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Super fun slots! It’s super important that you have a map downloaded - the trail juts straight downward into the wash pretty quickly after you start so watch for that. I’ve only ever done Spooky first and then Peek and I still recommend it that way personally. You’ll climb up through spooky - it wastes no time getting skinny and there’s a nasty little up climb at the end. We brought a pull cord for a group of newbies and it helped perfectly. Then a hike up a sandy hill and through a Mesa between the two slots (this is where a downloaded map will be super helpful - you do not want to get lost on that hot exposed Mesa rock). We descended down into Peek which is beautiful! Took some time at the end with the pretty arches and then on to the downward climb out of peek.
I’ve seen tons of people get themselves psyched out at the entrance of Peek when they attempt to go up it first which is why I like to do Spooky first.
Also two side notes:
1) bring plenty of water! We stashed a pack for our group near peek entrance and carried just what we needed for the slots. You’ll need water - don’t under estimate it!
2) We’ve taken 2 dogs (both were already active and avid hikers) through here twice - one 50 lb and one 14 lb doggo. I highly recommend Ruffwear’s webmaster harness for any bigger dog - it’s got a handle on the top and wraps nicely around the front and second half of their body so you can easily life them to and fro when needed (mostly through spooky). My little dog acts like both canyons are nothing :) bring stuff for their paws (mushers or shoes) as the sand and rock is rough on paws. It’s extra physical work to have a dog so you can help them, so if you don’t want the extra work, leave them home :)

Hiked Zebra today (4.20.18) and the slot is currently bone dry. This is after the rain passed through the area earlier in the day. We did hear reports from others that Tunnel had waist deep water so opted out of that one for today. If you take a pack, make sure its compact, otherwise you can leave at the opening, as it gets extremely narrow. The slot itself is maybe 0.1 mile, but well worth the trek!

The Wave is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Our permits were for late March. The weather was perfect, it drizzled at times which kept the temperature perfect. We didn't use a compass or GPS... probably would've found it faster if we had. It was a rough hike for the non-hiker in the group.

6 days ago

Such an amazing place to push your limits! I did the whole Paria canyon and buckskin gulch in a five day trip in mid March, and it was incredible. Can’t wait to go back. I’m 5’ 10”, and the water level in some places were up to my chest. Weather was kinda cold but not freezing.

Amazing! Easy hike but be very very careful with navigation, you can get lost easily.

Amazing hike!! Did this in April, Started from wire pass and went right at the fork. Saw petroglyphs in many of the rocks. Didn’t see any other hikers until about 6 miles from the camp. There is tons of water anywhere from ankle to shoulder deep. The water is ice cold! Only one pool was difficult due to sticks and logs gathered at the end of it. We got to the huge boulders and didn’t have rope, we found a small hole and got through super easily. Highly recommend this hike!!!

This was a hike that was beautiful and a good workout that ended at one of the most beautiful natural shrines I have seen. A highlight on a trip full of great hikes!

12 days ago

Great Experience for a small group!!

Hiked through both a day after a pretty big rain. It was already dried out just a few puddles. Total time from Escalante was 5 hrs, 1 hrs drive each way and about 3 hrs to do both canyons and the alternate one as you get to the bottom of the wash. Peekaboo had a moderately challenging rock scramble to get into but was otherwise fun and quick. Follow the cairns to find spooky at the end of a wide sandy wash. Spooky is narrow, tight and longer. I'm not sure how it would work if it was crowded in there had to take my small pack off for about half of the canyon. Hit peek first then spooky and have fun.

on Wire Pass Trail

13 days ago

so we went today 3/29/18. Quite a bit of people with kids and a couple of dogs. there was alot of water pools. We ended up going 3pools in and went back and up the other smaller half which was absolutely beautiful and hardly any water.

one of our all time favorites. takes some time to drive the 26 mile dirt rd to the trail head, but worth every bump and other trails u can hit along the way. We were lucky to find someone on the trail who had been her before, not always clear where the trailhead begins, and some distance between the two slot canyons in this area, so get good maps to aid you.

