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on Mount Sizer Loop

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bridge out
2 days ago

There is no bridge when crossing Little Coyote Creek twice. Water goes up to knee length. Expect to be wet if going during rainy season.

Love this trail, we have done it a couple of times. Last visit 1/9/19 a day or two after rain. Small waterfalls were running. it was foggy and overcast, providing a somewhat mystical experience. Trail was not invasively muddy despite the rains. We used this trail and others in the area last winter to train for our March 2018 Machu Picchu trek.

Perfect hike! There were several waterfalls that were more impressive than i imagined! Defidently worth checking out after a few rainy days this time a year

This trail is quite good, especially after a rain. There are a series of three waterfalls that includes a stone staircase along the waterfall. The parking lot fills up quickly so, get there early before 10am. I would have given a higher rating if not for two things:
1. This is a state park and they charge $10 to park; ridiculous once you consider:
2. They do very little to maintain the trails. In the past two years, I still see the same downed trees across the trails. It would be quite simple to chainsaw away the obstructions. The management is good at collecting parking fees; quite sad.
Take the Sunset trail & Berry Creak trail, the loop is 11 miles and 1920 foot elevation gain; mainly up and down the canyons. The application trail information is totally wrong with the mileage and elevation gain.

long easy hike with great views.

treacherous and muddy in the rain.

there are a few bits where you may accidentally end up on the wrong trail, so pay attention.

Chasing waterfalls! Great views, awesome sounds and some wet feet! Aside from it being very busy, it is a must hike!

5 days ago

The trail is honestly pretty difficult, if done in a backpacking trip. My girlfriend and I went from Del Valle to Mission Peak in three days/two nights. We camped first night at Maggie's Half Acre and second night at Eagle Spring. The hike from Del Valle to Maggie's Half Acre was quite intense with elevation. Lucky for us this time of year is not too hot. Maggie's Half Acre has an outhouse and water, although the water needs to be treated before use. It also has a garbage can for you to unload some trash. The campsites were nice, and a short hike will get you to the top of Rose Peak. The second day was way worse because it rained nearly the entire way to Eagle Spring. The hike between Maggie's Half Acre and Eagle Spring starts out rather easy, going down most of the way until Sunol visitor's center. After that, though, the climbing is again quite intense. Particularly the section immediately after the Sunol visitor's center is quite steep, although it is a nice gravel trail surface. We were able to get to Eagle Spring (~15 miles) with a couple hours to spare before it got dark. This portion of the trip has some great views of both backcountry and the East Bay towns (Sunol, Livermore, etc.). The Eagle Spring camp is again rather high up. Because it was raining for us all night, it was like hell up there. Freezing, extremely windy, and raining beyond belief. If you know it's gonna rain, I would recommend avoiding this campsite as it is very exposed. But we endured the night, getting very wet in the process. In the morning we went out at Mission Peak Stanford Staging Area. The hike down from Mission Peak was extremely muddy from the previous night's rain! It took us probably twice as long as it should have to get down. But this section had some great views of the South Bay. The parking lot at Stanford Staging Area seems to always be incredibly crowded! So if you plan to park there, as we did, expect to wait 15 minutes for a spot to open up.

trail running
10 days ago

Jan 13, 2019.

Muddy, sloppy, dicey in places. Gorgeous and a ton of fun. Bring a gel or two, and at least one water bottle. Counter clockwise is the ticket. The climb on the way back from the falls is pretty mellow.

I wrote down directions and put them in a plastic bag prior. GPS for All Trails actually worked the entire time, however.

I was slow for my own pace, and some spots I couldn’t go very fast. Plus I stopped to take pictures of course.

Go a couple days after a good rain. The trail will be firmer, but the falls will be active.

If you go counterclockwise, Sunset Trail, to Berry Creek Falls (Left), to Skyline to the Sea (Left), all the way back to the Sunset trail (the way you came), you should get it done in less than 2 hours. If you’re fast, 1 1/2 hours. If you get it done in less time than 90 minutes, you’re a nut!

I did it in 1:53 minutes, 9 miles total, walked the last 0.5 because I bonked.

