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9 days ago

Nice hike, nice views

Went after rain. wide trails, peaceful, some coyote pack sighting.

This is a wonderful hike! Total hidden gem! Pretty easy peasy, and the property owners gave us no trouble at all. Quite friendly!

15 days ago

Day after heavy rains but still hikeable. Definitely needed trekking poles for the slick muddy areas.
There’s no signs stating “Boney Mtn ➡️ this way”
Parts of the path was overgrown and single track but still obvious where the direction of the trail.
It’s between moderate and difficult, I think.
The views are worth it!

Loved the hike but signage in this park is very confusing. First-timers may find themselves a little lost but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a place like this!

20 days ago

Inclines are not too difficult but trails are long! Beautiful views to your east and west as you ascend.

Good but packed. Once you've done it, not really much to return for unless you're making it a part of your fitness routine. Fantastic photo vantage.

This an 8.26 mike hike, not a 7 mike hike. It also gets confusing when you get to the zoo area because you have to cross the parking lot and the grassy lawn to get the the crosswalk in order to get to the other part of the hike, which is where most of the horses go. We loved the first part but once you follow the side of the road then behind the Autry, it get boring.

Challenging areas of the trail leading to amazing views!

This is a beautiful hike! It’s a bit steep, but as long as you take the Hills slow you will be fine. I have Done this trail two days in a row and boy I am definitely feeling it. My favorite part about this trail is that At the top there is a heard of cows! I gave one a bell pepper!

Great hike. We did both loops and got a tremendous work because of the elevation change. Huge reward at the top of the Deed Valley Loop. Gorgeous ocean view! Beautiful hike all around with flowers starting to bloom in February. Highly recommend.

Nice quick workout. Beautiful views as you can see in all the pics. It was around 53 degrees outside when we started. We got there around 8:15 AM and it was packed full of people! Drove to the top and only about 3-4 vehicles parked in the lot. I guess everybody wants to use the park but nobody wants to pay to park there. Maybe that's why I seen a ranger on the trail with his ticket book in hand. They need to make money somehow to keep it up. It costs $2.00 per hour to park there or $6.00 for all day.

Anyhow, it was a 45 minute drive to the park from OC but I would definitely go back there again.

closed at the moment due to the Thomas Fire. I grew up a couple miles down the road. Beautiful trail, definitely check out after it reopens.

Stupid. A staircase

Great trail for family hiking with great view!!

An easy walk through the busier side of Las Virgenes Open Space.
No shade so time accordingly.

A easy trail but really busy on the Victory side. Best as a starting point for the numerous better off-shots.

Did a loop coming down from Liberty Canyon, which is the nicer side, though there's a lot of development going on that side and that may chance.
A pleasant hike but as mentioned in other reviews traffic noise from Las Virgenes Road takes some of the edge off and the section running parallel with Las Virgenes isn't very interesting.

1 month ago

I got lost ended up in oak park

Long hike up hill. Views are great. Can get pretty windy. Wear hiking shoes.

1 month ago

Great trail. Most of it is well maintained. We do this hike regularly and love it. No cars or traffic to deal with.

1 month ago

Went yesterday, was a hot day, but inside feels great since shady. Had to walk around the gated community at start to get to start of trail. It's not easy to get there since new community blocks it all. The hikers ruines the rich peoples views :) Also hard to always sty on the trail (at 2 points) so remember where you come from, and when you turn around. don't do so too late.

Hey, my husband, dog and I must literally be the laziest, most out of shape pieces of shit on the planet because we considered this hike STRENUOUS. We hiked counter clockwise and felt like after the first 1/3, the inclines were never ending. We were completely wiped out at the end and my husband actually had to carry our 4-year-old, 70 lb. pit bull from the trail head (at the end) to our car. Kudos to all of you who consider this hike EASY, you are living your best life. FYI - I am 44 yrs old, 130 lbs and my husband is 29 yrs old, 175 lbs and a professional skateboarder. I only mention that to show that we are average active humans and not sedentary obese couch potatoes who don’t hike. This hike is not EASY for everyone. It’s beautiful though, that is for sure! Make sure you wear well padded soles, tons of fist sized rocks on the trail and I felt every single one!!!

1 month ago

Stairs are a good workout with a nice view.

The trail is super steep and not well maintained. The brush is very overgrown. It’s definitely pretty, and we didn’t see anyone, but if you aren’t prepared to basically be hiking on a tiny unkept path, don’t do it.

Stairs are a killer for beginners! But this is great for a quick workout.

This is NOT a hard hike. Moderate IMO.

Great ocean views.

I have hiked it both ways. Please use gps directions given here as there are a lot of side trails.

First off, the address on this app is wrong and took you to a train stop 8 min away. Just type in “old zoo” info your phone.

This place is lowkey ratchet. I walked past it and didn't even realize, got lost trying to go up the upper zoo trail and found my way back. Even regulars say that they still get messed up trying to remember where it is, even though it's literally right next to the parking lot.

I thought it would have super cool graffiti, as I am a big fan of street art, but this was just poor quality vandalism. I thought it was a slap in the face to see that people had tagged the trees, rocks, and the signs that could point you in the right direction/tell you about the history of the zoo.

The old zoo itself was super dilapidated in a not cool way (can you say old ANIMAL PRISON). It also smelled terrible and I even saw a bottle of piss. Then there were these hoodlums blasting metal in the picnic area and hidden in pockets on the hills smoking weed and drinking beers, which they probably littered. I would probably come here if I was a goth kid in middle school trying to find a place outside my parents house to drink keystone ice and smoke cigs. Also, there's coyotes roaming around so that was also sketch.

TLDR: you will leave this place wanting to make sure you put on hand sanitizer and wanting to dart out promptly before dusk. And the hike itself was underwhelming.

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