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It’s a great way to see a view of the whole city! It’s pretty windy when you get to the top, so take a wind breaker!

Beautiful hike, but difficult for sure (its all inclined). It was so slippery, we had to slide back down almost the whole way. The only reason I give it a 4 star & not 5 is because you cannot hardly tell where the right trail is. We ended up going off trail & freestyling up for a good 20min of steep shrub & gravel. I will do it again when its nicer outside. :)

10 days ago

Very challenging hike....risk vs reward on this hike questionable (especially this time of year). Not well marked, scree, ice....etc. Pick another hike in Colorado....no shortage of awesome/safe hikes.

11 days ago

Really enjoyed each time we’ve visited

Great trail! Easy hike! Possibility to go off main trail with no signs/markings and many social trails. Since I had it on record I could see when I edged off the trail. Great views. I went clockwise on the loop. Next time will do the hike in the evening going counterclockwise in attempt to catch a ‘sunset’ on the upper ridge coming back to parking lot.

12 days ago

A nice little trail that overlooks 7 Falls. The scenery is perfect, overlooking Manitou and Colorado Springs in the distance.

The only thing was that the trail gets very gravelly at the top of one of the slopes. With no guard rail or anything, it could take a little miss-footing to send someone over the edge of the cliff. So be careful of that.

on Heizer Trail

13 days ago

Went today....needed spikes and poles as the trail was snowy/icy and super slick. Saw mountain lion tracks and no other hikers to speak of. Great challenging trail with stunning views

14 days ago

Just finished this trail today. After bridge 6 u need spikes on the shoes as it is really icy. We went 1 mile past bridge 7 and it was awesome. My hike today was 4.5 hours, 1,271 ascent and 4.7 miles total. Great day

14 days ago

It was my first summit hike in Colorado. Great views and a good challenge.

It was first time hiking in Garden of the Gods and this was the perfect trail. If you go early enough, we got there at 9, it wasn’t so bad. When we left at 11, it was super crowded. Next time, we’ll go even earlier.

So so trail. Lots of trash and dog waste. We also saw people carving their names into the rock at the top. Good for a quick hike/trail run. Sad that it’s so trashed. Leave no trace people!! This could be a great trail if people cared a bit more about their environment.

This is one of my favorite local hikes just did a video on it on Christmas day!!
check it out!!

Very beautiful after a light snow fall.

26 days ago

Definitely difficult. Like others have said parking is just at the intersection of two small streets. Definitely have some kind of spikes or poles. My shoes were rugged and I still had to be light on my feet on the way down. If you don’t want to see signs of civilization, this isn’t the trail for you. I enjoyed it for sure!

Love this trail and have hiked it several times over the years and seasons. Hiked this today 12/23/18 and the trail was covered in snow. Still a fantastic hike with great views at the top - lots of up hill so also a great whole body workout. If you hike this for the first time in the winter I highly recommend dressing accordingly with the right gear: Shoes that are insulated and waterproof, crampons/metal claws for your shoes (this really helps w/ ice!), wool socks, warm layered clothing, coat, gloves, beanie etc. having the right gear has made a world of difference for me with winter hikes, and makes it way more enjoyable.

30 days ago

The first half of the hike you gradually increase elevation, which can be tiring. However the second half of the hike is significantly less difficult. The path is easily distinguishable basically the entire time. Once you get to the end, it was very underwhelming. I was hoping to be able to find a way up to the reservoir but it’s city land. This hike should be a top priority if you can do others. There were some good views throughout which made up for the ending. Parking is about about 1000 feet from the trailhead but very easy to find. Parking could be very limited depending on when you go.

Loaded up the mountain bikes to ride this trail, LOL too much ice. We hiked it and would recommend bringing the spikes with you. Can't wait to ride it in the Spring! @monumentkettlebells

1 month ago

Blodgett offers decent views for Colorado. The trail's not well marked, so it's easy to get off track. Furthermore, there's a lot of loose gravel.

this is a great creek trail that fallows the valley up. we did this hike with show on the ground and several frozen spots in the creek loved it.

It was pretty, a little overrated. There are prettier hikes of that distance and difficulty at Cheyenne Canon.

Nice little hike, would do again!

it was challenging, but a great hike.

This trail had sounds of traffic most of the way up. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking to get away into nature.

1 month ago

Just finished the hike and made it up to the top with little difficulty today. We started at the trailhead on the east side and connected to the dirt road. Went slow on the climb area as there is snow that's currently in the shaded area. The top of the rock is still without snow except for the far south side.

1 month ago

Fairly intense uphill hike that starts climbing immediately. No parking at the TH, but there is a spot just down the road where you can park (maybe 1/4 mile). The snow wasn’t deep anywhere on the trail, but it was definitely slick, and trekking poles are a must. I also used Yaktracks, but they didn’t help much. Spikes would have been better in places as there is some ice under the snow spots, but there are also places without any snow or ice. Overall nice trail and easy to follow. Didn’t see a soul all day, but it was a Wednesday.

Pretty icy but the lake at then end is beautiful and it’s an easy climb

1 month ago

Definitely hard finding the trail head. But what was a great hike even with the snow and ice.

Trail extremely icy. Snow melt and refreeze creating an ice crust.

I’ve been trying to find this stinking trail head for months and was so excited to finally hike it!!! Probably not the smartest in late November seeing as it was a ton of ice and we slid the whole way. I will come back to it in the spring but this time of year I don’t recommend for kids or older people or anyone who doesnt mind falling a lot. So exciting to find all 7 bridges though.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Close to home and has about any type of trail you are looking for.

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