If you’re hiking, you should be able to get this hike done in less than 4 hours if you don’t lallygag. This IS NOT the 10.5 loop however. Don’t get confused. That loop takes longer. See my directions above. Be prepared, know where you are, and where you’re going. Don’t be a hero.

There’s a Wood bridge- big enough for cars - near the Sunset/Dool Trail Connecter. It’s a good spot to meet up with friends and get stretched out.

Happy running! Follow me on Strava!

This review is for starting at Big Basin Headquarters -> Waddel Beach

It's a moderate hike if you're doing this route, It's very very scenic and amazing. The route totals about 12 miles and is perfect for a 1 nighter if you're backpacking

If you're starting at Big Basin then you will need a permit which is easy to get and you have to park at JAY CAMP not the headquarters.

I would HIGHLY recommend to plan the logistics on who will pick you up and drop you off if you do not plan on hiking back up. There are no UBERS or LYFT there once you reach the beach. I was lucky and was able to hitch hike off a "van lifer" that just so happened to have slept at the beach the night before.

Delightful winter walk with fine views (and sounds) of the falls and the countryside (and Clayton) to the north. There was some mud in mid January but nothing we couldn't navigate. The hike is a mix of fire roads and single track. There are some steep slippery parts of the actual waterfall section of the trail so we recommend a hiking pole. Nonetheless, we did 8 miles in 4.5 hours with plenty of ooh-ahh stops so thought the trail was moderate for us.
We started at the Mitchell Canyon Nature Center and went counterclockwise (see https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/diablo-waterfall-jaunt) . This entry has a fee and the hike to the falls is longer than Regency Gate (our loop was just under 8 miles), but you get better parking, bathrooms, nature center, boot cleaning station and the satisfaction of supporting your state parks.

Really good hike for Spring! Most of the climb is in the first 3.5 miles, and it provides an excellent, less crowded backdoor to Mission Peak. The hike down from Monument peak through the Agua Caliente Trail is a real treat, with excellent views of the city. The only downside is the trails can get quite muddy right after rains.

Great hike, amazing views. Less traveled than many routes on Diablo. We had wind gusts up to 60 mph, which is unusual, but made it more adventurous. Would strongly recommend for someone who wants a decent workout in a relatively short hike.

My friend and I hiked this trail in 8 hours and 31 minutes. It was fun. The trail is 30 miles. Keep in mind my friend and I took a wrong turn which cost us valuable time. We could have hiked this trail in 8 hours if we had not wasted half an hour looking for the right path. We were racing the sun since we did it in January. The park ranger in Big Basin said we might be hiking in the dark and the risk factor was very high. We proved him wrong and finished 40 minutes before sunset.

This is a good hike,but be prepared. we hiked yesterday (8/1/18). We started at 1am and I would recommend starting between 12-1am (especially if you are planning on hiking at a 10 hour or slower pace!). The views are amazing and hiking with the moon is really cool. The way the weather is I would recommend leaving the top by 10. The 3.5 miles on the crest take a while and is dangerous when the storm starts. The last water is on switch back 23ish. It's good clean water right from a spring. If it rains the trail rivals any major water park. The trail will become a river. It rained while we were on the switch backs and you will get wet. The puddles are unavoidable. I had fun hiking and splashing on the way down in the rain. I loved this hike and would do it again.
This mountain is not a joke, if you are hiking do research, train before you go, and bring all the proper gear (a good rain coat) Be Safe and have fun.

Amazing, challenging hike with breathtaking views of the valley from Cloud's Rest. The climb at the beginning is a bit of a gut buster and I had a little trouble following the trail when I got to one of the boulder fields on the way up, but not on the way down. The reason to do this hike, though, is for the final half mile or so up the narrow spine of rock to Cloud's Rest, with a 2,000+ foot drop on either side of a trail just a few feet wide. Once at the peak, it is pretty incredible to look down upon Half Dome and Yosemite Valley.

Gorgeous trail with great wildflowers, rolling green hills and waterfalls at every step.

