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Beautiful after a rainy day! Will definitely come back.

trail running
7 days ago

Excellent climb / trail run. I recommend starting on the steep incline because you will be rewarded with a 3.5 mile moderately technical downhill for the second half. I did not see signs for this trail but head up the concrete towards Seven Trees trail. This trailhead is just off to your right but you have to be looking for it. After you reach the summit you'll be up by some power line/poles....this continues for a bit but no more crazy climbing. When you reach the bench that is your turning point. Go right at the bench. If you stay on what looks like Verdugo Motorway (I think that's what they called it) thinking that the trail continues...well, you'll just tack on extra mileage like I did. So if you want to hit the 7.5....don't continue, but there's definitely a trail that continues.

on Runyon Canyon Trail

14 days ago

Amazing hiking trails! All lead back to the entrance. Good workout, beautiful view of DTLA & the many dogs you'll see, water fountains available.

18 days ago

Loved the trail!! Great for small kids and pets. Rest area with bench tables and restroom is available at the beginning of the trail. Recommend bringing your own paper or wipes and restroom not in the best condition (door doesn’t lock).
Took additional trail (Sunset Ridge Trail) on other side with amazing views overlooking Downtown LA. Other trails connect on top of Sunset trail if you have extra time and energy.

19 days ago

Easy hike. Most of the elevation gain is at the beginning of the trail. I didn’t like how halfway through the trail turned into asphalt. I had to constantly be on the lookout for mountain bikers.

Instead of going down after Vista Viewpoint I took the trail up to Glendale Peak, Taco Peak and Mount Baby Bell. If you can tough out the climb I highly recommend it. Walking the ridge line you can stare at Griffith Observatory on one side of the mountain and Glendale on the other. A great view of all the other trails and the Hollywood sign. For this part I’d recommend some hiking poles.

Moderately trafficked and quite a few dogs.

One of my favorite easy hikes near LA. There are never too many people, there’s always water and the terrain is shady. It starts at a nice small campground and ends at a pretty waterfall. If you want to continue to dawn mine you can. Love this hike

30 days ago

Great trail, had benches, water fountains and great views!!!

I would rate this as an easy hike. Very easy to follow & it was more like 3 miles out and back from Mount Lowe. Very much a walk than a hike in my opinion. Lots of fresh bear scats when we were up there.

1 month ago

See and be seen here. Best part about this trail is all the doggies running around free as a bird! Worst parts are that it is hardly challenging and parking is a pain in the booty. The more difficult side is a steep climb up to the top, but the trail down is almost double the distance which is not helpful when you want to burn more calories.

I think we went the "hard" way lol 6.7 miles Mt Lowe rd to Mt Lowe West trail. Up and up ass burner to the peak. a single swing was there. It was a beautiful day. Fun hike with Vista look outs.

1 month ago

Short, but sweet. Came early and parked in the first lot to the right. Free parking. Ton of people walking/hiking with their dogs. The trail is off to the right, but if you miss it and keep going straight there is a map and it’ll direct you back. There is one entrance into the cave, but three exit points! Pretty cool.

Great hike - some challenging sections but amazing views of LA.

Easy hike, pretty, lots of water, nicely shaded and good for dogs. You can make the hike harder if you want to.

Great workout on the difficult trail as well as the paved trail!!! Can’t wait to co back

This is honestly an extremely under rated gem at Griffith. You can take the long way or the somewhat intense steep “stair” path up to enter this bio dome-shaped garden teeming with beautiful colors and geometries of all the exotic flora that have made their residence there. On the borders of the meandering trails weaving through the garden, breathtaking views of the lush valleys, open sky, and the city views on the other had us at loss for words as we felt like the curious Alice who had just stepped thorough the looking glass.

Beautiful views, too many people.

Really steep at the beginning or end depends which way you go

1 month ago

I started at Los Angeles live steamers, up Rattlesnake trail, then Condor trail to the park and up to Amir's Garden. I enjoyed the hike there and back. The destination is very pretty.
I was just a bit put off by dog owners not leashing their canine companions.
The lack of trail etiquette bothers me. Other than that it was a nice hike. Total trip out and back wad close to five miles.

Beautiful trail mostly shady so it was nice even on an 85°+ California day. It's about a mile each way from the campground. The way in is almost entire uphill, and a bit rockier than I initially thought but not too challenging and lots of fun just watch yourself. Saw plenty of kids and dogs along the way so definitely kid friendly and such.

1 month ago

There was no internet in the woods, so I was not able to record or map where I was going. I went here with my mom and siblings (11 and 12 yrs). People said there are two trials here, one gets you to the very top and one is a shorter path. I had no idea where those are, so I just followed the sign for Millard Falls. It was fun. Easy hiking through the woods. I think it's a great walk/adventure to have with your families:)

Either get here early in the morning or late around noon when people are leaving for lunch because parking spaces are VERY limited. Some people were parking at the "No Parking" areas.

Back and forth from the parking lot to the falls takes about 1:00.

It was a really great hike, but it is very steep so be prepared to huff and puff all the way to the top!

1 month ago

Definitely the best views of LA.

It was a nice hike from Cobbe Estate to Echo Mountain, Inspiration Point, Mount Lowe and stoped at Mount Markham. Very good exploratory hike in a cloudy day.

1 month ago

My favorite trail to take my dog on! The garden is absolutely gorgeous!

Down hill was better, also saw Hillary Duff today

Pretty easy hike with a few off-shoot trails to choose from if you wanted to. Not too much of an incline, but a good, long walk. We did the full loop and a small off-shoot loop for the swing area (had a picnic lunch here too) and did around 7 1/4 miles from start to finish. Highly recommended, beautiful views. There were a couple areas that look like they may have been washed out from the rain we had a few days earlier, so I’d avoid taking small children or pets in those areas. They only had about a 12-15” wide walkway in those areas, although they were very small lengths to travel.

Great hike for families. Short hike that does include a bit of “Adventure”, creek crossings, downed trees, and rock climbing. Definitely recommend that for children under 5 you have an adult to hold hands and narrow and loose rock areas. Took a 3 & 4 year old boys and they crushed it.

The waterfall was small with a small creek at the top, but perfect for chilling and eating lunch. If it’s warm enough, definitely bring a change of close for kids and even some water shoes as it’s pretty rocky.

Parking: make sure to drive to the lower parking lot. It will save you a 1.5 mile walk uphill at the end of the trip.

All in all an easy family hike.

2 months ago

The west part is too hard for me!!!!!

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