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It is a beautiful view. Don’t listen to the 7.7 miles it’s more like 10 miles but it’s fine still a nice view. My aunt went with me she was 8 months pregnant it was really easy for her.

15 days ago

It was a good hike for the dogs, not very crowded at all. Pretty, easy hike, a couple narrow spots but nothing even moderately difficult. A little muddy, but hey, it’s been raining and that’s a good thing.

I’m giving it a 3 because I was really hoping for the 4.5 mile hike and it was only about 2.5, and according to the map i stayed on trail. The locals told me it was only 2.5 miles around the lake as well. I don’t know if I would have drove from downtown Sacramento for just a 2.5 mile hike.

28 days ago

The point of doing this 12.9 kilometer is to reach the Zim Zim water fall in Napa. The trail is fine, i crossed the creek 11-12 times as i hiked. the scenery wasnt that impressive i saw pipes many times and to me this ruins the beauty of nature.

The trail branches as you get closer to the waterfall. If you go left, prepare yourself for serious bushwhacking. I got pulled, pushed, scratched, poked, poked in the eye, i scrambled, i climbed, i screamed to no use.

i couldnt find the trail to the waterfall, the bushes,the rising water, and the wobbly rocks stubbornly blocked access to the waterfall.

Fearing that darkness will soon descend and i would be stuck on a boulder with no way back or forwarded, i declared defeat and retreated.

I took the second path leading up the waterfall and managed to see it from above.

Not the same experience but i will be back with some backup.

The drive to the waterfall was not easy, snaking road that can get you dizzy. Closer to the beginning of the trail, the road got really bumpy. Many holes so watch out.

Also if the water level of the creek gets high, it floods the road. Not this year though, very minimal flooding, the road is passable

very decent, not so steep hike. awesome forest. took us 4 hours

If you’re doing the loop just know you’re going to have to walk on the street for like a half mile to get back to where you parked. It’s closer to 9 miles.

The real scoop... the west side of the loop, the long side, is interrupted by several camp sights. So it’ll be awesome and then you’ll walk the huge camp sights and finding the trail and getting back on track can be a pain. The east side, around a mile shorter, is amazing. Great trail. Ups and downs. My gf and I enjoyed it a lot.

The waterfall is awesome. You have to walk past the bridge, can’t miss it, and you’ll approach it. We sat and had our lunch here. For a man-made waterfall is amazing. Still beautiful and would go back to see it any time, but would only hike the east side and not do the loop.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, husband and I took our dogs and hiked and fished along the way. Pretty easy, some narrow spots and one spot that’s a bit of a steep step down and up. But very doable. We plan to go back with our five year old soon. Loved it!

This trail is remote! The first part of the trail I would classify as easy. Towards the waterfall, I would classify as moderate. We met two guys hunting coyotes about 1.25 miles in. They were very nice. Lots of birds. We flushed out a whole bunch of what we call grouse on the east coast.

Beautiful hike had fun

Nice and pretty easy hike. It’s beautiful and this time of year, not many people on the trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This is a nice mellow ride with a lot of great views. I recommend going counter clockwise around the lake. make sure to stop and check out the water fall near the East part of the lake called the meadows area. There is a lot of pine needles on the camping side of the lake.
There a couple of Free to Park areas that are very small and a couple of $5 day use parking areas outside of the main gates. Just ask about them at the entrance of the lake.

1 month ago

We walked the Chinese Gulch Loop . Our app said we did close to 5 miles. It was a fairly easy trail but definitely a trail the grazing cattle use. The view of Lake Camanche is beautiful. The day that we walked was in the upper 60s, a gorgeous winter morning. Would not walk this when the temperatures get higher as I can imagine there may be more snakes than what I would want to deal with. You do need a pass from East Bay Mud to hike as you need to log in, but you can buy the pass at the gate. No dogs are allowed as there are cattle grazing.

Steep clime to Patty’s point from Gwine Mine Road great views

Enjoyed a nice stroll around the lake!

9.6 mike loop. Awesome trail.

Great hike. Just be prepared that parts of the trail aren’t clearly marked, so using GPS can be very helpful.

Wonderful 2.5 mile walking trail around the lake. Beautiful at sunset and lots of geese & duck to watch. Well kept, clean Trail. Looks like there’s a great frisbee disc course, saw a few groups playing. Only negative thing I’d say is that sound of people flying their drones. They’re not too loud but just annoying. Loved this park!

Great peaceful hike. Spotted two bald eagles. Including a baby.

3 months ago

The lake at sunset is fantastic. Having standoffs with the cows on the trails is a bonus!

3 months ago

If you can stand cow patties, that view.

That. View.


on Lagoon Valley Loop

3 months ago

Well, it's better than no trail. But this trail is very close to a busy highway and the only way to escape the constant loud sound of cars is to wear ear plugs or listen to music. So i definitely don't consider this a relaxing, mind clearing hike. There are some nice things like the little redwood grove. But it's tiny. There's a lake which is cool. But again, the sound of the highway is ridiculous. I honestly feel that if it wasn't for the d*** highway right next to the entire trail it could be a lot nicer. But that's not the reality.
Also if you want to walk along the lake be ready to dodge tons and tons of goose poo. Cool to see gooses. But man do they poo all over the place!

Pretty views. Mostly shaded. Quite a bit of ducking under branches, the occasional steep section, some muddy patches.

3 months ago

Great little trail! Took the dogs and they loved it. Very peaceful, not very many people and a fairly easy hike. I️ do agree with others that the trail is a little hard to follow in spots and a little steep but nothing too bad. Would definitely recommend this spot!

on Lake Tabeaud Loop

3 months ago

Our family loved it. Our 6 and 3 year old were able to walk the whole thing. We did lose the main trail at some point and got to a pretty difficult area, but the kids were still able to handle it.

Don't get me wrong with the three stars. It's pretty and well maintained. It's also very convenient location wise. Without having to drive at least an extra half hour more, this was as woodsy of an outing I was going to get of a hike in El Dorado that I saw right off the highway.

It's a GREAT place for kids and larger families. If you're looking for quiet and less people around this is not your place. Almost never had a clear photo shot without a human, auto or boat, or man made something in the shot. It was also kind of noisy with lots of talking and loud machinery on the north side. Even the waterfall is not natural it seems. The trail around the lake also makes you go on the paved road for quit a while which was a bit of a bummer. There was a bit more trash than I could pick up while walking but honestly for the amount of people that use this area I am surprised how clean it is.

I also think $12 for day use for a regular car is very high. I'll make sure to push to go out a little further next time.

3 months ago

North side of the lake isn’t well marked but south side is. Great views and good hike for older kids.

great hike one day AFTER it rained no dust on the trail lots of bathrooms along the 8 mile trail water fall was flowing strong

I didn't like this trail. It wasn't maintained too well. It wasn't pretty, just all around a dirty, mess of a place. The only thing I would recommend it for is if you're looking to go for a walk and you're close to it already.

I enjoyed this hike. I kept track of distance on my Fitbit and it said it was 10.6 miles. For the most part it’s a easy walk. Be prepared for the switch backs. Parts of the trail are a little confusing, but great scenery!

Only did southern part of lake but beautiful, well shaded, and even got some fall colors

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