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Eautiful morning hike with stunning views. Go early and take plenty of water. Crowds and busy trail that is very technical with boldering in some areas. View is worth it. Trail even on weekday is busy by 7am. Get out early to beat the heat

1 day ago

Although this is definitely the most touristy of all of the canyons you can walk in the area, it’s a landmark, it’s beautiful, it’s worth the trip.
I’ve done both upper and lower, and the colors are amazing in both, they are both beautiful in their own individual ways. However, because lower is less crowded, I enjoyed it a bit more.
My only warning is that on cloudy days, the colors are significantly muted in the canyon, so be aware of the weather before you book your tour.

1 day ago

About halfway through this hike I was saying it should have been rated easy... by the end I was completely exhausted! I am training for a backpacking trip so I did this hike with a 25-30 pound backpack on which made the incline portions pretty difficult. It was great practice and a beautiful hike. Towards the end we came across a parking lot and thought we were at the end but it was not the west view parking lot and that made the last mile or so much harder. We also got off the trail a couple of times but always found our way back without too much trouble. We went on a beautiful spring day and there weren't too many people on the trail.

Beautiful view, but overcrowded and totally full of trash and tour buses

We started in the East View parking lot and went up the orange trail to see the peak of sugar loaf (steep, but quick) from there we made our way to the blue trail to go out to White Rocks look out (somehow got sidetracked off the blue trail for awhile...). Then we continued on the blue (then white) trail to get back to the parking lot. Nice and steady up and down, so never felt too strenuous. Arrived around 9:30 and wasn’t too crowded; by the time we were leaving (1:30) it was quite crowded. If we go again we might start down at the entrance gate in order to have more of an elevation climb.

Super crowded. Nice hike but way too many people there.

Very pretty, but I went on a Tuesday and it was still crowded as all get out

Great challenge and view.

A great sub-hour run for those good on rocky terrain looking for a short trip outside and feeling fit. Otherwise a pleasant use of part of the day with some scrambling to keep up the Interest. The top views are amazing.

Very accessible trail that’s short. Super crowded, but it’s a nice stop if you’re in the area with great views. Probably don’t need more than 30 minutes here.

9 days ago


Hard hike, but worth it!!

Very fun but difficult trail, steep with lots of scrambling. Great 360-degree view of the valley from the top.

This is a great trail! Be prepared for a lot of people and some steep inclines.

This trail is so much fun! Dog and family friendly but only to the saddle, after that it gets too difficult in my opinion. The last section of the hike your are reliant on cables. Amazing 360 views from the top and really the entire hike. Enjoy!

Challenging and fun trail. There were many others on the trail, all enjoyed the mountain.

Great hike get there early

11 days ago

Amazing hike with challenging points throughout. We went early in the morning (5:45am) and it wasn’t too crowded. Quick a few sections needed hands to climb up but the climb to the summit was beautiful! Took about 45 mins to get to the top doing a relaxed pace about 4.5 mile return in total.

If you are afraid of heights, I would suggest not going. I saw a couple of people turn around because of that. It’s a fun hike but the only thing challenging is the amount of people. You just have to be mindful of other hikers and make frequent stops. The hike itself wasn’t too bad.

This was a fun, challenging hike. We also happened to have the best weather possible, 69 degrees with a cool, light breeze. I highly recommend this trail to everyone!!!

We only was able to see the upper part , the lower hike was canceled because was to windy and rocks were coming down.
The experience was amazing, the whole canyon is Soooo beautiful. Be prepared to be surrounded with a lot of other hikers, it is challenging to take pictures and we got rained with sand because of the wind. Cover your camera from the sand.

This trail loop does not ease up at end so get ready for some serious hike. Initial climb onto top via orange trail is tough but its short so if you have some endurance its no problem. Rest of hike through the blue trail is fairly easy until the end of blue trail . Then you hit the green trail and start climbing to top again when your legs are starting to feel it..

Agree with others on view - its nice but not spectacular as Maryland Height Harper's Ferry hike. Also agree regarding trail markings.. its there but you at some junctions its confusing and could be better. Some part of blue trail uses dark blue paint markings while other part uses light blue markings.. it can be confusing but dark and light blue markings on trees denote the same blue trail.

Great work out and overall, i'd say its on strenuous side of moderate if you follow the trail map given here. Took 2 hr 40 minutes on nice partly sunny day.

This is a fun hike. I'm 60 years old and in average shape. I took my time, resting when needed, drinking plenty of water, and always looking for the easier way. If your joints are ok and you have average strength, you can do it. Go slow, be smart, and have fun!

16 days ago

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

Love Picacho! It’s close by and a great challenge! The views are spectacular and a must hike!

Be sure to take gloves for the top

16 days ago

It’s about 45min walk with absolutely amazing rock formations and colors to watch... one of the most enchanted places I’ve seen so far...

Steep incline but can be done! Some handrails to help. Go early when not too hot! Worth the scramble over boulders to get to top! Awesome views!

It was a fun hike. We did Picacho Peak first then headed to Romero Pools. It was amazing. Picacho Peak would be best done during the week, weekends are too busy.

on Antelope Canyon

18 days ago


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