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5 days ago

It was a nice and easy hike although covered with fresh snow. This could be a bit boring in the summer because there are only Evergreens around. Ran into few people with bikes, dogs and hikers.

I did this hike yesterday (11/11) and the trail was snow covered. It was very pretty with all the snow. We didn’t do the entire trail but enjoyed the portion we did do. I did it fine with nice snow boots but it was a little slippery at times. My friend had crampons on her shoes and they seemed to work well. Snow shoes would have been overkill

Decent hike that starts with a mild incline, then fluctuates with ups and downs. Nice mellow hike, no real view points. Good for staying close to Denver. Some of the trails are blocked off so it was easy to get turned around, navigating with AllTrails was needed to get to the right place.

trail running
13 days ago

Took me 3 hours 48 min. I ran ~4 miles and hiked the rest. Good views at beginning and end. Middle chunk gets a little bland.

There is very minimal snow on the sides of the trail and some of the standing water is starting to ice over, but no issues for walking through the trails. This hike met my craving for getting out and about, but the trails are definitely on the east side. It’s more like a walk that a hike that gets your heart pumping. Similar to other reviews, it is easy to take another unintended path and end up back at your car sooner than expected. I did enjoy the views of the mountains and overlooking evergreen high school. Overall the hike was enjoyable, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.

Enjoyed it with kids, about 2,5 hours up/loop/down! Very nice place!

Did this hike 11/2/18 and there was quite a bit of snow on the path when we first started, and it melted to muddy slush by the time we came down. It was pretty though! Would definitely do this trail again in the spring when the path is dry

Initially intended to do the entire loop but accidentally cut across halfway thru and didn’t want to back track (again). Beautiful scenery, and it’s best to get there early. Heavier traffic begins around 9am. Overall, highly recommend!

perfect trail, great angle of ascent and wonderful views

Great groomed trail and wonderful views

So beautiful- if you start in the second lot, the climb is steeper. Got a bit confused following the map, because the upper loop was closed in places.

This trail freakin rocks! Awesome open areas and great trails! Highly recommend this trail!

mountain biking
24 days ago

love this trail! hiking up isn't bad, riding down is a blast! the view from the top is great and plenty to look at on the way down. looking forward to riding more trails in this area!

off road driving
27 days ago

Taco, 2.5” lift, 33s

This is not a difficult trail. I would rate it as a more standard “moderate” with few sections requiring much clearance. Most stock trucks and SUVs with moderate clearance should have no problem (Xterra, Taco, 4Runner, etc.), but it’s not built for your Subaru. Practically all features have an alternate path around. Air down or be prepared for a rough, bouncy ride as it’s a rocky trail. Expect some traffic on the trail.

*If you’re exploring the trail network and you are not driving a very capable vehicle, steer clear of Red Elephant. Super tricky trail.

Current conditions are snowy. From the top of the short descent to the lake itself, it’s almost entirely snow covered (4-8in). For this reason, bring a capable vehicle. You’ll need to climb a relatively steep pitch in snow on the way out. The lake itself is frozen right now, in case you’re looking for a view.

Lots of bikers, great view at the top. Very gradual incline and not too steep

mountain biking
1 month ago

I went her at the recommendation of my local bike shop and I had a great time. Was just by myself but decided to not look at the trail map and just go where I thought looked more interesting. Ended up staying and going up and down again and again for almost four hours. Next time I will have to bring my climbing shoes though as I found some nice bouldering spots just off the trails. Was fairly crowded and a fairly easy but pleasant downhill ride. The times I was going uphill wasn’t bad and I would say with some of the rocks and logs in the trail could be considered a medium.

off road driving
1 month ago

I love Bill Moore Lake. The hardest part is the bottom but there are easier ways up than I took. Saw an older, unlifted Frontier with pretty bald tires coming down from the top so use that for reference. The Chutes is a cool more difficult shortcut you can take but I didn't last time. There are a few rutted sections where most rigs can get to max flex if they wish, most have options. Near the top there is the high clearance route or easy way but I think if you've made it this far you can take the hard way. It's pretty loose with a couple holes and moguls but you can pick a side and straddle a hole if you are spinning tires. As always, have fun out there! If you'd like to see my run of the trail I have it up at:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars.

Birding was ok

off road driving
1 month ago

I would say most stock high clearance 4x4 jeeps or trucks would make it just fine if you know what you’re doing. Only a few challenges but the views at the lake are great. Sadly no trout that I saw.

3” lifted 2010 Tacoma on 33s with no problems.

Loved this hike. Kid friendly three years and up. If you go early take a jacket.The way we went ended at the river. Perfect spot to cool off and dip your toes in. We will be going again.

I am only giving this trail a two because I didn't finish it. The second parking lot has a river running with beautiful rocks that where we stayed the entire time. We attempted to do the trail however it was very overgrown where the brush was constantly touching you. Being scared of running into a Rattlesnake, we decided to turn back and maybe come back in Winter. There was also a Bear in area sign that kind of freaked me out. No parking fee, Bathrooms at the trail head.

Great views at end

Not for the faint of heart, or stock of vehicle. Very rutted and lots of loose rocks, but a good line, good spotter and the right tunes get you all over this mountain with a smile on your face. Lift and locker advised.

easy, with some nice views

Trailhead comes up quick when you're driving up 6 in the canyon but plenty of parking. Weekend days alternate between allowing only mountain bikers and only hikers so when in doubt check beforehand so you know who's allowed there on what day. Easy switchbacks to get higher into the foothills with nice views of the canyon. Juniper loop up top is really easy and some nice mountain views on the back side.

2 months ago

You will not get away from I70 noise and that is not why you do this hike. You do this this hike for the history! Park outside the coffee shop and walk up Silver street to the trail. You will not regret it, this hike is cool.

Make sure you get the QR Code Reader or preload the site stories from the web (https://www.co.clear-creek.co.us/index.aspx?nid=846) to learn even more.

Don’t be afraid to go off trail to explore the cool old mining stuff and make sure you go all the way to the 7:30 mine, don’t just stop at the memorial (it’s not much further)!

Awesome trail. There and back with a few side trails to diversify. They call the trail 'primitive' as there are some overgrown spots and steep trackside drop offs. We took the main trail out and hit Chave and Gaskill side trails on the way back. Clocked in about 21 miles and 8 miles at a brisk hike rate with a few snack stops.

on Beaver Brook Trail

2 months ago

Varied terrain and deep enough in the canyons to block the traffic noise and visual pollution.

So many bikers, but all the friendly kind! Great little hike, would make for a great trail run but I brought my Frenchie and he isn’t much of a runner :-)

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