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20 hours ago

Did this trail today, was defenitly a challenge for the cardio. I would rate this as moderate not easy. I found the Hope Lookout trail was easier and it's rated as moderate. Amazing views along the way.

Beautiful. Bring water as it can get hot along the trail. Switch backs in some areas help with the slight incline.

Smokey but amazing hike! The flowers in the meadows were spectacular and even though it was smokey, the views were fantastic. Trail gets a bit muddy in spots past Conflict lake, and the last water crossing was a bit tricky but the views at Ring lake made it all worth it. Bring bug spray and bug nets if you have them.

A great local walk/hike. Recommended if you live close. Nicely kept trails and really nice surroundings. But a little too short in distance.

3 days ago

Awesome hike for views and trail is beautiful. The only downside is that it's busy. The Forest was lovely and we did this pretty quick with our three year old but he's pretty adventurous! check us out @loewenlife for quarry rock and others! Parking is difficult, try to go early.

Fun enough

4 days ago

amazing views

4 days ago

Awesome trail! Well marked and super fun. We went up from the top of alpine way instead. Took us two and a half hours to get up (9km). Pretty easy sailing until the end which was really hard to get over the rocks. About an hour and a half to get to our car.

Pure Hell wasn't far from the truth. Although I wasn't feeling the best we all powered through it. Amazing waterfalls all along the way and the lake was stunning, a few of us even went for a swim. I thought the first half was hard enough.. and then you start the second half

6 days ago

Great trail! The lake view is worth the hike. The trail is well marked, just follow the orange markers.

You climb the first two kilometers then it is mainly flat for about three kilometers. After that the climbing start, except for the short distance through the meadow, all the way to the lake. The climb through the boulder field to the lake is not bad.

Bring bug and bear repellent. There are a lot of bugs and, although we did not see a bear, another group did.

6 days ago

One of the most beautiful destinations I've ever hiked to! Highly recommend - it wasn't TOO difficult with just a day pack. Bring lots of water, warm layers for the top and bug spray! Hiked this in late July in 32° weather.

8 days ago

great 1/2 day hike, 8.2 km one way, took us 3.5 hours to hike up, smoke from wild fires obscured the view so we will definitely do it again when there is a good view,

This is the most rewarding hike I’ve done in BC yet! Truly stunning! It took me about three hours up and about the same down, however I was solo so probably a bit quicker than average. I wore my vibrams five fingers very comfortably until I was at the lake where there’s a lot of loose sharp rock, but nothing unmanageable. I had lots of bug spray and an Off clip on repellant so I wasn’t bothered by bugs at all until I got to the top and met the lazy deer flies, that being said they didn’t bother me too much. I would also recommend bringing a sweater because the glacier creates this nice cool breeze at the top. It is also uphill this whole time so be prepared for that, but it will totally be worth it!

8 days ago

We went up on August 6th. The snow was gone, the flowers were in bloom, and it was hot as heck. Bring extra water!

beautiful hike!! felt a little ruined by the end but well worth it

We really enjoyed this trail. Scramble at the end was trying but for the rest it was scenic and peaceful.

Did this hike on August 2, 2018. Difficult drive to lower lot if not in a a four wheel drive vehicle. From the trailhead at the lower lot the first kilometer is tough (steep) but doable. The trail is marked with orange markers and fairly easy to follow. But some of the markers are on fallen trees. I would recommend looking at the description of this hike on Vancouver Trails for more details of the drive to the lot and the hike. Incredible views! Well worth it!

11 days ago

Beautiful hike and views! The lake is amazing, not an easy hike but very worth it!

12 days ago

Amazing hike. We went beyond Wedgemount Lake and hiked up to the glacier itself. It is worth the extra 1.5kms, as there is a glacier pond and less attacking deer flies at the glacier. Amazing views.
For sure be ready for a full 1200m assent (a bit more to get to glacier), often on soft footings (sandy or loose gravel) and at other times stepping up and over rock face. Nevertheless, this was one of the spectacular hikes I have done.

12 days ago

Tough hike with an overnight pack! Pretty relentless in the current heat but worth it in the end for an epic camping spot, view of the lake and dip! It took us 4hr 15mins up with a quick stop for lunch. It would be faster with a day pack. It’s mostly all a climb apart from a short flat section in the middle, the last 30min climb over the boulders is tough when your energy is low after the rest of the hike but it’s great if you really want to challenge yourself. I drank 2.5 litres of fluids going up so take plenty of water, we refilled in the lake and boiled water for cooking and used aqua tabs for drinking water for the way down. It took us 3hrs 37min down with hardly any stopping. The down is hard on your legs & ankles, wear proper hiking boots! Too many people on the trail with unsuitable shoes, lots of people turning back when they realise how hard it is. Lots of bugs throughout, the first 2 thirds were black flies which didn’t seem to bite, the final third and at the top were all mosquitos and we got bitten loads even with bug spray. We saw lots of Pika and the waterfall is epic so do look out for that to the right from a clearing about 2 thirds up. Stop at Dusty’s BBQ in Creekside for nachos to refuel for the journey home.

