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Not actually rating this a 1, just wanted to notify everyone that the trail is currently closed due to wildfire debris.

Always a good workout. This particular section of Boney Mtn was never officially closed... it is not maintained by the State or Federal agencies. The summit has serious burns on the Chamberlain side. Likewise, Sandstone was badly burned. Conejo Peak is also open.

Why do the stairs at the gym if you have this option?! Fresh air and beautiful views! Steep stairs to the top. Great leg work out!

Always a great trail. Haven't been up in a couple of months and was wondering if the trail was reopened yet? I know the fire hit that area, anyone have any idea?

14 days ago

nice and easy local trail

Challenging inclines but the views are worth it

Great workout! Hike or stairs as an option to climb up. I take stairs up and then hike down. Great view on top!!

Great trail. Tough elevation so take water. Go early enough to avoid the wind. It is easier to get up then to go back down. Go slow but very fun trail. I would recommend ankle high boots to avoid twists.

So sad that this beautiful place was ravaged by wildfire, but it is still beautiful and interesting. We saw lots of birds of prey and a coyote. We hiked just the loop with 5 kids ages 8-16, and they did great! Only one slightly steep section, the rest was a lovely meander. Bright green new growth makes one section look like Hobbiton. The rest is a bit Desolation of Smaug...

Nice hike! It’s on the easy side of moderate. There are fantastic rock formations and rock outcroppings. The only downside is that you have to walk along a road for a bit. Other than that it’s a great hike!

A great hike for a weekday afternoon with good weather! Great view from Lizard Rock, including into Hill Canyon, where patches of green show that Mother Nature is already rebounding from the Hill Fire. From there, the trail drops around a ridge and into a shady stream valley before arriving at Paradise Falls. After, the climb out is much more moderate than the initial climb up to Lizard Rock. All told, it was roughly two hours, not counting time spent at the falls. The sun is pretty intense on a clear day for about 80 percent of the hike, so bring sunscreen and your usual water.

Unfortunately, the Morrison ranch house, was lost in the Woolsey Fire. A true piece of southern California history. It had survived over 120 years. A picture of what remains at the site has been posted.

Love the amount of rocks on the trail, big rocks easy to step on. Keeps you focused and on the trail, very meditative. I’ve done this trail numerous times, both hiking but primarily running. I usually walk/jog in spots going uphill then run the entire way down. Light feet and focus on the way down since there are so many rocks. I have seen coyotes on the trail, but they seemed to mind their own business. Just respect that it is their home, not ours. There are a bunch of trails to choose from but they all end up going to same way in the end so don’t get confused. The signs for Old Stagecoach are up at most of the forks, but if you miss it you’ll probably come right back to it. Both sun and shade! Love this hike!!

Great hike that is close and beautiful.

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this trail. Rated as moderate due to overgrowth, mini creek crossing, and rocks for the first 3 mi or so.
I only came across 3 people on bikes, other than that had the rest of the trail to myself and the animals around.
If you are looking for a trail with scenery change, a little overgrowth, don't mind getting a little muddy, and just want seclusion, then this trail is a great oasis.
Highly recommended.
Wear good shoes!

1 month ago

Trail was very confusing at points and covered with horse poop for the first 2.5 miles. Most of this hike is directly next to roads, but the zoo part is cool and the trails are pretty

Nice view and wild flowers. There s a part where there lots of trees. Beautiful.

The trail is obvious but no signs. Is it open to the public? I know many people go on it.

The Santa Rosa Trail (5.9 miles) is somewhat miss marked, as the map outlined in red takes you thru the wildwood housing track. The SR Trail actually goes over the ridge into SRV, and follows the backside at the base of the mountain following the backside of ranch homes. There is a very short section of paved road that connects to the dirt trail which leads up to and around Lizard Rock (Wild Wood) then back to your starting point - Parking Lot on Los Arboles.

Many different trails to go on in this park & you’re bound to love them all. Lots of vegetation and some wildlife. Direct sun so bring hats and water.

2 months ago

If you’re trying to get a good workout in, take the stairs! Some steps are high but the workout is so worth it. If you aren’t used to the elevation, be careful. I came back from being in Texas for 4 years, tried to run up these stairs and almost passed out. Lol. The view is beautiful. The trails are fun too. Wear some sturdy shoes, some areas of the trail are smooth. A lot of holes too.

Great trail. Lightly trafficked, don’t really run into too many other people. Take lots of water. By far the best trail at Topanga State Park.

nature trips
2 months ago

I love the alder trees here, clean, creek, picnic area, waterfalls, frogs, toads, birds, palm trees, very nice, not so busy

You can have picnics at the first trees, Willow, Pine, Spruce, Alder, Fig, Castor Bean, Cottonwood, and Sycamore

The Trail is a fire road 70% of the canyon, the end takes you up a few hills, dropping down to the best oak forest of the hike, then ending at the Sensoen Street, I saw some tracks going up the meadows past Sensoen Street, I’ll explore it next time, seems to take you up to the waterfall, or something?

The California Tree Frog and the Southern California Black Walnut are very rare, found here, in this Riparian Zone, there were goldfish in the first pond, someone dumped them I guess...

That’s All!!

2 months ago

Decent outing with stream still active even into Fall. Moments of solitude but busy trail near housing and major roads. Moderate only due to some elevation changes but small portions of trail are even paved albeit broken down. Overall a nice nature outing for the area.

Looks like there was a firestorm through here. All of the trees and shrubbery are dead.

Asked a fellow hiker about this and they said that it becomes green in the Winter. Going to come back then.

2 months ago

I little disappointed it was overgrown. But the biggest disappointment was all the new construction for housing development.

Nice trail with views on both sides of the ridge. The trail starts off flat, then relatively gentle climb via a few switchbacks to top of the ridge. Then trail levels out to gentle rollers for remainder of ridge hiking until short descent back down to street. Not too much time on the street before finding creekside neighborhood trail (very little water) to finish. Parts of trail are a bit rocky so watch your footing. And trail is exposed so take plenty of water, hat, sunscreen. Not recommended during warm weather.

Echoing what other folks have said: be ready for around 2 miles of elevation right at the start. Definitely wear some thing to protect your legs due to all the tall weeds and bush. In general dress for sudden temp drops in colder non summer seasons. The pond is a gentle reminder of what the years of drought have done to the ecosystem in SoCal.

on Smoke Tree Trail

3 months ago


mountain biking
3 months ago

nice step start but broaches off to different trails. not to hard to be honest but down hill was a blast, pretty fair terrain

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