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Always a favorite! A good way to spend a few hours or just sit by the lake and relax.

Accidentally took the blue trail and 6 miles became 11. Still a great hike on a well marked trail.

Absolutely beautiful! So many different beautiful views until you get to the actual 360 view!

blue/white trail is moderately challenging. very well marked. beautiful views, even in winter.

I will not pay for parking to walk in the woods. $10 was the cheapest. Even the parking spot to sight see near the big 5 mph turn has a little trail with a sign that says pass needed.

Great hike and nice views mountain tops.

Great trail. Rocky at the start on the Appalachian (it is the AT in NJ after all). Ridge line is beautiful - great views all vantages. The Kaiser Trail on the return is not well marked - keep your eyes open. This portion of the trail is beautifully lined with wild rhododendrons (can't wait to come back in May) and is a wider softer path. Take the right at the Copper Mine Trail cross over .2M to the turn for the final leg of the trail back to parking. Lots of varied terrain, small streams, great rock formations.

Nice and easy trail with nice views. A lot of different trails you can venture off too. For being this time of year I was actually surprised at how many people were there so probably a place I would stay away from during the warm seasons.

Great easy scenic trail

Took the Orange trail up to the summit. My sister and I found it kinda difficult but we only go hiking once a month or so. Great views once your up there. Took the white and blue trail down and did a couple miles. White and blue were not hard. All the trails are very well marked!

1 month ago

Easy but icy and snowy walk (spikes made it easy today), not a lot of effort but huge payoff in the view which is breathtaking

Great reward with little risks. You get beautiful views with a low level of intensity or danger. This is a very well kept trail and suitable for any level of experience.

2 months ago

Great views. Easy. Paved

This hike was hilly and rocky, but enjoyable. Watch out for snakes

Beautiful views on the blue trail! We got a little turned around at the white rock viewpoint but eventually found our way back to the trail. Would definitely hike this trail again!

I hiked around the lake to Castle Point then back to end of lake and to Beacon Hill FP. Very windy day, but sunny. Gorgeous views. The wind had blown a lot of leaves off the trees but still beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful! The fall foliage was beautiful.

Hiked in from gate on 10/30/18. 3 miles to 4 Corners and to the right to the ponds. We were the only ones in except the forest ranger who stopped to give us an overview and update of plans and progress. The hike was easy as it follows the road.
There was snow on the landscape and it was a bit cloudy, but it started to clear so we had a superb view of Marcy, Gothics, Saddleback, Haystack,.. from the second pond. DEC is doing some work for a parking lot just before the split to the second pond and former lodge; the only muddy spot! Moose tracks there were very noticeable. Once all trails are in, this will be a Mecca!

Beautiful trail and waterfall views

AWESOME trail for a short hike.

Went on a misty, foggy day so didn’t get to see a lot of the views described, but this was a consistently nice 4 mile hike. Not a lot of elevation gain and not too rocky, so pretty easy overall. Would love to go back when it’s nicer for sure.

3 months ago

Hiked on 10/13 and DEC has put in a few extra launches for canoes and kayaks with bathrooms. Hopefully they won’t keep adding as more and more people are visiting and littering. All in all, it’s an awesome place and by far the most secluded place I’ve found in the peaks. Plenty of loons and otters to see from time to time!

Super easy, well kept trail. The lake is really lovely. It's a little crowded for my taste, but what a great time of year to go. The leaves are starting to change, and it will only get better in the next couple of weeks.


3 months ago

We hiked the blue trail and it was a lovely hike!

Easy Hike Beautiful View !

We went as a large group with kids of varied ages and little hiking experience. The hike overall was great however the last leg of the hike was really challenging because it was wet and slippery and Rocky and we had one hiker that had a broken arm from falling in similar conditions on a hike. But this was challenging not just for her but for the whole group because of slippery conditions and it hadn’t even rained it was just from the overnight moisture. I would say this was a good hike but be warned that there is potential for slippery conditions not good for a beginner hiker.

3 months ago

Beautiful views, easy path with some incline but not steep.

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