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Short hike but good workout! lots of rock scaling.. good hiking shoes and water a must. Took 1 hour going moderate speed to get to top and 25 minutes to go down going fast. No problem with parking mid week at 10 am. This hike wouldn't be fun in the heat. Very steep sections.

did this hike MLK weekend 2018 and it was great!

As a novice hiker, I loved this trail. The beginning in and out of the wash felt tough for me at first, but after that, I started to get the hang of it.
The trail isn’t always super clear, but it’s populated enough so you get a sense of how to right your lefts and all that jazz.
I am hoping that the next time I’m back here, it’ll feel much easier! So proud of myself for having accomplished this one and enjoyed the beautiful views.

Bring a pair of gloves! I brought my fingerless weightlifting gloves and cut up my finger tips. Amazing hike! Take it easy going up there and listen to your body. I thought it would be extremely difficult, but this felt like a moderate hike for me. 3/4ths of the way up was rock scrambling. Also bring good sturdy shoes for traction. Gym shoes won't cut it.

Loved the challenge and the views from the top! Good traction on your shoes and a backpack with 2 liters of water are going to help you here! This trail is very crowded even on weekdays, so not the hike for you if you want solitude or don’t like lots of moving out of the way for other hikers (uphill has the right of way!) Other hikers are very friendly and encouraging.

The descent is incredibly dangerous. I slipped on a boulder and was an inch away from bashing my skull into another boulder. Easily the most difficult trail in Phoenix, so be careful!

Was a awesome climb and beautiful day with my

I just hiked this trail in mid-January. It started out kind of flat with not much to look at. Then, the trail began to gain a little elevation, slowly by slowly. As the elevation gained, the scenery just kept getting better and better. After about the first mile or so, the red rocks rose right in front of me as the sound of the water was heard below. There was not another soul in sight as this became one of the most magical hikes I have done in a while. After about 3 1/2 miles I reached the pools that this hike is known for. I did not expect such a stunning sight. I strongly recommend this hike.

2 days ago

A family favorite as it is close to home but quiet enough to feel removed from the hustle and bustle of “suburb/city life”. Various trails boasting different arboreal species makes this park reserve nearly impossible to tire of, and perfect for an afternoon stroll through the woods. Yes, certain times of the year are more dreadful for flies, but it can be alleviated with adjusting your plans to come in a different season to avoid this annoyance.

My favorite hike in the valley! It is definitely a climb, but so much fun! I highly recommend taking an Uber to the trail head due to limited parking.

Tougher than expected and way better than I thought going in. I prefer Echo Canyon over Cholla Trail personally, we did both on our trip. Make sure to arrive early if you want to park in their lot. It’s not very big and fills up fast. We got there at 10am on a Friday and got one of the last spots. When we left, the lot was full. I recommend a camelback (or knock off) backpack and good hiking boots. Saw a lot of people without either but honestly, it made it easier.

Did this hike to check it off my Phoenix bucket list but was fairly underwhelmed. For the hype and popularity, especially as a tourist attraction, I would NOT recommend this hike to most. I saw many older individuals, young children, or just tourists in non-athletic clothing (think: skinny jeans and flat-bottom sneakers) who seemed to be struggling or were at risk for falling/injuring themselves. The hike itself isn't difficult in terms of length or even elevation (although I am an avid hiker), but more the scrambling and climbing over rocks. The views at the top were definitely nice but at the cost of feeling more "urban" than a hike out in nature. If you were looking for amazing views, I would recommend South Mountain or even Tonto/the Superstitions area.

I went on a Saturday so there was no parking. Also saw some firefighters doing a rescue, which I later learned happens quite frequently - another reason why I would not recommend this hike to the "average person," per se.

This was definitely challenging but so fun and worth it!!! There are railings to help you move along when the trail gets steep and even steps carved out at one of the inclines. There are also plenty of "rest stops" where you can hang and enjoy the view from above. However, watch out for the boulders because every time you think you're close to the top, there's another mountain of rocks you must overcome! I recommend the song "The Strong Will Continue" by Nas & Damian Marley to help you persevere to the top (and for the hike back down)! The view from the summit was breath-taking! I highly recommend Camelback Mt and will be going back and perhaps try the Cholla trail next time I'm in Scottsdale!

Great morning hike. We went early to avoid crowds and the reviews don’t lie. By 9 the parking lot is filling up. We were approximately 1.5 hours. There were many tail runners and people of all ages and physical abilities. A long rock scramble up that will get your legs working but worth the mile to half mile climb for the amazing 360 views at the top. Many people including us carrying their kids up in front or back carriers. A must do if you are in the city.

Awesome hike, steep, lots of bouldering, lots of other friendly hikers, spectacular views all the way up but especially from the top!

Difficult for bad knees

This is an easy trail to do. It is pretty well marked. The other reviews said the parking lot was small and it was but we found a spot right away. The pools are pretty cool but could be easily missed if you are en route to other trails!

Great, fun climb! Started at 9:30am today (Monday in January), found parking in the first lot. Wasn't busy at first, but on the way down it was more so. 2/3 of the hike up is going up large rocks and boulders (or at least it felt like it!). Wear shoes with good grip, bring water, and take your time!

Awesome hike...more of a climb / rock scramble, but doable, and definitely worth it. The scenery and views are spectacular. Got there at 8:30 AM Monday and had plenty of parking. Took us 1 hour and 45 minutes up, and an hour plus down. ..and we’re in our mid-50’s and pretty decent shape. Highly recommend this fun and challenging hike.

1/4/19 - Great short hike pretty much uphill the whole time with some rock scrambling for a good portion of the trail. But the steepest parts have a railing to hold on to so it’s pretty safe. Highly recommended. Saw people of all ages hiking from 5-6 years to 60+. The only reason I gave it less than 5stars was because there were so many people. Luckily I went with a friend who had his gf drop us off and pick us up so we were able to take the echo trail up and the cholla trail down which have different trail heads which was also a plus for me to be able to take both trails.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail! Amazing views for a short distance! This trail has it all! We completed it in 3.5 hours with a nice lunch break by the water!!

a nice hike in Phoenix

This trail is a lot of fun. If you live in The Valley you have to do this trail! Definitely not a good option for kids for anyone who has limited mobility though.

A lot of boulders to scale over so a rugged climb but a good challenge. Also has some steep inclines and beautiful views especially at the top. My best hike to date challenge and scenery wise.

1/4/19 - Great little hike in Phoenix. Easy to get to. Took the echo trail up and the cholla trail down. Worked out perfectly. Very crowded though. Trail had a couple of steep sections but had railings to assist the climb and a few spots where you need to do a Little Rock scrambling. Overall not too difficult though. Gorgeous views of the 4 peaks at the top as well.

Hiked this on 1/3/19 with a friend who lives in town. He hikes it 2-3 times per week! Definitely challenging, but worth it. We found a spot in the upper lot (9am) but it was getting full. Took us 2 hours total. Gorgeous hike and fun to scramble. Bring a pack with water. Watch your step!

Keep an eye out for the pools, very easy to miss if your passing through heading to other trails. A must see

Honestly got a little lost because this is a poorly marked trail but well trafficked so we weren’t wandering alone lol. We used the AllTrails app to stay on track which helped a lot!!! Also this app doesn’t mention the hidden slot canyon in between Soldiers Loop. This is probably why we got lost but we wandered in between the loop to where we were told it was and eventually found it but there really isn’t a trail so good luck! Definitely recommend but be smart and use a map

Conquered this hike! Loved it!

So beautiful and wonderful with two kids under 4

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