Did the 40 mile throug hike from Wire pass to Lee's ferry in 2016. Best day hike is going in from the north down to the confluence and back out. about 14 miles total I believe. Beautiful, narrow canyon starts about 4 miles in or so. Great hike but you're in a muddy river for prob 25 straight miles once in there. Hiking water shoes a must! Stay away from the big boulders in the water! downstream and to the side of them is where the deep muck is! Drinking water is scare so pack a lot of it in. Most important is to watch the weather VERY closely. Nowhere to hide for many stretches in there if it floods. No cell communication down in there so someone will have to hike out for help.5 days was perfect. Day 5 hike out is a long, hot one out into the desert for sure. Beautiful hike though!!! Happy trails!

20 days ago

One of the best hikes ever. you are rewarded with the Colorado River at the end.

Challenging for me so I am glad I did it. If you are short you will need help getting up some of the areas. I was also surprised by the people who brought toddlers who were very scared. Went the first part of spring break. I would have had more claustrophobic issues if there were more people in it.

The road from hwy 12 to the trail head was terrible driving on it, 26 miles of wash board road. I was driving an AWD, CRV and it was still yucky. Parts of it you can go faster and it would help with minimizing the shaking but parts of it you had to slow down. It took a while to drive it, so be sure you’re not in a hurry when going there because it will take time to and from. I parked at the parking lot right before the road got really rough (the last turn off before the trailhead) and then we just walked the last mile to the trail head. The hike to and from the slot canyons, not too bad, just follow the cairns. I downloaded a map and studied it prior to going so I had an idea of where things were and could easily refer to he map if needed. We had a fantastic time hiking these slot canyons. We ended up doing three of the four in the area, dry fork, peekaboo and spooky slot canyons. Dry fork, easy peasy, no obstacles great for all ages, it started off wide and by the time we finished the walls were about three to four feet apart (the hike in it was in and out). It was a pretty slot canyon, great for photos. Peekaboo and spooky (the hike we did it as a loop together), they were challenging indeed. It was like an obstacle course. There were a few times I doubted my strength, but was able to do it with the help of others. If I’d do it again, I would take a rope. And be sure to have others with you, not a go at it alone type of hike, because there times that the two us needed others help to get through some of the challenging sections. When we went (spring break) it was busy lots of people, go early so you’re not having to wait too long when you get to the narrow parts where only one person can pass at a time. The were only three spots that had water that we had to avoid getting wet feet, but overall it was pretty dry in all three slot canyons. We had a great time, we would totally do it again. Enjoy!

Great hike for families with teens. Lots of scrambling, a deep canyon, and the reward of the Colorado river at the end. Took us an hour down and 40 Minutes back. Great quick hike!

Amazing slots! Some technical scrambling, mostly in Spooky, but very doable. Some areas of standing water, but not more than ankle deep when we were there. Most were easily passable.

Some tips:
- We have a AWD sedan that did great on Hole-in-the-Rock Road, but couldn’t make it the last 0.75 mile to the TH due to deep holes. We ended up walking to the TH. There is a small parking lot for cars that can’t make the last bit.
- We did get a little lost trying to find the connecting trail between Peekaboo and Spooky. Downloading a map or bringing GPS would be very helpful.
- Definitely bring shoes with good traction to help climb the sandy rocks. Tennis shoes probably won’t cut it on certain parts.
- We brought our 6 month old in a pack, and ended up carrying him ahead of us through most of Spooky. There were a lot of families with young children who had to lift them up and down several parts as well. Just be aware.

I loved this hike! I’d definitely do it again. Easily one of the coolest slots I’ve done.

23 days ago

Really fun hike that we did as a family - mom, dad, twin 8 year olds and a five year old. Handled the drop with a little assist from 6’4” dad and then further into the slot canyon. The kids loved it. We ate a snack at the T junction then went up the Gulch to the left. A bit of loose sand and called it quits and turned back around after about 10 minutes. Others went to the right and found pools of icy cold water but navigated them okay. We opted to go over the hill on the way back instead of scrambling back up the 8 foot drop. Great views and kids had fun scrambling up the slick rock. All did great, with about 4.5 mikes total and 3 hours - although short legs and side track climbing make us a bit slow :).

Such a beautiful hike with lots of great camping spots throughout! Water shoes are a must since you’re crossing over the river every few minutes to stay with the trail. A few tricky climbs along the way, but definitely doable if you’re confident scrambling.

Very beautiful hike! But I didn’t expect so many rock to climb & some hazardous path.

My wife & my step mother + father couldn’t make all because at the middle we found a pretty high wall to climb down. I finally finish this track alone!

