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Good trails well maintained.

Good trail with a nice forest setting, but waaaayyyy too many noisy mountain bikers to share the trail with.

Great quick hike. Not difficult at all, would be a great one for out of town visitors.

It is a nice easy hike. The evergreen summit was fantastic. The trails through the three sisters is good but not great.

Little slushy for the first 1.5-2 miles but free and clear after that. Excellent views.

11 days ago

Beautiful, but long hike. Make sure you bring plenty of food and water. Trekking poles were also a life saver and highly recommended. We started at Chief hosa and went to lookout Mtn. Trail where we had a ride waiting for us. It’s 11 miles ONE WAY. The trail was slightly muddy in some spots, but not icy. There are some sketchy spots on the trail that leaves little room for error. It’s not a trail I would take little kids. I’ve done 15-20 mile trails before, but this one seemed more challenging to me for some reason. The views are gorgeous though.

Multiple trails to hike at trail head - beautiful and easy hike!

Loved this hike. The loop at the top is beautiful.

Nice hike - went up the west trail, down the east. Saw 4 people total on a Wednesday afternoon. Was slightly confused at first since you had to cross the street to get to the right trail, but figured it out

19 days ago

An amazing views and I enjoyed the hike.. the hard about this hike is only the distance but it is fun to finish whole trail.

20 days ago

This one was a little more challenging than I had expected it to be, but it turned out to be super fun! Lots of icy spots still and there are also lots of areas where you are essentially just scrambling over rocks. The views are amazing though and worth the effort.

01APR18 Gate is closed and locked.

pretty easy and relaxing trails. was muddy and icy/snowy in some spot, but regular shoes would survive just fine. the view from the top was amazing.

Nice and easy trails with lots of families and dogs. Well maintained and no ice.

Make sure to check the map often, just hiked the trail and parts of the trail are closed which close the loop so it's easy to think you are headed back to your car yet you are headed away from the parking lot because the path that closes the loop back to the lot is closed. So just be aware and check the map.

29 days ago

I've done Beaver Brook before but different trails and distance. It is always nice to challenge the rock climbing part of the hike. There were lots of icey spot still left and some spots are really muddy. Please do not wear sandals to this trail. It's not just dangerous but weird.. It was not something I expected to run into.

This is a perfect trail(s) for summer, lots of shades!

Awesome! Really fun with my boyfriend and dog. Absolutely amazing views! Also just really peaceful with very few people on the trail on a Thursday. But even on a day where Denver was 74 degrees, I regretted not bringing a jacket. Also the trail was very icy and slushy in some areas. We were really glad we parked at and hiked the west trail (thanks to another review here). Will do again!

Took West ridge to meadow view to bear creek to bear creek cutoff. The trail was pretty snowy, slushy and muddy the whole way from Sunday’s snow but manageable in just hiking boots. Had a little bit of trouble finding the trail at the bear creek/ bear creek cutoff crossing because of the snow coverage it took me a while to realize that the fences were trail crossings. Over all a beautiful trail can’t wait to go back once the snow melts.

1 month ago

Hiked the full distance from Genesee Park to Lookout, then down Chimney Gulch.
A really unique trail for the front range: Great variety, mostly in the trees, amazing views for the second third of the hike looking down over clear creek canyon, and a pretty darn good workout.

Other than some icy patches in places (it's worse on the Lookout Mountain side), the hiking is pretty straightforward. After dropping down the Chavez Trail to the creek, the sign there is misleading: It says that during high water, the trail could be flooded, but I think the signmaker was misinformed and that information was meant for the loop-around to Beaver Brook back up to Genesee (these days, there are foot bridges over almost all water crossings, so the high water really isn't an issue anymore there). In any event, from that sign, the trail very quickly starts climbing straight out of the canyon...a pretty steep climb for a good 1/2 mile or more. Once things level out, that section is spectacular. The last third is deep in the trees with some quick scrambling in a couple of places (as others have mentioned).

1 month ago

Great hike for myself and my dog!

Enjoyable hike! Did the West Ridge Trail to Bear Creek trail to Bear creek cut off. I like how you can link trails to make your hike longer or shorter. Very minimal mud and ice today. Nice balance of shade and sun. No big ‘vistas’ but lovely meadow and trees.

A good beginning of season hike. I found it to be busy, but beautiful. I will definitely come back. For those with dogs there is a brief stretch you must share with mountain bikers, not ideal for bikers or dog owners but it's a short stretch. This will definitely go in my early season rotation.

1 month ago

Windy Saddle has 15 or so parking spots. I hiked full loop including small hike from Windy Saddle to Beaver Brook Trail Head Start (12 miles total) on 3/12/2018.
Ice in spots, and some mud and lots of walking on pine needles.
The first two miles have the best topography of a trail, with a small boulder field to climbing close to large rocks and small drop offs.
After that long winding trail until you get to the end and there can continue up to the top of the peak there. Great Views. I did not have spikes, but was glad to have hiking poles.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail 3/11/18. There are trail markers every half mile, I went to the 3 mile marker, which actually read 3.9 miles in on my Alltrails tracker. I wore my microspikes the whole way, it's patchy ice/dry but frequent enough ice I just left them on. This is a beautiful hike, only difficulty is parking, the lot is tiny so if you're meeting up with friends I would definitely carpool because it's very likely you won't both be able to park. The first mile has a boulder field and then navigating through some boulders, after that it's just walking a trail that meanders along the hillsides through sun and shade. At the end of the day going to the 3 mile marker and back tracked as 7.5 miles and took me almost 4 hours.

Super dog friendly and beautiful trail. Incline is steady in parts and more severe in others but overall it’s not that difficult. Rewards are the view at brothers lookout.

This trail is not available for hiking anymore and has been blocked off.

Great hiking. No ice. Not overly crowded early.

A good low alpine mountain climb. Keep your head on a swivel for fast moving (sometime out of control) mountain bikers.

Good hike with views to the higher peaks once you reach the west side of the loop. No snow on the trail in mid February.

Muchas bicicletas

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