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3 days ago

Great hike! Super foggy but still gorgeous. Would definitely recommend!

4 days ago

Awesome hike. The first half of the trail isn’t too strenuous. However, there are parts on the second half that do get tough. It’s hard rating lived up to its name. The view at the top is absolutely worth it. My only complaint was that the trail was not marked well, so use this app to help guide you

Lots of switchbacks but still pretty steep. Fairly difficult but the view is worth it.

good hike or backpack to the top and camp overnight like we did. better be in good shape to hike this one, nice vertical ascends, some narrow areas plus a few wet areas. take emergency supplies with you if your just hiking, plenty of water, maybe some light first aid. there was only one problem we didn't have enough time to hike more. this is absolutely beautiful you have to see it for yourself. get out and enjoy our state and national parks. we are headed to Colorado next then back to the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.

I will start off by saying maybe this issue was because of the government shut down and having no forest rangers. However, this trail was being used by squirrel hunters and there were people hunting right off the parking lot for the trail head. WE COULD SEE THEM SHOOTING FROM THE TRAIL HEAD! Needless to say this was a 3 hour round trip wasted because we didn’t feel safe hiking with so many (obviously irresponsible) people shooting that close to the trail.

10 days ago

On top as I type.... trail in good shape, and lives up to it’s difficult rating (but I’m not use to hiking). Would definitely recommend

Fantastic trail. Did an overnighter with my daughter, then 12. Went from Upper Whitewater Falls to Burrell's Ford Rd. Highly recommended.

16 days ago

As the previous review mentioned there were several trees down and blocking the trail. It was troublesome at times, but the trail was clearly marked the waterfall was plentiful from the rain and it was a beautiful walk through nature.

View at the top is worth it! Very muddy right now, and our watches showed 3 miles each way

Dear lord this was a hard trail. Me and my two best friends went camping together and we spontaneously decided to do this trail for some reason. The whole thing is pretty much uphill but the view... my god the view was incredible at the top. It was so breathtaking it made the whole hike worth it. Just a note: the three of us are not in peak physical condition. I’m moderately fit but have hypoglycemia and a syncope problem, one friend has asthma and hypoglycemia but she runs frequently, and the second friend just casually works out. It took a while to go up and down this monster but we managed it.

TOUGH run up! 2.5 to top. 2.5 back down. 4.2 is inaccurate if you follow the neon green blaze (as per Fitbit GPS which is almost pinpoint accurate for distance)

20 days ago

The storms and rain have really brought a lot of trees down making the trail hazardous in many areas. This is why I give it a 2. You will have to get off the trail in about 5 spots. From the parking lot, the trail sign says 2.75 miles, so I’m not sure why people say it’s 2.1. It took us 2 hours from the parking lot to the falls. Due to the weather and it getting dark, we hoofed it out in about 1.5 hours.

There’s been a lot of erosion so I’m not too sure about taking little kids. After you get to the Fire tower service road and get back on the trail, it gets very narrow with some steep banks. I’d be concerned about children losing footing and going down an embankment.

It’s an easy hike minus the downed trees. The last 1/2 mile down is a pain to come back up.... but it’s not horrible.

Loved the view from the top, but there wasn't much of a view at all till the overlook. Some of the other climbs we hiked had a several views along the way, this one was forest until the overlook.
Still, a fun hike, with a breathtaking view. The single vantage point, and reasonably heavy amount of traffic will probably keep me from going back, but I think it was absolutely worth doing once!

Great views. Not too difficult of a hike. Definitely worth it!

Fun trail with breathtaking views at the top! It’s a decent hike up - also super muddy from all the rain. There were also a ton of people hiking this trail. After you get through the switchbacks, it’s a steady incline up. Bring a snack and enjoy the view at the top.

A small group of us completed this trail today with our dogs. It’s definitely a dog friendly trail as we crossed paths with many other dogs on the trail. The condition of the trail was great— some muddy patches but it’s to be expected after a whole day of rain the day before. I would say the rating of the trail should be closer to the easier side than moderate. The observation deck was clean and gave way to a great view of the waterfall. It’s not a close view but very picturesque.

24 days ago

This trail started out pretty easy. Open woods, smooth path and easy to follow. When it starts getting into the incline is where it gets a little more difficult with a rocky path. We went on a Saturday around 11am and by the time we got back to the car it was around 1:30pm the parking lot was packed. We were also hiking with a dog. There were a lot of other dogs, some off leash and on. All and all, great hike with beautiful views. pictures uploaded

24 days ago

First off, this is moderate at best. There is a steep stretch at the end to get down to the water, but it isn't Hard. I would reserve Hard for extremely vertical peaks with precarious footing. Most of this hike is a quiet stroll. When the wide path ends, it's a bit tricky to find the narrow footpath (to the right), so be aware.

As previously stated, the last 100 yards or so is pretty vertical. Probably all 610 feet, so be ready and wear proper shoes. The view of the falls and river are awesome! The falls are a lot larger than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise. It also looks like a great floating river!

Video Review of Falls: https://youtu.be/axsM8QhN5CY

Overall I would rate a B+. Experienced Hiker. trail as not strenuous at all. a touch but muddy. Not to many people on the trail, popular trail for the dogs though. Old Britsh man at the top asked if I wanted to share a pint with, I accepted the gracious offer. View was decent. Over all a good hike.

28 days ago

Beautiful views at the top! A bit challenging but worth the effort.

Great hike for even a beginner! It was peaceful and saw deer run out in front of us on the trail. Stunning views at the overlook!

Hiked this yesterday (December 19)! would recommend going at a different time than my group did if you have inexperienced members! One of my friends nearly took a plunge of some icy rocks. Snow also made it difficult to see crevices between rocks you could easily break your ankle in!! My group hiked up profile trail to Calloway peak, then took grandfather trail to the parking lot and hitchhiked back to the car. The views and adventure were absolutely stunning, but the trek is certainly not for the out of shape or faint of heart! One of the best trails I’ve hiked!

1 month ago

A really nice hike! Not too strenuous overall, but there were definitely a few challenging spots. The views from the top of the mountain were gorgeous on a clear, cool December day. Plenty of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.

Not a bad hike at all, first mile is kinda steep but don’t let it fool you it’ll slack up some. The views are definitely worth the hike, bring lunch

great trail to challenge your leg strengths. I am a beginner hiker and it was a bit hard. it was worth to see the view on top!

1 month ago

Great views during our December hike, while headed up and down, 360 degrees at the top. My only criticism is too few markings in several locations where trail forks, making AllTrails GPS location checks necessary. Be certain to check your location at the top Bald area, and walk the entire loop indicated on the AllTrails App, including towards the rock-faced area on the Northern side...great views at the edge!

Do the hike several times a month.
Great hike,magnificent view from the rock face.
One of my favorite hikes.

Great hike! Good trail running parts of it as well, especially on the descent. The view was beautiful, but wish there was a bit more to it. Recommend, though!

Was apprehensive but the most fun and rewRding trail. Beautiful views. Very technical. Must be comfortable with heights and climbing ladders

Wouldn't rate this as "hard" but decent hike up with a nice view at the end.

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