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7 days ago

Visiting near Jacksonville and Trail app directed me here. Met some hikers finishing up and recommended white/yellow trails. Nice trails meandering in woods/along creek. Easy hike with a mixture of sand and pine floors.
Evidence of horses, nice wide trails. Plenty of room for animals and man
These trails were tucked away and glad I found it on the Trails app

mountain biking
13 days ago

They made some really nice improvements to this trail. One of my favorite in Gainesville. Enough to be challenging and fun. Downhill speed by marker 6 on top of hill is sweet!

Great hike!

27 days ago

Cheating a little bit . . . we did a full day hike during a day tour from Reykjavik. Other than climbing on a glacier, the best thing we did in Iceland. Beautiful, ever-changing landscapes with multi-colored hues. Absolutely stunning. THIS is why you came to Iceland!

Short trail, the springs are pretty and worth a look.

One of my favorite trails in the area. I find it scenic especially near the Black Creek area but also at different times of year as the foliage changes—not so much colors but new growth, falling, etc. almost always see deer

Great little trial in town. Grab a map if you've never been, there are lots of side trails.

2 months ago

challenging , breathtaking. Like hiking through a painting with changing landscape around every turn.

very challenging...goes from easy to strenuous. pay attention to trail markings, signs, and the trails itself. very beautiful. wear hiking shoes. lower falls is more scenic than starting at upper falls.

Super pretty hike

Hard but beautiful. Recommended to do it during fall season.

Beautiful falls worth the effort. Regular hiking shoes will do, not too slippery.

Hiked this loop twice now and loved it both times! Went with a couple buddies and split it up over 2 nights for fun. All I can say is be prepared if you are doing the loop counter-clockwise, that elevation gain is no joke. Doing it clockwise is much easier.

My friends and I took a short hike to see two waterfalls. We loved the crisp air and the smell of nature. The trail was maintained and somewhat marked. The path was narrow and had lots of rocks that stuck out and fallen leaves. As a result, it was a bit slippery. It's easy to fall off the trail.

It is suggested to wear hiking boots or shoes with good traction, bug spray for nets, carry a stick to fight off the rattlesnakes, and use hiking poles to climb the steep trails.

Very rewarding to hike up to the upper falls. Definite strenuous, but very much worth it especially since you can take a swim in the falls to cool off when you get back down to the bottom.

Beautiful hike on a well maintained trail.

5 months ago

Great walk. We actually walked all the way to Skógar with an extra day-hike in the Þórsmörk valley. So, 7 days in total.
Truly amazing landscape but very crowded in summer (although a river crossing is easier because you'll see where others are crossing). Unfortunately no wildcamping allowed.

5 months ago

This is a fantastic hike. I would recommend hiking up to White Oak Trail from the parking lot down below. There is a $20 fee to park there, and you should arrive early parking fills up fast. Beautiful views, a steep hike up to Skyland or the parking lot on skyline Drive. Make sure you bring some swimming gear or shorts there are some areas where you can bathe in the waterfalls.

Did this as a day hike and its very hard...there is very little water to he found on the AT section..plenty if water in Campbell creek on the Mau Har part...some steep inclines and lots of rock fields to hike across...very nice views along the top and very dense forest in the bottom...be prepared for some tough hiking if you do it in a day..split overnight it shouldnt be too bad

Great loop, extremely hard, not much water on the Appalachian side but tons of water on the Mau-har side. Stared at Route56 and followed Appalachian trail to the start of Mau-har, spent the night at the shelter then finished the next day. about 10 miles first day 5.5 second. Great hike.

will def do this again!

Very beautifull trail

The hike was not bad at all. Might seem long. The hike back was harder but worth it. Our group had 3 younger boys 8, 9 and 10 year olds and they did great. Had a blast.

6 months ago

This trail is beautiful! We came through the lower parking lot. I would say this trail is moderate, there was some uphill and downhill parts and a lot of rocky areas but it was worth the hike after seeing the beautiful waterfalls. We stopped at the waterfalls on the lower part of trail and went back down. Im hoping to come back soon and do the upper part of the trail.

6 months ago

Amazing trail... only difficult in extreme weather which we encountered one day of the 4. I was initially worried about the weather as we were camping in a tent all three nights but I felt very confident in our REI Quarterdome tent with a few extra guy lines that I usually would not need in the Sierras. Anyone worried about tackling this tent camping the whole way without a guide shouldn't be. As long as you have the appropriate gear you will be fine. There is no such thing as cold, wet and miserable, it just means that you were under prepared.

The most beautiful place

6 months ago

Great views and lots of places to stop and swim!

6 months ago

I'm not exactly sure why this trail is labeled as "hard." My friend and I parked at the uphill entrance and then viewed the falls going down before going up. I usually prefer going down first if the trail is a little treacherous. Heavily traveled so if you want a really good shot, go early.

I really enjoyed this hike! Both trails require about the same amount of effort, but I recommend heading to the top first. There are a couple vistas you can hang out on, they're worth a few moments to soak it all in. Have fun!

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