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I moved from Fayetteville 10 years ago and pleasantly surprised when I visited this year at the improvements, beautiful welcome/learning center. I took my niece and had an incredible time! We went off the path, which allowed me to see parts I had not previously explored. I cannot wait for my next trip! This is family and pet friendly, lots of shade.

one of my favorite triangle trails. great little rock scrambles too.

trail running
5 days ago

This was my third time. The trail is a bit confusing & you may take a few scenic routes because it is actually parts of trails that are connected. That said, there is tons of wild life! Today we ran into three different kinds of snakes both on the trail & in the water. One of them was a copperhead-we’re still alive! We also saw different colored butterflies; crazy shrooms; & salamanders. The abundantly mossy path lets you know it is sparsely traveled. About halfway through, there are some rocks you can skip and sit in the middle of the creek to stretch and soak the sun. It may only be a handful of rocks to climb over, but for a trail run, it’s the right amount of adventure. The steep gravel road on concrete bridge road is challenging if you’re trying to run. Once you’re over it- your thighs will feel like the most powerful thighs.

It’s was very fun and pretty easy, Nice for an afternoon hike... went with some children who enjoyed it a lot as well

We had 4 kids under 6 years old, the trail was not only informative and scenic enough for them, but the adults too! There are multiple trails which you can choose from to vary your distances too. Very clean and we’ll maintained.

pretty little, shady trail along the creek and perfect for dogs (and humans) in the heat/humidity. we walked along the creek to check out the group camps and canoe launches and retraced the trail back to stay near the water. lots of places to let the dogs cool off/hydrate in the creek all down the trail. it's a little taste of the mountains in the Piedmont.

Good trail well marked.

Good trail, good workout, well maintained. Be prepared though because it's up and down constantly. And per my wife's Fit Bit it was a little over 6 miles from the parking lot through the Red loop and back to the parking area.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Pretty rad trail. Challenging for new riders. Plenty of jumps, rocks, roots, logs and other obstacles

loved this trail. there is an elaborate narrow wood stair case to take you down to the river, where you get a good view of the rocks. saw a copperhead, deer, frogs, fish, and owls. Take all the small extra out-and-backs (to see overlooks and the fish traps). the fish traps are igneous rocks in the river used by native Americans to trap fish. it's very humid in the summer, but shaded almost the whole time. there is a lot of Creek and river water to drink along the way if you have a filter bottle.

Hiked this trail yesterday with my family. Met some really nice people along the trail. You’ll definitely work up a sweat on this one! The trail was very long and in my families opinion it was not worth the long walk to the tiny waterfall. We hike a lot in other states and have seen some amazing and very large waterfalls and this one happened to be a baby waterfall and for it being such a long walk 5 miles in and out it just didn’t seem worth it! It really wasn’t a waterfall looked like they placed a rock in the water and a stream of water just runs over it lol.

The trail is very well maintained. I didn't see a single person, but I saw lots of wildlife including frogs, squirrels, and deer. I did this hike at dawn and saw about a dozen deer that let me walk within 15 meters of them. The entire trail is shaded with benches and garbage cans along the way for breaks. The views are okay, but not spectacular. To me this was a difficulty level and type of nature walk/day hike for a family with young kids. Also, signs have been posted NO mountain biking.

2 months ago

Good hike!

trail running
2 months ago

Great loop! My dog loved the Eno river running along the trail so she could jump in when she got too hot. The signs and blazes make it easy to follow. Wonderful spot!

Very nice, easy trail. Pretty forest and river, I'm sure I'll be back again.

Great views with a matching hike, well worth the visit!

Great hike with the kids. There are plenty of places where the kids can get wet and enjoy the water.

Nice views, not too busy mid afternoon. Bring bug spray the water causes mosquitoes.

Just be mindful of all the biker

2 months ago

Nice trail but got difficult by the creek. Would have been fine but slippery due to recent rain. Dogs loved it

2 months ago

Beautiful walk along the Eno river. Good hills. Nice hike.

It’s a great place for a nature walk. In between you can take a swim at the quarry. The only bad thing is no public restrooms or information center. Parking is limited so get there early. I had a great time and enjoyed the scenery.

2 months ago

This has everything you need for a great day / hike. Plenty of canopy cover, wide paths, good elevation for cardio, streams for your pet to drink, awesome scenery and the sound of birds and water. I highly recommend this for family outings although going alone is great too.

3 months ago

A recent relocation and upgrade has helped turn this good trail into a great one. Gone are the super-steep climbs and descent from the peak of Cox mountain, replaced now with more gradual and less worn new trail. My guess is the relo has added about .3 miles to the original, but it is all great trail.
Highly recommended!

great distance and canopy!

This was my first time to Raven Rock, Hiked to the falls, I'm a little out of shape but have done a good out of hiking in the past. I did a little bit more than just the loop and was about 5.2 miles right at 2 hrs with a few stops. Great hike if you want to get out there and see what this state has to offer but don't want to spend all day hiking. A few inclines in there but nothing very steep.

Nice moderate walk with nice creek views and a bluff

3 months ago

Highly recommend. Beautiful, very clean and well shaded.

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