Just got back into hiking before Thanksgiving and this was a great hike. Challenging; but, wasn't too overwhelming. Took a little detour to the observation center to see the view. That made it worth it. Clear day and beautiful views. Was about 34 degrees when we started. Wore layers. Should have brought gloves and something to cover my ears; but, wasn't horrible. Will definitely do this one again!!

21 days ago

My wife and I did the thru hike in late December over three days/ 2 nights.

We got a late start the first day and hiked the last 2 miles in the dark to waterman gap from castle rock. This part of the hike is poorly labeled at some points, so make sure to talk with the ranger at castle rock if you have not done this hike before!

Second day we hiked to Jay camp at big basin hq. There is a store and rangers readily available in case you need anything. This night got pretty cold, but we were ok with 15 deg bags.

Last day we hiked to Waddell creek via the ridge trail, which is a few miles shorter but does about 1800 ft of elevation. This trail is very challenging and is mostly downhill. If you have any weather or are tired I would stick to the skyline to sea trail. But the views from the ridge trail are amazing!

All in all this is a great trip and well worth the effort!

23 days ago

The start and end of the trail next to the creek were the nice parts of the trail. The whole climbing seemed pointless since it wasn't very scenic either.

A day’s trip from Sunol to Rose Peak and back. It was a great hike, although I wouldn’t recommend doing this one in summer. The whole trail is really exposed with no shade whatsoever. On the other hand, when you go in winter (and like to take in the views like me) bring a head lamp. The gate opens at 8am; be there ready already. I got back at about 5.30 or 6 and it was complete dark already.

25 days ago

If you only do Fall Creek Loop it's a moderate hike, that is beautiful. Lots of rocks, roots, trees and some climbing over/under fallen trees. But a super beautiful and fun hike. there are lots of side trails you can take, just know where you are heading as some of them are pretty hard and can lead you a long way from your car!

Nice trail. First mile or so you have plenty of tree cover but the rest of the way you are totally exposed to sun. One creek for water first .5 mile up. After that no water so bring enough. Gravel trails throughout.

The most rewarding part is the last half mile! Really gets your heart going and the view was phenomenal. Cell service was also surprisingly great since I was able to facetime my parents at the top lol

Written by my awesome 6 year old: “mount Diablo was great. It was very high. A lot of falling in the process. My favorite thing was the nature. Like an animal. For example, a bird. It was a really good hike. I think you might love it.”

Loved this hike. I thought it was more of a hard hike than moderate. The incline was pretty steep.

27 days ago

Very pleasant hike through the redwoods. Long, lots of steady downhill getting to the falls, which means lots of steady uphill coming back to the park headquarters, but nothing very steep, so not super strenuous. Arrived at the trailhead on a Thursday at 8:50am and only a couple cars, but by the time we finished the hike at 1 it was pretty packed, and we saw many groups on the trail heading out as we were heading in. We did a counterclockwise loop, as recommended, avoiding a trail closure on the Sunset Connector Trail, for a total of 11.3 mi, 2331 ft of elevation change in 4 hours, 10 minutes. The waterfalls were not astounding, but they were very pretty, and there are good viewpoints of all three falls along the trail. The long trek to and from the falls through the redwoods is pleasant, although it can be a little monotonous. Overall a very nice hike, be sure to bring layers since it does get chilly in the shade of the redwoods, even on a gorgeous sunny day like today.

Great go to hike. Nice to see how the mountain is recovering after the fire.

Great Trail with beautiful waterfalls. Definitely a full day if you hike the loop.

1 month ago

Completed Dec 17th. 3 days 2 nights. We started from the Del Mar side as was highly recommend by others.

The Del Mar side packs all of the elevation gain into the first day including the dive into William's gulch. This climb is no joke, be prepared.

After Rose peak you come into a very gradual downhill scenic trail heading into the sunol wilderness area. You will cover alot of ground soaking in the best views of this trail.

Once you reach the sunol visitor center, you begin your ascent to mission hill. This is a steady climb but refreshingly easy compared to your first day.

Temps hovered around the low 60s down to the low 30s at night in mid December. We did encounter heavy rain on the last day. This trail was great besides the constant sounds of jets from the bay area.

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