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on Bayside Trail

2 days ago

Easy walk! Stunning views, cool breeze! Make sure you bring your water bottle. Enjoy!

Great hike. Hiked it this morning.

Good trail. Nice and quiet.

Wide open spaces. This is a very leisurely walk.

Good nature walk

We did this hike years ago & loved it...went again yesterday with friends visiting from Vancouver...great hike & we were lucky to get to see some big horn sheep grazing by the streams edge. Weather was perfect! Disappointed that the Oasis pool is now barricaded off from getting in the water but still an enjoyable experience :)

love this place

This is a wonderful hike, especially if you are looking for that Oasis out in the desert spot to enjoy! We hiked it in February and the weather was perfect! Starts in sand, rock and cactus and ends with palms, shade and water! We found it a very enjoyable hike!

Nice, short, easy hike with great ocean views.

Did it at sunrise and completely worth it, even with sub 20F temperatures. A great hike and beautiful view!

Very nice hike. Not one to speed through. Take the time to just stop & view the varied scenery & vistas. Alternative trail down is rocky & has enough uphill to make it interesting.

Great starter trail for those looking to start hiking or just to get out of the house. Very family friendly and a good place to take your dogs on a walk. A little over 5 miles which has awesome features including a river. If you’re bored at home I highly recommend this trail.

I wish someone would have wrote the review I'm about to write to allow you to understand the waterfall is not accessible to little kids or Senior Citizens that aren't FIT or avid hikers. The pics had us excited to take our families on this hike and enjoy the waterfall and the wonders surrounding it from the pics that have been posted. Although, it was a nice little hike it was not possible for the little kids to access the waterfall. I wouldn't recommend anyone who's younger than a teenager to try to go down to the waterfall. Climbing down there was quite dangerous and it's easy to slip on the dirt and severely hurt yourself. I wouldn't recommend going down there unless your confident that you safe and secure. It was very disappointing to the kids because it was not safe for them to climb down on their own or even with an adult so they were not happy to have to stay up on the trail. The only ones that went down there was me and my teenage son. I'm posting a picture of what the climb down looks like to the Minature Waterfall. Good Luck!
oh and if you start to hike up an incline you've gone too far and are now on the Copper creek trail rather than the Copper Creek Falls Trail. The trail is pretty much level with very little hills and bumps along the way.

Good trail for kids. Cool waterfall not far down the path.

on Ortega Falls

rock climbing
25 days ago

Great for rock climbing.

The place of after-lunch-walk for QComm employees.

Very pretty and relaxing trail. The views are lovely and there are many places along the river to both explore and kick back a little. We spotted some poison oak on the riverbanks, but it's easily avoidable if you keep an eye out.

Very busy with locals as well as tourists. Beautiful viewd.

This trail has some real beautiful views. There is a couple of parts that were rocky or felt like we were walking on a ledge but it’s so fun especially if you have kids. People go horseback riding here so it’s nice to see that.

If you’re looking for a good hike to see water in So Cal this is the one for you.

Easy trail with a small section that is narrow with a drop off.

Trails aren’t well marked and lots of rock along the trail. However, the scenery is pretty and it’s not too crowded.

Easy hike with a 5 and 7 year old. Not well marked so had to rely on GPS map at times.

Awason 1st time w/my family

29 days ago

This is.a great trail with great views of San Diego Bay that’s about 2 miles round trip. It is almost completely downhill for the first mile and of course you must come back up for the second mile. I notice that it says wheelchair friendly....I don’t think so. The first quarter of a mile is paved. The rest is dirt and rocks.

30 days ago

Short hike down to the “falls”... more like stream, but I’ll take it! Very slippery along the water, even on the dry rocks. Check yourself for ticks after. Found tons on us and the dog. Very nice surroundings and shaded.

One of the better hikes I have been on. What I love about this trail, is the wide variety of scenery you experience. It feels like 4 hikes in one...So many trails to explore.

There is no water right now. The trail has been marked with orange tape tied to trees, so it is a little better marked. It is extremely rocky, difficult picking at times, but pretty short. It is so sad to see all the large tagging on the rocks. It definitely detracts from the beauty of the area.

1 month ago

Big Horn Sheep family
What a treat!

Love this little hike, I’ve done it a few times now. This last visit the bighorn rams were literally on the trail. It was great!

1 month ago

Although this hike is short and fairly easy, the landscape is stunning. The weather was perfect this afternoon, sunny and warm with a comfortable breeze. Water was also flowing in the creek. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any sheep, but I also didn’t go in the morning. I felt a huge sense of peace on this hike and would definitely recommend it. Just don’t go at peak times! I heard this hike gets very busy. Pros: Ample parking, clean bathrooms. Cons included a $10 entry fee (seemed steep to me), and human feces toward the end of the trail. It was so gross.

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