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Lovely hike, but the trail is often quite narrow. This would normally be fine, but there are a lot of trail bike riders, and not enough space to accommodate the traffic. It was frustrating for us to constantly move out of their way, and I’m sure it was frustrating for them to constantly be stuck behind hikers.

we ended up doing several loops and random trails. it was a bit wet and muddy and still an easy trail. It's amazing to see this kind of beauty is right here in the bay area. There were many kids out on the trails. bikers who for the most part were very polite on the trail. and dog owners who also for the most part were polite. Beautiful creeks ,trees and stick forts. there are picnic tables and bathrooms through different spots as well. we will be back.

Beautiful country side. Mostly open trails, not paved. Everyone is in a great mood, even the dogs are friendly.

Great day walking!

Took my dog here for a walk. Decent trails, very clean. View of the pier is pretty. Nothing spectacular, but nice for an afternoon stroll! Very easy terrain, not difficult at all. Able to access the beach

Scenic. Good, clean trails. Mostly flat. Loved it!

Great hike on a clear day! Cinderella trail can get crowded with fast downhill bikers. There is also a fork which is not on the map. Keep left for a shortcut to Sinawik or right for some extra eucalyptus trees.

This trail has a perfect balance of scenic trails, distance, and ease. It’s quiet and peaceful with just enough other users to keep from feeling uneasy. Great for walking meditation!

great trail. If you're hoping to take your dog off leash however you're out of luck... a lot of mountain bikers using this narrow trail.

Beautiful hike. You do have to watch for bike riders but most I met called out to us hikers. Biggest draw back was running into several dogs off leash. All signs say dogs need to be on leash.

Good for beginners! Steep parts for the good burn which ever way you decide to start. Path does fork a lot and connects with other trails so we had to use the trail map to stay in loop. It gets narrow in some spots, luckily there were many places to pull to side. Went on a Sunday at 9am for our first time and didn’t see very many folks on trail until we got back to car around 10:30. Large herbalist group had just arrived and we barely squeezed our way out of there. We plan to come back the next weekend.

really nice Trail pretty clean easy access a lot of fun

I enjoyed a 5 mile hike through out these lovely trails.

Fun, easy hike. A little bit of an incline at the end that makes it more fun! Partially paved, mostly gravel. On a hot day wear a hat!


Beautiful trails, beautiful views, you couldn’t ask for anything more when hiking here!

Trail had lots of fun shortcuts and you could choose if you wanted to do a long hike or a short hike, lots of options.
Kid friendly and dog friendly, and we were surrounded by trees the whole time

awesome trail, a little muddy but overall I would do it again

1 month ago

Just discovered this beautiful spot! The easy 4 mile loop includes panoramic views of the bay, rolling grasslands and a eucalyptus forest. Stop in the forest for a moment to listen to the raucous chatter of the birds - lovely!

Nice morning hike to get the day started :) It can be easy, but there are trails off the sides that will let you challenge yourself.

2 months ago

I brought a couple of friends, one who has not visited the park before. We will come back again and bring a bigger group.

Mountain bikers called Cinderella trail a bike trail and were pretty hazardous to hikers.

Awesome hike and the views are amazing!!!

Awesome plant life, and Banana Slugs.

Beautiful Redwoods here. Lots of history behind the man responsible for this park. Not always about the view. Writer, Poet he was a traveler. This was established around 1870 . Great hiking/biking trails. I was here just this past summer.

Nice sunset. Some steep and rocky sections. Watch for mountain bikers

Great forest scenes and trails, moderate ups and downs.

Trail is narrow at times which can be problematic if you don’t like heights. Overall very nice and not too difficult. Incline at the end will get you breathing hard!

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