The canyon is very impressive!

The ride out on hole in the rock road was a bit rough. The hike was one of the highlights of our trip. My 5 year old did awesome with a hand at a few spots. Downloading the map beforehand is a good idea.

Great introduction to slot canyons. Not for everyone due to one tricky 8 ft drop you go down then up. But we did it! Aged 9-45 and I’m a big guy. If u can do it the payoff is well worth it!

25 days ago

Loved this hike. Starts out rather bland, but there are the cool rock formations all over with the layered colors, stripes, etc, during the entire hike prior to the slot. Wire pass does include a slot canyon that has very high walls in a tight space. Go into the slot regardless if you can make the 8 foot drop. You can enjoy the awesomeness of the Antelope Canyon-like slot, and go back and go around the slot. As you are going toward the slot the walk around is on the right. My wife and I went around going down, as I believe going down the 8 foot drop is harder thatn going up. On the way back we went up the 8 foot climb up a branch that is wedged in place. Took some effort, but not bad. The ending is rewarded with the incredibly huge canyon walls at the convergance to Buckskin Gulch. No water anywhere in Wire Pass or at the convergence when we went in late March. You can go upstream at Buckskin without water or very little. But downstream, the deeper "puddles" waist high start at about 50 yards in. Worth going a bit upstream on Buckskin if you have time. You feel very small at the convergance area. Awesome stuff.

26 days ago

Best day hike I have done. I hiked BG in March. The first hour was dry. The second hour was in and out of a couple dozen pools that ranged from knee to waste deep (I am 5’6”). My neoprene socks and pants helped me stay warm because it was 30 degrees but my feet stayed numb throughout because I only went with 2mm. My bf had 5mm and was much more comfortable. After an hour in the pools, the canyon opens up and I warmed up a bit but quickly hit the deeper pools known as the cesspools which are chest and neck deep. One has a rock slide into the pool which if you slide down it will submerge you. If you stay to the left there are small steps down and the left side is slightly higher (stay to the right on the return). Started at 8:30AM and got back to the trailhead at 4:20PM. I didn’t use poles so my knees and ankles were sore the next day. We only saw one other couple during the hike and were mostly alone with the exception of some people at the beginning of the trail.

27 days ago

Amazing trail. Go for it, no doubt!
Keep right when it is hard ;)))

Great hike with breathtaking views— we took the lower route that lead to the Grand Canyon. Overall, this is a moderate hike but can get quite difficult at particular drops that require climbing and maneuvering. Be sure to leave with ample time to reach the Colorado river and return (~2 hours). Limited shade with no paved trail— keep right!

It wasn’t great at first but got much better the further you go towards the river and much more difficult. Stay to the right on the largest drops and you can find an easy path down.

We did the 2-canyon loop with our two girls (aged 5 and 9) in 3 hours and had the time of our life. Before you venture into Peakaboo and Spooky be aware that:

• you’ll drive Hole-in-the-Rock road comfortably with a 4WD. It’s about an hour from Escalante to Dry Fork. The last mile to the TH is only accessible by 4WD.

• when you enter the canyons you soon realize some parts are technically challenging. You’ll need to be fit and agile enough to pull yourself up on your arms, jump down a 10ft wall or wiggle your body through very narrow slots (10-15”). We saw a relatively fit man in the mid 30s panicking that he couldn’t make it through (he did eventually). If you can, travel with someone else: an extra arm can be very handy.

• the canyons are one-way only, once you’re in (especially Spooky) you’ll need to go all the way to the other end for 200-500m, there’s no turning back. They can get crowded too and negotiating narrow passages can be challenging at times: be patient and allow plenty of time. We did the loop clockwise, following the advice of the rangers at the VC.

• when we visited, both canyons had knee-deep water in many spots. Ask at the visitor center in Escalante about weather conditions and accessibility. We wore sturdy Keen sandals with a good grip, and we had a much easier time than people in hiking shoes. Saw a few kids hike bare foot.
• make sure to download the trail map before getting to the trailhead. There’s no signal in Dry Fork and finding the path connecting Peekaboo to Spooky, without taking the long trail extension to the north, would have been challenging.

It was a fantastic adventure and unlike anything you’ll see if you mostly hike the national parks in the area.

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Difficult and occasionally scary rock scrambles but not strenuous. Beautiful views and not overcrowded.

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