly recommend bringing a bike to do this. By the time we got to the trailhead it was so hot and it also takes a lot out of you coming back down that road after the hike to the lot. once you start the trail though it's a pretty good hike. some Woody sections, Rocky sections and rooty sections. The first 3/4 of the hike I'd rate as easy. The last 1/4 I'd rate as hard. once you come out of the trees you're faced with roughly a thousand foot climb up a fairly steep grade. loose Rock and big rock everywhere so you have to keep your eyes open for people above you knocking them down and coming at you. there's multiple ways up to the opening of The Cave. Some are easier than others with one section being scramble and bouldering. the cave is super cool and I found it to be quite a challenge to get up that main slope to the entrance. I would highly recommend bringing poles just for some extra security on the way down. overall I'd rate the hike as moderate in difficulty. walking from the parking lot to the cave and back took roughly 5 hours. would definitely do again but not without a bike for that Gravel Road. so brutal

Best done in dry conditions I couldn’t reach the top cause it was pretty slick from melting snow but will go back for the great views. Didn’t seem as long and steep as listed either. Would be nice if the day use area was on the other side of the campground though

Wish I had brought a bike for the first 6kms down the gravel road. Lost the trail a couple times, definitely wear good shoes for this one.

6 months ago

We completed this loop this summer. If you start from South Gorge Creek to Indian Oils the trail will be much easier. We got turned a couple of times from Indian Oils to Gorge Creek trail. We did talk to a Park Ranger about the problem. She said she go out and mark the trail a bit better because this is a official trail in the area.

Beautiful hike to Lillian Lake and Galatea Lakes (Lower and Upper). Took roughly 6 hours round trip, which included a picnic break at Lillian Lake and snack/water break at Lower Galatea Lake. Poles may be helpful when hiking on the scree, but otherwise a great moderate hike. Note: this area is known for avalanches, therefore expect to cross avalanche debris on the trail.

6 months ago

I didn't much like this trail. It's a long walk through the campground to even get to the trail head and it's all up hill from there with tons of scrambling with some actual climbing. Was exhausted when reached the top which took away a little from the beauty of where I was.

One of those smokey forest fire days so chose a lake over a mountain. On the trail early, ran into a large female black bear on the last bridge, her cub was up a tree behind me. A situation that had the potential for problems! But a grand day out.

6 months ago

Great overnight trip, stayed at Lillian Lake CG and did a quick hike up to stunning Galatea Lake in the morning, so worth the extra workout. Some sections are not that "moderate" especially carrying a pack, trail gets busy on weekends but is dog friendly so great if you want to bring a furry friend.

6 months ago

I found this hike very difficult, but manageable. There are some very steep parts. But the views are amazing. Going down I really had to watch my footing and really didn't get to enjoy the view. Make sure you stop every once in a while and look around!


Awesome hike. Fun caves. Bring a sweater and flash light. It's cold and dark in the cave.

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