Hiked the High Note trail yesterday. Pretty busy at the start but it thinned out. Fantastic displays of wild flowers on the Cheakamus Lake side. Took 2 1/2 hours from the top of Whistler Mountain.

13 days ago

Great hike with variety and fantastic views! Our pace was slower then normal so our timing is reflected in this. 2 hr 45 min in the trees to the campsite and this was the most incline with well placed switch backs. The creek had running water and the campsite included an outhouse and bear cache! Nice little set up. We dropped our bags and continued on. Opens up to meadows and some views! Eventually you will see a stream on the right, it was a cooking hot day so we stopped to enjoy the freezing chill! Carried on, and the path turns to rocks for the remaining ascent. False summit with great views after 1.5 hours and then walk along the rocky ridge another 30 minutes to the summit to enjoy the incredible views! Soak it in but make sure you take bug spray - they were pretty bad at the camp site, along the hike and at the summit. Not unbearable for me, but everyone has different tolerance levels. No wind when we were up there, but I’ve heard it can be windy... which would help with the bugs. ;) After the campsite you are out in the sun for the remainder, so keep that in mind if it’s a hot day. One person in our group really felt the heat, slower her down and needing lots of water. We did refill at both the stream and creek - filtering the water before drinking it. We did notice pink in the snow higher up. Keep in mind the creek could dry up so don’t depend on the water, make sure you bring extra - we happened to know there was water as a friend had just been up. We stayed overnight in the camping area, enjoyed a relaxing morning before continuing our descent, ready for a swim in lighting lakes! I’d love to go back in the fall to see the larches!

13 days ago

Amazing hike today from Chilliwack Lake day use to Radium Lake. 20Km round trip. Tons of flora and fauna, fungi, meadows, berries, and mud. The black flies came out in the afternoon but otherwise no bugs.

The lake may not be the nicest you’ve seen but the journey is worth it. If you have a machete, bring it and use it. As stated in other reviews some areas are very overgrown. You have some very boggy marshy area so make sure to wear high ankle waterproof boots. You go through an impressive patch of nettles and devils claw that is very, very overgrown.

Lots of log bridges, creeks and streams, gorgeous meadows and camp pads and a bathroom at Radium.

14 days ago

Fun hike and beautiful look out once you reach quarry rock but I’d put this more as moderate for families as there are a ton of stairs to climb which may not be great for young kids, varied ability or older adults. Can get pretty packed with people in the summer.

Albeit a busy day on the mountain the trails seemed unaffected and enjoying.

15 days ago

Really great hike, Views are amazing!!!!!!!

It’s considered to be one of the hardest hikes. It’s challenging, don’t get me wrong, but I felt some other reviews built up that part a bit... so if your on the edge and worried it’s to hard, just do it. (Did a day hike)

Bring a light sweater, when the sun isn’t shining can get a little chilli at the top only.

Only negative, there are some big dear flies at the top, and some smaller horse flies in the way up/down. Bring bug spray

Amazing view and wonderful hike!

Fun hike ending at a gorgeous lake. And there were marmots up there too!

We did it as a day hike, which is doable but pretty tough.

The trail was absolutely plagued by mosquitoes and big black flies, and they both swarm you whenever you take a break. We were not prepared for this, which took all of the fun out of the descent.

All in all an amazing day hike that was made slightly worse by our lack of preparedness .

21 days ago

actually quite impressed!

on Eaton Lake

24 days ago

whopping 961m elevation gain in such a short time was intense at times but totally manageable.

flies were a bit crazy but they weren't biting just landing on us, was driving me nuts having them in my hair and around my ears so threw on my buff and problem solved.

lake was...gorgeous, deep, and chilly. exactly what you need after hiking in 32 degree weather.

lounged about on the first rocks you hit when you get there. initially we attempted to find somewhere a little more secluded around the right side of the lake but there's no real trail and bushwacking was needed which isn't really good for the plants or for our legs covered only by shorts. that being said there was maybe four people there at two different times so it felt private enough

took about three hours up and two down but we definitely took our time and didn't rush

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