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6 hours ago

A well marked trail, with a gorgeous scenic view over big bear. After a heavy week of rain, the trail was full of snow and slight rain fall. I enjoyed my hike and I definitely recommend it.

2 days ago

This is a beautiful and relatively easy trail. Steady incline to the juncture but there are nice moments of flat trail. I took my dog and he had a great time. There aren’t many people once you get past the first half mile and the views are beautiful! Street parking at the trailhead, no bathroom, and nowhere to refill water.

Absolutely had every intention of summating to peak but the winds were SO intense and with a mile to go the coldness set in and the trail disappeared- we turned around. 1/21/19

2 days ago

Very windy

Great trail! You can really see the topography of the region from Inspiration point - even ships in the harbor in Long Beach. Make it a lolipop loop from the top of inspiration point. Take the pretty dirt fire road to Sam Merrill trail and make your descent through the forest. Super pretty and much gentler on the way down than castle canyon trail. You can see this connection on the map. Also, don’t listen to people on the trail that say it’s blocked. It’s not. They’re trying to go the wrong way. Check your GPS and look to the right;)


beautiful!! my 10 year old son did it with me and he loved it. micro spikes needed alot of snow and ice.

no shade
2 days ago

Nice steady climb up and the waterfall/shade at the top is a nice reward. Good views, can get busy on the weekends and parking is limited so get there early.

3 days ago

Bridge is washed out and creek was high from the recent rain. We couldn’t make it to the MASH site and I didn’t see anyone attempt to wade. Pretty nice hike otherwise.

I enjoy my walks in this hiking trails n also beautiful view n so relaxing✨✨✨

This trail is quite good, especially after a rain. There are a series of three waterfalls that includes a stone staircase along the waterfall. The parking lot fills up quickly so, get there early before 10am. I would have given a higher rating if not for two things:
1. This is a state park and they charge $10 to park; ridiculous once you consider:
2. They do very little to maintain the trails. In the past two years, I still see the same downed trees across the trails. It would be quite simple to chainsaw away the obstructions. The management is good at collecting parking fees; quite sad.
Take the Sunset trail & Berry Creak trail, the loop is 11 miles and 1920 foot elevation gain; mainly up and down the canyons. The application trail information is totally wrong with the mileage and elevation gain.

Amazing, luckily I was there while the park is closed so not many people there. :)

bridge out
4 days ago

The bridge east of Cage Creek Trail Jct. broke down due to the recent rain. The trail is currently not passable beyond that point, since the creek cannot be crossed.

This was a really cool gem hidden in a residential area. Super colorful and interesting. There is a lot of trash and broken glass, though.

I love this trail. always enjoy doing it solo.

So definitely heed the warning and bring microspikes or full-on crampons if you plan on summiting during the winter. hiking poles are a must for me as well. It is significantly more challenging in the winter.

5 days ago

Up Ice House Canyon to Timber Mountain Peak, we had wanted to go to Cucumonga Peak but there was just too much snow from the saddle to take Cucamonga, even people with crampons were turning around, we just had our boots and poles so that was a no go for us, so as a alternate the sign at the saddle to Timber Mountain said just .9 miles, so onward we went, the snow was not so bad as Cucamonga but was still about a foot deep is some sections, the trail was much less traveled then the Ice House Canyon trail so the snow was still thick and soft, I will admit after walking through so much snow, that seemed like more than .9 miles but we made it to the top, got a couple pics with the summit sign and headed back down, it was definitely worth it,

the trail is a moderate trail due to the rocks that you have to worry about but overall it's a great 4-5 mile loop. The water features also are nice when there is plenty of water running

no shade
over grown
5 days ago

Amazing views all the way up. Incline all the way up too, but nice and steady. Challenging enough but not too bad to go back down. Highly recommend, but heed others, a hot day would be tough.

Super fun! Great first hike or easy get out of the house! Take a trash bag and collect some trash on your way back!

Does anyone know if this and/or the Grotto trail are back open? I'd love to check at the Grotto after all the recent rain fall!

trail running
10 days ago

Jan 13, 2019.

Muddy, sloppy, dicey in places. Gorgeous and a ton of fun. Bring a gel or two, and at least one water bottle. Counter clockwise is the ticket. The climb on the way back from the falls is pretty mellow.

I wrote down directions and put them in a plastic bag prior. GPS for All Trails actually worked the entire time, however.

I was slow for my own pace, and some spots I couldn’t go very fast. Plus I stopped to take pictures of course.

Go a couple days after a good rain. The trail will be firmer, but the falls will be active.

If you go counterclockwise, Sunset Trail, to Berry Creek Falls (Left), to Skyline to the Sea (Left), all the way back to the Sunset trail (the way you came), you should get it done in less than 2 hours. If you’re fast, 1 1/2 hours. If you get it done in less time than 90 minutes, you’re a nut!

I did it in 1:53 minutes, 9 miles total, walked the last 0.5 because I bonked.

If you’re hiking, you should be able to get this hike done in less than 4 hours if you don’t lallygag. This IS NOT the 10.5 loop however. Don’t get confused. That loop takes longer. See my directions above. Be prepared, know where you are, and where you’re going. Don’t be a hero.

There’s a Wood bridge- big enough for cars - near the Sunset/Dool Trail Connecter. It’s a good spot to meet up with friends and get stretched out.

Happy running! Follow me on Strava!

Sandstone peak is all time for short hikes with an awesome view. Especially when it’s clear. Always pretty quiet during the weekdays also. Hiked this the day before the Woolsey fire came through.. Saw the Oaks fire start while sitting at Tri Peaks Point.

God forbid there happens to be a single drop of rain. They close the trail?!?! Seriously?

Snowy but passable for this visiting Wisconsinite. Nice summit views. Warm temps. I only needed a light jacket and headband. I started the route by passing through the ski area and finishing with Baldy Bowl. I only saw three other hikers before summiting. on the way down, I passed many hikers going the other way, easily numbering 50 or more. By the time I finished at 1pm, the parking lot was a mass of humanity, completely full with cars of hikers and skiers.

What a great hike. It starts low and slow but builds to loads of inclines and switch backs. It’s say it’s moderate to difficult in places as the paths are narrow and even steep in some hairy spots. Beautiful views. We will be back.

10 days ago

The trail was almost entirely snow covered but mostly packed down and easy to follow until close to the very top, when the footprints diverged and several paths led straight up to the ridge. Traversing the steep and snowy ridge from there up to the summit was a little sketchy—I probably should have had an ice axe but made do without one. Microspikes and trekking poles were enough. Managed to find a tiny dry spot under a tree on the other side of the summit to set up my tent with a beautiful view of Baldy. Cold and windy, but very beautiful!

First winter hike on this trail. Snowed all day long. I like snow covered Mt. Baldy than dry/hot summer hike. Weather is mild even in January here but still need to drive carefully to the trail head when it snows.

11/26/18 - Great hike with great friends. Love the history within the hike at Echo Mountain and the views at Inspiration Point were spectacular! We went on a Monday and had the summit all to ourselves!

mostly snow covered trail as of 1/11...with snow in forecast. great hike, had a blast as this was my first hike in snow of this much

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