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4 days ago

Back to one of our favorite spots close to Denver. Patchy ice but was able to make it to Windy Peak without extra traction. Great snow capped views today. The stream along Mountain Lion is still frozen over making for some interesting sound effects. As usual it was pretty quiet. This is a great hike if you don't want to drive far form Denver but still want to avoid the crowds.

Hiked entire Mountain Lion trail plus went up to Windy Peak (amazing views). Trails mostly clear. Can easily do without any additional traction, but there's a few spots (no more than 50-60 yard stretches) that it may be nice to have, but don't have to have traction.

9 days ago

well worth any struggle faced. take it at your own pace. remember to come back!

12 days ago

Short but strenuous in some areas especially right from the get go. Great views! Minor issues with following the main trail, maybe one cairn but nothing to be concerned. Going down from the summit was fine for the first half but last half was a bit slippery (dry and loose gravel). I had proper hiking boots and treking poles but still slipped a few times. I would bring some water, at least a liter...saw many who didn't bring anything. Sunscreen! Also, know your hiking manners! I was passing 2 young guys blocking the path, wouldnt move and were on the phone. Fortunately, they didn't ruin a great hiking experience!

17 days ago

Was a good trail with some good views at the top. The hike up had a decent amount of ice and some snow. I made it without micro spikes but they would have helped after the first 1.5 miles or so.

this is a great hike, I've been up there multiple times and it never disappoints.

Love it

Hiked part of this trail yesterday, the snow was packed enough for sturdy waterproof hiking boots for the first 1/2 hour or so thanks to XC ski tracks, then I threw on my snowshoes for the next hour. There seems to be plenty of side trails if you have GPS. I'm excited to do it in the summer months but will outfit myself and pup in bright colors as it's a hunting area in season.

Feb. 13th, sunny skies with wind as usual. No extra traction needed unless you're super uncoordinated. Please pick up and pack out your dog waste, your yellow bag is just as unsightly as a pile of poo.

30 days ago

Definitely a tough hike. It's very steep in places and the ground isn't always completely solid underneath you. There is also no shade and it can get very windy towards the top but the views are absolutely worth it. If you're from a lower elevation area like me this hike will probably challenge you. I highly recommend using trekking poles on this hike. The descent can get sketchy without them.

any one down to go early morning tomorrow 02/20/18

It’s awesome. It takes 8 hours for the round trip. Get your energy bar. You need it.

Hiked here on leg on Mt. Baldy hike. It would be great as a standalone hike to the summit, and is definitely the scenic route.

This hike was great. Definitely take layers as the wind will punish you even in the sunny areas. The trail was clear this past Sunday but there were patches of snow at the summit. The views were incredible.

1 month ago

Very calm and peaceful. Seen a few deer on the trail as well which was awesome

Recommend not to do when it’s snowing
But still an amazing hike

1 month ago

Nice hike close to Denver. Great views of the eastern plains and downtown Denver but no mountain views. If you take Rawhide to make the loop there is a bench about half way that makes for a good place to rest and have a bite. Not a strenuous hike, a few shorts climbs and rocky in a few spots but very manageable for all skill levels. We hiked in fresh snow this day. We did not need spikes. However when the snow thaws and freezes extra traction will be a must. Overall a nice hike if you're looking for something close to Denver with not much distance.

2nd summit in over a month but this time decided to take my Dad. Took the trail from Baldy Notch from the ski lift. Perfect day to summit. Little snow after Devils Backbone and a little bit more on the summit. Overall an amazing time with my Dad. WAY easier this way for me instead of doing the loop.

1 month ago

Cardio..... lots of people do go early

2/4/18. Great hike today. Went up and down Devils backbone. The views are amazing. Hardly any wind. No snow until the very top. Take lots of water. The map was very accurate.

Beautiful and scenic trail, with amazing views. Can be moderate to quite difficult at some points but definitely worth the effort.

1 month ago

Great hike for a sunny Tuesday! The trail was empty and easy to follow. It was snowy & a bit slippery, but nothing I couldn’t fix with my spikes. The trail up to Windy Peak was steep but manageable, and well worth the views at the top.

Pros: great views, even from the parking lot; lots of trail options if you don’t want to hike the full 4.5 mile trail; plenty of parking; very few people on the trail

Cons: SO WINDY!!! It felt about 30 degrees cooler than it felt in Denver; the trail was quite snowy (I used yaktrax as well as trail running shoes and was glad I had both), loss of daylight is more noticeable here because of the mountains that block the sun- plan to be back at your car by 4:00 if you want full sunlight on the trail

All in all, I thought this was a beautiful trail. I cut my hike short because I knew I wouldn’t make it to the summit and back with my dog’s plodding pace, so I took at shortcut at the Wrangler trail (it cut the hike to 3 mi rather than 4.5). The wind was crazy strong - enough to blow my 80lb dog off the trail at points. I plan to do this hike again in the summer when there’s less snow and wind.

Did this trail 1/27/18. Took the trail from the parking lot of the ski lift up to the top of the notch then up devils backbone. The weather was perfect. Very little snow except maybe the last half mile or so. Did it in just regular hiking boots, no poles or spikes. Though the poles would have been nice for the descent through the snow. The wind was absolutely the worst part of this hike. The last .7 miles there were times that the wind was so strong I had to literally lay on the ground to keep from being blow over. Easily 45-50mph winds were no joke. Lots of people turned around at this point. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Beautiful hike. Not for the faint hearted.

2 months ago

Morning hike with great views.

2 months ago

This remains our "go to" hike close to Denver. We take Mountain Lion to Windy Peak and back down using Burro. This makes for a very nice 6.5 mile hike. Mountain Lion is a forest hike that follows a nice stream most of the way which was frozen over at this time. There is a tough push for almost a mile to get to the top of Windy Peak but the views are worth it.

Did this hike 1/6/18.. started from Baldy Bowl trail down Devils Backbone. Weather was perfect... no snow and little wind at the summit. Devils Backbone is not as scary as the reviews. There are some narrow parts but well worth the scenery.

Absolutely loved this trail! It is one of my favorite hikes! It is challenging and exciting. The ridge (Devil’s Backbone) can be a bit challenging sometimes due to high winds (be careful and take it very slow in these conditions), but that adds to the exciting experience of the trail. Descending the Ski Hut trail in cloudy conditions is absolutely amazing! The mountain comes alive in a myriad of colors while the deer, squirrels, and other wildlife come out to feast on the banquet that the mountain has to offer! I highly recommend this hike!

2 months ago

Windy and cold but great! Only a little bit of ice and snow.

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