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Nice quick cheap conditioning hike

trail running
10 days ago

I was visiting from AZ and found this trail on AllTrails. I was looking for a 10 mile trail run with good elevation and this trail hit it on the head for me. I ran at sunrise and enjoyed every minute of it. Outside of a few small dips, the first 5 miles out were all climbing in some regard. After two miles I was above the clouds and had phenomenal views of the surrounding valleys all around. I highly recommend this trail for all abilities and paces and can’t wait to come back. Cheers

Tuff trail the elevation is a teal thing

Great Road for mountain biking, one inconsiderate fellow almost ran me over, also great for hiking. Burned trees from Thomas Fire makes for interesting scenery as does natural oil well right at the beginning. After first mile only saw two mountain bikers, the rude one mentioned and a friendlier one, to mile 6 marker where I turned around. Best would be to leave a car at top so as to not have to turn around. Bring lots of water.

20 days ago

I usually extend this hike by continuing onto Mulholland Dr. Not much shade.

Great trail, always clean and nice scenery. Just beware snake. It can get hot and there isn't much shade.

Challenging but amazing view of ocean and many towns from top!

nature trips
28 days ago

Dog owners don't pickup after their dogs. There is homeless encampment within the park. Coyotes occasionally seen roaming the area.

We really enjoyed this hike! Not a lot of shade so I’d recommend going on a cool day. Tracking on Strava it said 6.9miles and 2,028ft elevation gain.

Strenuous hike for sure . 4.5 miles uphill towards the top and then 4.5 down steep path. Past Danielson Monument it gets a little rugged, loose rocks and narrow path/trenches . Make sure to leave very early and bring lots of water as it is an unshaded hike for the most part. Also lots of branches as the trail is not maintained so be prepared for some scratches. Hardest hike I’ve done but worth it for the view.

Good work out.
Bring water!!! I’m happy that they are trying to clean up trail
Nice view at top!!!!

I remember I went there few years ago by spot at this area. It was nice and pretty long trails 

1 month ago

Fun hike. Challenging. The uphill route is steep and nearly vertical at points. The path is dusty, so it can be slippery. This is particularly important on the descent, where footing requires attention. The path is narrow, steep and the fall-off is sheer. The hike offers a great workout. No foliage, so bring sunscreen and a lot of water. The payoff is the walk to the crest of the hill - lovely oaks and a beautiful view. Bonus: we also met a bull! A longhorn that looked like "Ferdinand" come to life!

Not any shade, didn’t feel particularly easy, but still a great hike with great views.

This is a very simple trail. A lot of sun and no shade. it has very nice views of the yellow hills

It’s very nice once you get to the top. Definitely do it in the morning because it gets hot going up

It’s pretty nice. It’s fun and convenient for a quick little hike. Lots of people working out and getting their sweat on.

Loved this trail but I guess I didn’t make it to the end so next time I’ll come back with hubby so we both finish it love it will be coming back ❤️

It's an okay hike, great for working out. You can continue on a really cool nature center if you take the trail at the back of the parking lot towards the oil field. I might be more generous with the rating if I'd ever been here on a clear day.

Like others said, it's a challenging hike. Most of the trail is exposed, with the exception of a small piece when you pass the Danielson monument and before the manzanitas. I did this on a hot sunny day, so I would recommend it on a cool overcast day or in dry winter times, although it was chilly at the peak. The trail is also not that well maintained, but it's worth it with the view at the top.

on Porter Ranch Trails

1 month ago

A quick hike and good for families and kids. Even kids around 3 or 4 can also walk most of it. Has some shade along the way. Try and avoid windy and hot days. Most of the time hikers leave they dogs off the leash so watch for it when going with young kids.

This is a very popular trail frequented by fitness types and lite hikers on the Westside. Take the Culver City stairs all the way to the top and be rewarded a panoramic view of LA. The stairs are deceivingly a solid workout and will have you relieved once you reach the top. I would say this is the Westside's version of Runyon Canyon a bit. If you are really trying to get your workout on, take the stairs up and run down the paved road to the trailhead and do the stairs again.

Great place to run, walk, or simply relax with the views. You can actually drive your car up the zig zagging road and park at the top for $5 if you are just looking for a place to hang out and sight see.

Afterwards treat yourself to the Mexican fruit stands which are typically at the trailhead.

Parking: Tons of free street parking at the trailhead but can be limited especially on the weekends.

- @justroc @just.trek

great trail run. up, up, up, down into canyon and back up. way up. the single tracks were all pretty overgrown but ok. way back down so pretty.

I wouldnt say this hike is 7 miles long. we parked in the parking lot right in front of the old park. it takes under 5 minutes to get too and 20 minutes to look through. there is a look out point up on the hill,which is a lot of fun to get too.

Well the hike is great,but I was disappointed with the city. We parked on Jefferson blvd we walked to the entrance of the park. The street was full of trash. The city should clean it and fine whoever leaves trash behind! Its such a bad impression of Culver City.

stairs are killer goodd view on clear day nice family hike

This hike was awesome! Seriously there’s so many different trails I’d have to come back several times to try them all out. Bring plenty of water & have fun!

This trail is definitely 'Hard' per rating. We took the trail southbound (from Simi to Victory), and so glad we did. The north half of the trail is predominated by a mix of grade hills, up and down, and to do that climb on the back half of our trail would have been even harder.

There are some good views, including some over the shoulder views of the old rocket facilities. A little bit of the trail was overgrown with fox tails (which isn't surprising now June). Per an earlier comment the best views are more than 3 miles in from both ends.

I enjoyed this hike for it's pure challenge and it had some nice sights, but I'm not going to give it a high score for lack of return on investment:l I've hiked on others in the greater LA that I would prefer (Upper Rustic Garapito Loop Trail, Dawn Mine and Sunset Trail Loop, are both shorter but with much better views). Travel time was approx 6 hours for us.

Parking on the Simi side was a bit of a pain, as all the nearby areas are private property, so we parked half mile away in some residential.
It was mid 80s and shade is spotty and almost non-existent the north half. My buddy drank 3L of water and I 4.5L; come prepared. Probably because of the warm weather, we only saw four other people on the trail but confident none of them were through the whole of this trail.

2 months ago

I truly enjoyed this hike, using AllTrails it was like a choose your own adventure with the cutest farm animals all over. The trails all cross and loop so you can go as long or short as you want. Only some of it was residential, not that much. I liked that it was kind of hidden away in the middle of things. I did this hike with my dog Tucker and we found it very peaceful and a lot of fun. The entrance is strange - you look like you’re going down a cul de sac but then it’s there on the right side and looks like people just park next to the road there.

amazing views of Sandstone peak and Boney, plus very abundant wildflowers but also very overgrown and itchy.

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