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Moderately difficult. We found this trail a bit rocky in places but not as steep as Old Baldy. I still can’t figure out why the trail isn’t marked.

I explored Ridge Line Trail then decided to go Quilter's Trail to Coyote Wash. Ended up on the main trail. Enjoyed the views,terrain and that walk in the wash was unexpectedly amazing! Follow the mule tracks!!

I’ve done this trail a few times. I prefer going clockwise so I go down on the steep part from Kent Spring to Sylvester Spring. I like the scenery and the vegetation. Creek was running today which was nice.

9 days ago

great trail, awesome views.

Backside views are beautiful.

12 days ago

Good Hike. Unlike other comments, going to the top of Wasson peak was not the best part of this trail. The view was OK at the top, but the hike up had much better moments. I do think this trail is the more scenic way up the mountain.

Great trail. First part is like a stairmaster. Mileage is approximately 1 mile longer than stated. Still worth the trip. Will do it again and again.

beautiful views

Gorgeous views!

Cool day trails are busy nice travel up switchbacks good views once saddle is reached. No paper to write on in the register on summit. 9.6 round trip 2,000 elevation gain.

24 days ago

Make sure you bring good shoes, gorgeous scenery, and a bit challenging.

Hugh Norris is 9.8 not 8.9. Nice trail; lots of stairs. Can be really windy on the peak!

Great views of Tucson most of the way. Really awesome view from the top. Watch your feet and hold on to your hat. It was pretty windy at the top and I biffed it 3 times along the way. Still a nice hike.

Just shy of 4 hours round trip. Like other said this trail starts moderate but the last mile is pretty tough. If you're not used to loose rock trails you'll want to take it slow or you might slip in several places. Nice views of the whole Tucson area but the peak itself isn't all that interesting a place in my opinion. Also, the trail is marked well and very easy to follow.

Great escape with great views. Walking through Coyote Wash Trail alone was terrifying for me. I'm overly alert when I'm alone and easily startled. Good times, though.

on Hugh Norris Trail

1 month ago

I did this hike solo in just under 5 hours. It was absolutely stunning. The scenery was amazing. The hike isn’t technical or overly difficult, just long and sunny. Bring lots of water and lunch so you can eat it atop Wasson Peak and enjoy the view.

Loved the hike.
Went there twice and will do so again next trip.

We loved it. Great views.

Giving it 1 star to highlight that this trail doesn't really exist. You cannot get through to the starting point; it goes through a gated community.
Then, as noted in another review, there are no hot springs.
This being said, if you head to the regular Agua Caliente trail, it is great. Really nice views of the valley (and yes, trail is not best from March to October ... way too hot, as I found out yesterday).
So in summary, pretty much everything in this trail description needs to be updated :)

great hike!!! Went clockwise and stopped at Bog springs first.. went onto Kent springs and finished thru Sylvester springs. Miles were very close to what it says and so was altitude. Has alot of shade and today is was 70 degrees when we started. We are slow so took us 4 hours but that included alot of stops to enjoy the views.

Very scenic hike - from the perspective of the mountains themselves, the breathtaking views from elevation, and the vegetation. Not difficult from a climbing perspective, but a long slog with virtually no shade (was like a long cool drink of water when a cloud passed over on the way back) - recommend doing in early morning or when temps are a little lower.

Great lollipop trail. We went clockwise one the loop. Climb was difficult and decent was steep. Great views, nice change of scenery, cool breeze.

7 months ago

Best hike in Saguro

Awesome views

Total hiking time around 4 hours round trip... spent about 45 minutes enjoying the summit. Not too strenuous but it’s a pretty long trail overall. Once you reach the base of Wasson Peak itself from the Sweetwater/King trail junction, the hike intensifies considerably and has quite a bit of loose rock, so watch your footing carefully. The last quarter of a mile or so is stunning as you hike along the ridge of the peak leading to the summit. Excited to do this one again soon.

Moderate incline for the first 3 miles, with a steep finish to get to the peak. Nice views from the top. Lots of cacti and shrubs, but no real shade on this hike unfortunately. Took about 3.5 hours and I'm not very experienced.

Nice, steady climb, a few rocky areas, but not too rough overall. Good mix of sun and shade, lots of oak trees, more pines as you get to the saddle. Went back down old baldy which was much more steep. Will try the opposite route next time.

9 months ago

Was not impressed by this potential hike. Found the parking area with little trouble but could not locate the actual trail. There was no signage if any type...no trail markings....plus the terrain was very rocky with lots of “prickly” undergrowth. This trail is very remote, difficult to locate and the landscape is only mildly interesting. I would not recommend this hiking option. There are too many good options available in this region to waste ones time in this less than impressive hike.

Fun trail going up not hard at all. ran into a family of ten deer very cool to see. Made the top for a 3rd time thru a different start!! Must do again sometime!!

Bollocks to no dogs allowed... Rubbish

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