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Tough challenge on my MTB....but good fun

Nice trail that just about anyone can complete. A little boring at times, but some very pretty scenery as well. The stream way crossings are nice.

Great trail. Takes a lot of agility with all the rocks. A lot of steady uphills that will work you pretty good. Beware it’s over 4.7 miles. I think I ended around 6 miles total.

Nice trail around the lake but did not feel like more then 2 miles, and seems to be a connector trail for the campers staying at the park or an easy way to a longer bike loop trail which is misleading on the map, we had to turn back. Also not a fan of the disconnection off the trail with the street crossings.
Forest exploration and Beaver are much better trails for walking.

20 days ago

Easy to follow for the most part. Also able to knock it out in less than 2 hrs. I recommend early morning or afternoon

26 days ago

Enjoyed this park!

Excellent hike to get out of the city. I hike this a few time a year.

Loved all of the paved and forest trails! There is also a really awesome dog park here too!

Absolutely love this park and trail! I have been coming here since I was a child and have watched the trails grow. The mountain bike trails are all dirt with some rock, there’s lots of crossing paths and it’s easy to lose which path you’re on. You can go off the trail and find a beautiful creek at the back end. But be prepared with cell phone charged for navigation plenty of opportunities to get mixed up in where you’re heading! Can be muddy at times. Tree covered and away from all city activity set back off some back roads! Nice and quiet!

Fairly challenging with LOTS of hills. Good workout on a pretty, wooded trail.

This is the best kept secret in Johnson County. Quite, clean, secluded, well maintained and well marked trails. By far my favorite trail around Olathe, DeSoto, Lenexa, Shawnee.

I really enjoyed this hike. there are a number of different trails that intersect at various points so you can choose your own adventure.

off road driving
1 month ago

I've rode and hunted on this trail since I was a kid . I have even taken a car up it with minimal trouble on the new trail . the old trail that cuts in and out of the new is the rough one .

We just came back from a two mile walk around this very nice 9 mile loop! This is easily the biggest body of water in the area, and the trails are so easy. Everything is clearly marked, and we even saw a runner with his dog at the start of the Boy Scout trail :-)

This is a very trafficked area, so don't expect a lot of privacy. We went on a Sunday at noon hoping to beat crowds and only saw a few friendly people. The further you go away from the mass of trails (and just follow the lake loop) the less people you see--but this is February. I couldn't imagine a quiet space in June or July.

This is still a great place to enjoy the water and beautiful trees!

Several short, hard hills if you hike it that way. Takes a while to learn as the trails are not particularly well marked.

trail running
2 months ago

Pretty awesome trail, did not expect to find something like this in the Carlsbad area. I did some trail running but as a mountain biker, I'd say this would be a pretty good mtb trail with several technical sections. Trail is actually much longer than what's listed. I ran 6.5 and actually probably cut off a couple more miles. There is a pretty long loop to the south of what the map shows. It's in lower, flatter country but still pretty enjoyable. Would be more appropriate for beginner mountain bikers, runners, etc. There don't seem to be many bailout options down there though. Would like to try to find some way to upload my loop...

2 months ago

There are many trails running together through this park that it is hard to tell which trail your on. The trail was easy to distinguish, but not marked. The only trail marked is a bike trail that is blazed in yellow. The trail was pretty muddy. Not much rock and tree root. Mostly smooth surface. Looks like a nice area, but you better bring a GPS or you will be walking in circles.

well marked. lots of pleasant miles available.

3 months ago

Nice trail. A bit too manicured for my taste but given its proximity to KC, makes sense.

off road driving
3 months ago

I went on this trail on December 28th with a frigid temperature of 9 degrees. I enjoyed this trail. The trail is very rocky, I wouldn't recommend bringing a vehicle that is not lifted on this trail. Several areas have mountain laurels growing into the trail. If you care about your paint, don't take this trail. The trail is plenty wide with no tight spots with trees.

Note that the trail is closed from January 1st to March 30th.

great trail with hills

Very busy with lots of off leash pooches to greet you.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Night riding in the freezing cold!

Decent trail. Not sure about the lightly trafficked, we saw about 10-12 other people in the 4 miles we hiked. That seems almost moderately trafficked. There are a few trails that break off the main, so you have to watch that. We gps the All Trails map to stay on the correct trail. The trails are clearly visible, but mostly unmarked. The last half mile of the trail is paved in asphalt, so you are completely out of the timber. You do walk along a creek for a bit, so that was cool.

I would definitely do it again, it's nice, lots of rocks, cool scenery, great hike for being located in the middle of the city. Trail is well defined, though not necessarily marked, or blazed. Used for hiking and mountain biking.

beautiful in the fall. well marked and easy to navigate.

beautiful but rocky path

Beautiful place to hike. I have never seen another person while hiking there, but the trails weren’t overgrown. My dogs love it.

Solid getaway hike in the city. Pretty easy, moderate elevation change, almost entirely in the trees. Not much wildlife or views that I saw, but peaceful nonetheless. Use the Record feature on the app to follow the trails because they aren't marked very well.

trail running
5 months ago

This trail really surprised me. I definitely had to change my mindset to be okay with not sticking to the main path without having to closely monitor my GPS on this app- as the trail itself is not marked well. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an upsetting thing because all of the alternates that this trail offers are cut out nicely and offer ways back to the main trail.

The scenery for fall was great. The elevation provided challenges that made for great exercise. There are newly installed park benches along the creek. I came across a handful of trail runners and bikers - all who seemed to be having a great time and had claimed this park as their staple playground.

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