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Great trail! Pretty busy today with hikers and back country campers! Super dog friendly! Steady incline throughout until the end it gets a bit steeper. Super beautiful scenery and river / falls all along the way! Loved this hike!

This is my absolute most favorite hike! Tons of scenery throughout the whole way which helps you not focus on the inclines throughout the entire way. You will not be disappointed!

Steep hike through out. went to lake and went back which took 4.5 hours at a steady pace. patches of gravel and boulder crossings. lake scene is worth it.

Did this one yesterday! Good for all levels. Awesome trail with awesome view. A bit crowded.

Not a very rewarding hike to say the least. The amount of incline and distance you have to travel was not worth the views of either lakes.

So so beautiful, one of my favourite hikes

on Galatea Creek To Lillian Lake

8 days ago

A steady incline going up. Overall amazing views.

absolutely amazing! despite it being +35 today we were able to enjoy the trail and the sights. Very well marked and heavily trafficked trail so you'll be sure to see a good chunk of people which can be great motivation. I would say that the trail from the parking lot to Lillian lake is moderate and the section from Lillian lake to Galatea lake is hard due to the large amount of loose rock. But it's worth is as the serenity of Galatea lake is amazing. It took us a total of 4 hours (2h each way) plus an hour break at the lake. would definitely do this one again!

Pretty steady climbing the entire way. Underwhelmed by Lillian lake personally, the extra climb (it’s hard) to Galatea Lake makes it all worth it.

Easy hike I assume if you are not carrying 40 lbs. of toddler. Best scenery in Kananaskis going up with great lake scenery at top.

A tough hike for me but I did it!

Finished the loop today with my family (husband and teenagers). Flat portion in had quite a few cows in the pasture, so you had to watch where you stepped. The gorge is really beautiful. Entering the fork in the road we chose to hike the loop counter clockwise (right). A few grizzly tracks in the wet portions of the trail, but they were old and the only animals we saw were the cows and a grouse. Good elevation up to the top will get you feeling like you are burning calories but stunning views once you get there. Nicely maintained trail, well marked, saw two other people at the top.

Easy hike... Nice views...

16 days ago

Beautiful trail, scramble at the top can be pretty difficult but my dog made it up! Definitely recommend!

19 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful views all the way up of Mt. Romulus, Remus, Glasgow, Cornwall, Fullerton, and Banded Peak pokes through near the ridge. The ridge is a fun scramble in places but not for the faint of heart. Good sturdy hikers or trail runners are recommended. The full ridge does not have to be done, easily a 6-8k return hike up to the ridge and back down to the trail head parking lot. Not busy at all for Tuesday. Only saw 9 other hikers and one dog all day.

Bring a bike for the first bit. Bring a flashlight for the cave. It doesn’t go very far in, just past where
you can see the entrance and it is worth making it to the end (that’s where the ice is).

Definitely better to bike the first 5km. Open, gravel trail. Lots of oil/gas stations in the way, which was a turn off. The cave itself is very neat, and bigger than we expected. We didn't go to the next Chambers as the pass is very narrow and we did not have any experience in exploring caves. Overall,it is an interesting hike for those who seek a different spot to explore (other than lakes, summits and waterfalls). Bring gear to explore the caves, including headlamps, extra clothes, cloves, helmets.

Just completed it July 29/18. The hike is great lots of amazing scenery. It is a challenging trail as there is steady elevation gain throughout the entire trek in, few down hill, and few flat spots. Lots of different age ranges and fitness levels on the trail. Ran into another hiker about every 5 min mid day very few towards dinner. The trek from Lillian lake to Galatea is the real challenge. A tonne of elevation gain over a short distance and the unstable rock can be hard on the ankles. But the lakes are worth it, definitely go for the extra 15-20 min walk to get to the second lake. 3 hours with breaks to get to third lake from parking lot. About 1.5 hours back.

Did this hike July 26, 2018 with our kids (14 and 16). Beautiful hike, the extra effort from Lillian Lake to Galatea lake definitely worth it. We took our time going up, taking breaks to enjoy the scenery, 3.5 hours in, 2 hours out. Would do it again and stay the night at Lilian Lake. Campsites look great. Bathroom didn’t have toilet paper so be sure to bring your own.

Day hike review. My husband and I started the hike at 9am, and got to Lillian Lake at 10:45. We then proceeded to the upper Galatea Lake to eat lunch (it was 3 hours in by the time we started to head back). The trail is beautiful, well maintained, and lots of variety. Glad we started early because a lot of people were heading in as we were leaving.

July 28/18 - Beautiful hike to an amazing lake! Trail was super busy today, lots of hikers & dogs. Campground was also busy. Gorgeous lake that was well worth the hike up there.

Meh, boring

Beautiful wildflowers and Vistas! Lovely little trail for all age and skill levels. Save time to play at the canyon/creek at the bottom.

28 days ago

great hike and amazing view at the top!

28 days ago

Awesome hike! Pretty cool scrambling at some points near the top!

29 days ago

Beautiful, I’d do it again in a heartbeat

30 days ago

Went up for sunset last night. Beautiful views most of the way. I would suggest it may be a better sunrise hike next time. Don’t be intimidated by this app saying the hike is 21km. You can stop anytime along the ridge. We hiked for 4 hours and tracked 12.4km.

Did this one as a beginner, it was difficult for my skill level but I did just fine (I was also carrying an backpack for an overnight stay so that made it a bit more difficult) but it’s a very beautiful hike and I would recommend staying the night and waking up to see the sun rise over the mountains! Amazing!

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